Wednesday, June 29, 2011

IMATS Los Angeles 2011 Part 1! :D

Hey, guys! :D
How has your week been?!

I just spent the day going through my IMATS photos - surprisingly, I took a lot! They are all sorted out and this is just the first part! ;)

It was a fun experience - I learned so much about makeup, there were brands I've never tried (Graftobia, Mehron, and OCC to name a few), cool products that I didn't even know about (Model in a Bottle and Beauty So Clean!), and superb artistry - like seriously, amazing!

I tried my best to put my photos in order. For bigger pictures, please click each. :)

I got there at around 8:30am. You'd think that's early, right? Nope, there were so many people in line - I was like, "Wow!".

Pasadena Civic Auditorium

Where Hollywood Week for American Idol was held, haha. ;)
I love the location! There are so many restaurants around, you won't have a hard time finding a place to eat. And if you have some money left over, you can browse the stores at the Paseo Colorado - they have Sephora and MAC (yeah, more makeup, haha!), Reference (but it's really Forever 21), BCBG Max Azria, DSW, Macy's... I love this place! And Old Town Pasadena is just a couple of blocks away, we always walk to Old Town -- hello, big Forever 21 and H&M!

Okay, gotta focus... IMATS!

Yes, of course I posed in front of that IMATS poster (but, that's not me, haha). ;P

I took some pictures while in line... the line was long, no kidding!

Well, actually this wasn't so bad. It was long, but it moved quickly. They were organized and efficient. But I suggest getting there as early as you can because the line was crazy long when I went to lunch.

At the main entrance, this is the first thing you're gonna see:

Royal&Langnickel had a blogger event at the Sheraton Pasadena the day before IMATS, but I wasn't able to attend. Mary Anne from Royal&Langnickel was so nice, though! When she found out I am a blogger but wasn't able to attend, she still gave me the gift bag they gave out the day before. I will definitely take pictures of what I got for you guys to see. :D

This next picture are brushes from another stall, I just can't remember which one it's from. I have it on here anyway so you guys can see the different kinds of brushes available and what the price range is like. :)

Next stop: Napoleon Perdis!

I love that chandelier they had! :)

Then, I went to NYX.

There were so many people at the NYX area! They had a lot of products and the prices are great!

Here are some of the NYX products I checked out:

After that I walked around, and stopped at the BodyFX booth. Really cool stuff!

If you get stuff from BodyFX, imagine how cool you would be for Halloween! ;)

There was a booth selling some really pretty brush rolls, and one of their designs (not sure which one though :/) is a favorite of Lady Gaga's.

Another brand I am not familiar with is Crown Brush. They had a lot of really affordable products!

I also mentioned superb artistry, right? Here are some of them:

Funny story... this guy (Or girl? I'm not so sure...) was lurking behind me, probably planning to scare me or something, haha. Good thing I saw his reflection on my camera. ;)

So cool! This one is my favorite! :)

I also really appreciate how professional the models are. They will really stop and smile for photos. :D

Yay for Part 1! :D

I hope you enjoyed this post. I have other photos to share with you guys, watch out for Part 2. :)

Have you attended IMATS? How was it for you?
Did you go to the Los Angeles IMATS this past weekend?

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