Friday, June 29, 2012

Out And About: IMATS Los Angeles 2012, Part Two

Happy Friday! :D

I can't believe another week -- and not to mention, another month -- is behind us!
I hope you are all making the most out of Summer 2012. :D

Anyway, without further ado, here is my promised Part Two of my day at IMATS Los Angeles:
(Click here to see Part One.)

I was so happy to see that Coastal Scents now has a booth at IMATS!

They had a fun game -- you drop a mini-plastic disc in one of the slots and wherever it lands tells you what prize you'll get. I got a sample of African Black Soap -- I've heard so many good things about it and I'm so excited to use it!

Project Ghana

Unfortunately, they are only available for sale online, so I wasn't able to get a full-sized bar.
I will definitely check out their products, though! 
(Click here to learn more about them.)

Coastal Scents was also promoting their 252 Ultimate Palette -- the colors were gorgeous!

Classic Series Cosmetic Brushes

They had a nice selection of products to choose from.

42 Double Stack Matte Palette/ 42 Double Stack Shimmer Palette/ 10 Blush Palette/ 6 Contour Blush Palette

Think Pink Palette/ Winterberry Palette/ Forever Natural Palette/ Creative Me #1 Palette/ Creative Me #2 Palette/ Fall Festival Palette

more products...

Liquid HD Foundation in 19 shades

I also spent a lot of time at the LA Splash Cosmetics booth.
They had a lot of fun products at really affordable prices!

LA Splash eyeshadow 

Mineral Eyeshadow/ Lash Splash Mascara

a closer look at the Mineral Eyeshadows

liquid eyeshadow/ mascara/ nail products

Confetti Nail Art Glitter/ Light Up The Night Nail Polish Collection

eyeshadows again...

a closer look...

I also visited the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics booth.
This is one of the many brands I have yet to try... maybe next time, I can buy a little something from them. :)

Such beautiful colors!

nail polish

CAILYN = another brand I have yet to try.

They have really good eyeliner! 
I swatched them on my hand -- they dried quickly and they didn't smear at all!

The owners were so nice and so helpful -- they will really answer all your questions! :)

I also got to know another brand: Stiletto Pin-Up Cosmetics.

I got a free mini-brush like the one pictured above. :)

Their vintage pin-up designs are so beautiful!

Next stop: Morphé Brushes.


Besides brushes, they also had these scented makeup remover wipes.
At $3 each, I couldn't possibly pass them up! ;)

I got one in Green Tea. 
They were also available in Aloe, Apricot, Cucumber, and Collagen.

Aaaaaah, NYX -- this is where I went crazy, haha! ;)

This is the only photo I took of the NYX booth because I got busy shopping, haha!
In the end though, I narrowed down my purchases to 6 items -- I was on a budget, after all. ;)

bh cosmetics


This is another thing I forgot to get. :/

2nd love Baked Powder Collection

a closer look...

KollagenX products

I really, really wanted to get their lip gloss (it has 24KT gold!), but they were $20 each... :/
Next time, though!

hair accessories

more hair accessories...

I love how you can find and join fun games and raffles like the one from Coastal Scents and ARDELL (pictured above). :)

entrance to HALL 2



Like last year, I stayed until closing. ;)

The crowd from the morning was nowhere to be seen, haha!
You can see that everyone was so tired (but happy!).

Bye, IMATS! ;)

Oh and yup, the next IMATS Los Angeles will be in January 2013 -- in six months!!!
They are switching their Los Angeles and London shows. I think that's pretty smart because that way it won't be too cold in London and it won't be too hot in Los Angeles.

I think it's gonna be kind of weird though because I associate IMATS with summer, but I know it's still gonna be fun. 
Plus, it would be nice to wear comfy boots to IMATS, haha! :P

That is it for my day at IMATS, I hope you guys enjoyed looking at all these photos! ;)
I will be making separate posts for my IMATS freebies and haul, so please stay tuned for that. :D

Have you ever attended IMATS before? How was it for you?
Did you go to IMATS Los Angeles this past weekend?
Is it something you would consider attending?

I wish everyone a happy, happy weekend!
Yay for the Fourth of July (and my 22nd birthday!) next week! :D


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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Out And About: IMATS Los Angeles 2012, Part One

Happy Wednesday!

I mentioned on my previous post that I had over 300 photos of Saturday's IMATS to go over. 
It took hours and hours to pick the right photos to use (and to edit them), but I was finally able to narrow them down to 98, haha! I am splitting my IMATS posts into two so as not to flood you guys with photos. ;)

This is going to be picture heavy, so let's start. :D

The line was long, but fortunately, we didn't have to wait too long because they handled everything so efficiently. 
Last year's line was super long too and it also moved quickly, but I feel like it was faster and more organized this year.

Almost there!

Welcome to IMATS Los Angeles! ;)

Outside every entrance, there are two tables of IMATS bags. You just grab them as you go -- perfect for carrying around the stuff you'll buy and the tons of brochures you'll get.

Royal & Langnickel booth

paint brushes

makeup brush sets

brush holders

individual brushes

Makeup brush sets again, haha!

more individual makeup brushes

Check out my review of Royal & Langnickel's makeup brushes here. :)

Royal & Langnickel/ MAKE UP FOR EVER


The line for Sigma was really long!

And now we know why... everything was 15% off!

Sigma brushes


They have a good selection of travel sets. 
And I really like their "Brush Away Cancer" set.

Other booths:



mehron MAKEUP


two cosmetics





Ben Nye

Model in a Bottle


Beauty So Clean




Amazing prices! It's kinda hard not to go crazy when you're there, haha! ;)
I just also realized that I forgot to get a new eyelash curler, bummer...

But anyway, there are other things to see besides all that makeup and other fun stuff: the people! :D

So beautiful!

I thought this was so funny!

And then he/she turned around and posed for me, yay!

This guy, however, is my favorite!
How awesome is that pose?!

That's it for Part One of my day at IMATS, I hope you guys liked it!
Stay tuned for Part Two! :D

Have you ever attended IMATS before? How was it for you?
Did you go to IMATS Los Angeles this past weekend?

I hope you are all having a fabulous last week of June! :)


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