Thursday, June 27, 2013

OASAP Giveaway: Win an item from 5 choices! :) ***CLOSED***

Happy Thursday!

Remember when I mentioned that I wanted to host a giveaway for you guys in celebration of my birthday?
Here's another one, yay! :D

OASAP asked me to host a giveaway for them, and of course I said yes! ;)

First off, here's a little something about OASAP:

OASAP is a global online store dedicated to high-street fashion by offering various kinds of women’s apparel, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and beauty products. OASAP was founded in late 2011, and has already grown as a leader of high fashion online stores. We keep updating products at a high rate every day. Now we update more than 600 new products each week. Those products mentioned definitely belong to the latest fashion trends. OASAP's mission is to make you close to the planet's most cutting-edge fashion, no matter where you are or what class or age group you are in. Pursuing fashion is the right of every woman.


Now, about the giveaway...

What's up for grabs?
One item from 5 choices!

Here are your 5 choices:

3. Sweet Round Skirt ($19.90) -

5. Colorful Lip Print Shirt ($19.90) -

Such pretty pieces! :)

Let's get on with the giveaway?

All you have to do is follow the steps lined out in the Rafflecopter widget below.
Please be sure to do ALL mandatory entries because OASAP will only accept entries that meet the mandatory requirements.
They will also verify each entry.
I also have some extra entries for you guys = more chances to win! ;)

This giveaway is open internationally.

It will end on Thursday, July 4th at 12:00am PST.
The winner will be chosen at random and will be notified via email.

Good luck!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Valentino Wedding Dresses

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I haven't written a Wedding Wednesday post in a long time, so let's have a little fun today and look at two gorgeous wedding dresses designed by legendary designer, Valentino. :)

When you say wedding dresses, designers like Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier usually come to mind... but, in the past year, wedding gowns created by Valentino have definitely caught my eye -- and for good reason, they are gorgeous! :D

Two beautiful brides recently wore Valentino on their big day:

Valentino Bride #1: Anne Hathaway

The Oscar winner's wedding dress "was made of ivory silk point d'esprit tulle, had a train embroidered with satin flowers and was hand-painted a soft pink hue." And her "1920s-inspired headpiece consisted of a lace ribbon with a large flower, adorned with small crystal beads."

I've already gushed about Anne Hathaway last year -- she was my #1 pick as most beautiful bride for 2012! :)

Valentino Bride #2: HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Did you guys know that there was another big royal wedding just this month?
Aaaahhh, I love royal weddings! ;)

Princess Madeleine's dress "was made from silk organdies and ivory Chantilly lace, and featured a full skirt with a four-metre-long train. The accompanying six-metre-long veil was covered with Chantilly lace flowers and edged with silk tulle, and was worn with a royal tiara decorated with fresh orange blossoms."

What a gorgeous dress for an equally gorgeous princess! :)

Is it just me or are royal wedding dresses getting better and better?!
I loved the Duchess of Cambridge's Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding dress, but the #1 spot on my list of most beautiful royal wedding dresses has been taken by Princess Stephanie, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg's Elie Saab last year, and now we have this... I am torn!

The sketches themselves are already works of art, don't you think so?
And I love seeing the transformation of Valentino's vision from paper to reality -- absolutely amazing!

He has retired back in 2008, but he does design dresses on special commissions such as Anne's and Princess Madeleine's wedding dresses -- here's hoping there are more chances for Valentino to showcase his amazing talent! :)

What do you guys think? Do you like Valentino's designs?
Which of these two wedding dresses is more your style?

I hope you are all having a lovely last week of June! :)


Firmoo Giveaway: Join here.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Firmoo Giveaway: Win a pair of glasses from their Classic Series + $20 Firmoo Vouchers! :) ***CLOSED***

Happy Tuesday!

I don't know why, but lately, I have been losing track of time... I thought we had another week of June left after this week!
I wanted to line up some fun giveaways for you guys to celebrate my upcoming birthday (next week!), but I don't think I'm gonna have enough time to set that up... thankfully, Firmoo asked me to host a giveaway for my lovely readers. Me = ecstatic!
Thank you, Firmoo! :)

Okay, first things first... a short introduction about Firmoo -- Firmoo is no stranger to you guys, but let's do the requisite intro anyway. ;)
(See all my Firmoo posts here.) is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store. Years of expertise in optical industry enable to offer varieties of high quality prescription eyewear to the consuming public at extremely affordable prices. The low prices in never compromise the quality of eyewear, treating the quality and services to consumers as top priority. More importantly, is aware of the aesthetic functionality of eyeglasses. Though long being an integral part of the fashion industry, eyeglasses are never consumed in the same manner as other fashion items, with the expensive price being the major hurdle. makes the fashion-conscious consumers’ dream of creating a real eyewear wardrobe a reality.

Next, here are the details about the prize:

50+ contestants = 7 prizes (one pair of glasses from their Classic Series for the grand prize winner + 6 $20 E-Vouchers for second prize winners)
Less than 50 contestants = 6 prizes (6 $20 E-Vouchers)

Here are some of the glasses featured on Firmoo's Classic Series page:

Here are pictures of glasses worn by gorgeous fashion bloggers:
(Pictures courtest of

So beautiful -- love it!

If it is your first time ordering a pair of eyeglasses from them, then you're in luck -- all you have to pay for is shipping!
To learn more about it, please visit Firmoo's First Pair Free page.

Other helpful links:

Let's get on with the giveaway? ;)

All you have to do is follow the steps lined out in the Rafflecopter widget below.
Please be sure to do ALL mandatory entries because Firmoo will only accept entries that met the mandatory requirements.
I also have some extra entries for you guys = more chances to win! ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway is open internationally.

It will end on Wednesday, July 3rd at 12:00am PST.
The winners will be chosen at random and will be notified via email.

And please don't forget to spread the word -- the more entries, the bigger the prize! :D
Keep up to date with Firmoo through FacebookTwitter, and their Firmoo+ Page.

Good luck!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bag Holding And What It Says About You

Happy Weekend!

Do you guys have favorite websites to visit whenever you're surfing the internet?
One of my absolute favorite websites has got to be -- they have THE most interesting articles, I always look forward to receiving their emails. :)

They published an article way back in January about bag holding techniques and what they mean, and I just wanted to share it with you guys, it'll be a fun read! :)

What Your Bag-Holding Technique Says About You
(Read the Refinery 29 article here.)

1. THE SCHLEPPER - You've got two, three, four... five bags to worry about, so you've got a "wherever fits" strategy going on. "You're fatigued, exhausted, and in a rush -- the bags suggest you're a little spaced-out and have a hard time being present."

Lauren Conrad

Lauren does look fatigued, exhausted, and in a rush!

2. THE ARM-CROOK HOOK - Favorites of paparazzi-chased celebs, this limp-handed style just screams power.
"You're wearing the bag as if it's a badge of honor or an award. You feel as if you've got a sense of superiority."

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is definitely always chased by paparazzi...

3. THE HANDS-FREE - "The girl who wears a hands-free bag willingly covers up her silhouette and outfit.
It's useful, but it also shows you're slightly dorky... see this a lot with young women."

Jessica Alba

I don't know if Jessica Alba is slightly dorky in real life, but hey, she's a gorgeous mama!

4. THE TWOFER - Usually done with a coy smile and a leg cross, the two-handed twofer clutch denotes a shy, defensive person. "This creates a fig leaf position as if you were protecting your goods. If you find yourself doing this on a date, it's because you feel weird about where it's going."

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

This is the Duchess of Cambridge's go-to bag holding technique!

5. THE BAGUETTE - A recent favorite of street style stars, the baguette style is a scoop-up, on-the-go method.
"It's a utilitarian look, and you don't really care about the bag but rather what's in it. You're goal-oriented."

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is definitely a street style star!

6. THE THIRD ARM DRAPE - This move usually involves a bag with a long strap... but instead of crossing it over, you choose to wear it over your shoulder. And since that baby's prone to slipping around, Patti says it shows a lack of awareness. "It says, 'I don't have power over my world'."

Hilary Duff

I think Hilary looks great balancing her bag and her adorable baby boy, Luca!

7. THE ARMPIT VICE - Clutches are hard to hold, we know, but this move keeps your bag in place while leaving your hands free. "There's an awkwardness about it, and I see it happen a lot with women who are carrying a purse that doesn't fit her body."

Jennifer Lopez

Yeah, it does seem like Jennifer Lopez is having a hard time with that clutch...

8. THE BRIEFCASE - There's a certain type of woman who chooses to forgo the shoulder strap for the top handle. "She's in business mode. She's going fast and her bag has a lot of weight -- she cares less about her appearance, and more about where she's off to."

Angelina Jolie

I think that pretty much describes Angelina Jolie... except she doesn't really have to care a lot about her appearance -- she's gorgeous and she knows it!

9. THE THUMB-TO-'PIT - There's a reason this move's associated with Carrie from Sex and the City. "I see women in cosmopolitan cities doing this. They remember their mamas telling them to protect their bags... they don't want to get them pulled off while they're walking! They're street-smart."

Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada

Andy definitely became street-smart as the movie progressed!

10. THE "I'VE GOT A BAG BITCH" - You've got better things to do than to hold a bag. For some, that's what assistants and boyfriends are for. "When people feel the need to look fabulous all the time, they can't be encumbered with anything."


Who else would have a bag bitch other than Beyoncé?!
Look, there's literally someone behind her carrying her bag!

Some descriptions may be spot-on and some are not, but it's so interesting, right?!

My bag-holding techniques are #s 2, 3, 6, and 9... depending on the bag.

What about you -- What's your bag holding technique?
Do these descriptions describe you or someone you know?

I hope you are all having a great start to summer! :D


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Friday, June 21, 2013

Snoozer Loser NY Giveaway Winner! :)

Happy Friday!

It's the first day of summer and it's also giveaway winner time! ;)

First off, I would like to say thank you to our friends over at Snoozer Loser NY for sponsoring this amazing giveaway!
And a big thank you to everyone who joined!

Now, on to the giveaway winner...

Out of 48 entries, entry #34 won:

Entry #34 is Maria from!

Congratulations, Maria!!! :)

Snoozer Loser NY and I will email you the details on how to claim your prize!

Hello, Summer! :D

Not only is it Friday, it is also the first day of summer!!! :D

Lots of things to look forward to like the beach, swimming, reading books that are not school-related (haha!), catching up on TV shows, blogging, hanging out with family and friends, wearing summer dresses, shorts, and sandals... oh, and my 23rd birthday is coming up, yikes, haha! ;)

Whatever it is you are doing for Summer 2013, I hope you have a fantastic time! :D

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chicnova: Box T-Shirt with Pocket

Happy Tuesday!

Continuing with my goal of getting through all the blog posts I want to write for you guys, today's post will be all about a shirt I got from Chicnova. :)

My love for online shopping is not really a secret around here (haha!), and Chicnova is definitely one of my absolute favorite online stores! Their pieces are trendy and affordable = perfect combination!
(Check out my Chicnova posts here.)

This is the shirt I got from Chicnova:

Featuring a wide scooped neckline, short sleeves, single drape pocket to the front, and cropped length.

And this is how I wore my shirt:

Box T-Shirt with Pocket from Chicnova
Yellow Skirt with Black Belt from Forever21

Wide Scooped Neckline

Single Drape Pocket

The shirt doesn't exactly look like the one pictured on the website -- I thought the fabric was a bit more on the cotton side, but it wasn't. I'm not entirely sure what the fabric is exactly, the texture is kind of slippery... but bottomline, it's a good basic piece to have. :)

I like it because it's easy to pair with different pieces from my closet -- you can wear it with a skirt, with jeans, or with shorts.
I like the color because it's also good to have a gray shirt to interchange with our basic white and black tees.

I wore my shirt with my yellow skirt from Forever21:

I really love the color of my skirt! ;)

A close-up look at my necklaces:

The diamond pendant necklace was a gift from my parents back when I was 14 years old.
The yellow statement necklace was something I bought from Forever21 back when I was in high school. :)

I was wearing black sandals with this outfit, by the way... I just wasn't able to take a picture of it. ;)

The Box T-Shirt with Pocket is currently sold out, but Chicnova has a ton of other amazing stuff, so please do check them out here.

Do you like basic gray tees? What do you guys think of this shirt from Chicnova?
Have you bought anything from them before?


Snoozer Loser NY Giveaway: Win a Silver Sea Fan Scarf!
Open to US residents only. Ends on June 21st at 12:00am PST.
Persunmall Giveaway: Win a jewelry of your choice (from 8 choices)!
Open internationally. Ends on June 23rd at 12:00am PST.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Snoozer Loser NY Giveaway: Win a Silver Sea Fan Scarf! :) ***CLOSED***

Happy Sunday!

I just wanted to start the week right... with a giveaway, haha! ;)

I feel like I haven't been as present as I used to be here on my blog (and I'll probably be busy again when I go back to school in the Fall), so I wanted to treat you guys to another giveaway (Yay!)... I didn't know what exactly to do for this giveaway, and that is why I was so ecstatic when Snoozer Loser NY offered to give away one of their lovely scarves to you guys! :D

Snoozer Loser NY is an online shop that sells items ranging from tops to rompers to shorts to dresses to bags and scarves!
Their products are also carried by many stores and boutiques all over the country and all over the world! :)

To give you an idea of what Snoozer Loser NY has to offer, here are some of my favorites from their website:

Hollis Cotton One-Piece in Gray Black ($165)

Karren Open Back Dress in Navy ($90)

Druzy Teardrop Pendant in Brass ($45)

And now, about the giveaway...

What's up for grabs?
A Silver Sea Fan Scarf!

Isn't this scarf just gorgeous?!
I also think it's really versatile -- you can wear it for all four seasons! :)

Okay, back to the giveaway...

We have this neat Rafflecopter widget to help us with the giveaway, yay!
All you have to do is follow the steps... please be sure to do ALL mandatory entries in order to make your entry valid (and also to get to the extra entries!). :)

This giveaway is open to US residents only.
It will end on Friday, June 21st at 12:00am PST.

The winner will be chosen at random and will be notified via email.

Good luck!!! :D


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my Dad and to all the Dads out there!


Friday, June 14, 2013

O.R.G Skincare: Organic Mineral Face Peel

Happy Friday!

You know how I said I'm working through all the posts I had scheduled to publish?
This one should've been posted months ago, but alas, I didn't get the chance to... so now, it's time to tell you guys all about O.R.G Skincare's Organic Mineral Face Peel! :D

Back in January, I attended IMATS Los Angeles and I was introduced to O.R.G Skincare by Donna and Suzie (Hi, guys!)... so, here are some pictures of O.R.G's booth from IMATS 2013:

O.R.G Skincare takes its knowledge & exposure from cutting-edge beauty applications and ingenuity from all over Asia. Their vision is to introduce products containing an ideal blend of natural and effective ingredients that address real beauty issues. O.R.G Skincare is the first to introduce an all-natural enzyme exfoliant (Organic Mineral Peel), derived from ancient Asian spa treatments, offering instant results within minutes of application. While constantly looking to think outside the box, O.R.G Skincare pulls inspiration from art, music, pop culture, and media, creating a whole new outlook and approach into all things beauty.

I received a press kit from O.R.G Skincare:

Cute presentation, right?!

The contents:

I received a 59mL bottle of their super amazing Organic Mineral Face Peel and a booklet talking all about the brand and the product...

Organic Mineral Face Peel (59mL/ $44)

Organic Mineral Peel is the first all-natural enzyme exfoliant that instantly removes dry skin and dermal debris within minutes of application. With its non-abrasive formulation, Organic Mineral Peel generates immediate skin renewal for maximum absorption of other skincare products. Free of any alcohol, parabens, and sulfates, Organic Mineral Peel comes packed with skin-nurturing antioxidants revitalizing even the most sensitive areas of your body. Therefore, it is to become the starting point of any skincare regimen.

Organic Mineral Face Peel includes natural skin brightening agents which include Milk Thistle and Licorice as well as enriched nutrients and antioxidants which include Omega 3, Vitamin A, & Vitamin B1.

Creates a smooth and supple skin complexion.
Provides a clean canvas for flawless makeup application.
Gradually brightens dark spots and blemishes.
Allows for maximum penetration of other skincare products.
Contains natural brightening agents of Milk Thistle and Licorice Root.

The Organic Mineral Face Peel is a really excellent product!
It truly does everything the description says -- you will feel refreshed after using this face peel.

When they say all-natural, they mean all-natural -- the first time I used it, it got in my eye and I totally panicked until I realized that it did not sting at all because, guess what, it's all-natural!

This was designed to be used before applying makeup on because it creates a clear canvas on your face.
I also like using it after taking off my makeup to get rid of any residue left behind.

This Organic Mineral Face Peel is so awesome even my brother is obsessed!
I'm telling you, he seriously LOVES this product!

There's really nothing more to say besides the fact that this is a great skincare product to have.
We all need this and it will do wonders for your skin -- totally worth the $44 you will spend on it! :)

Instructions and photos from O.R.G Skincare:

1. Working in sections, apply a liberal amount (3 to 5 sprays) onto dry skin, avoiding contact with eyes.
2. Allow it to absorb for approximately 5 to 7 seconds.
3. Using your hand or minimally abrasive washcloth, exfoliate in small circular motion.
4. Rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary.
5. Moisturize accordingly.

The result should look like the photo above -- you will really see your dry skin come out like that, kind of gross, but so amazing! :)

Keep up to date with O.R.G Skincare through FacebookTwitter, and Youtube.

What do you guys think? Is this something you would be interested in adding to your skincare regimen?
Have you tried anything from O.R.G Skincare before?

Have a happy weekend, guys!!! :)


Persunmall Giveaway: Win a jewelry of your choice (from 8 choices)!
Open internationally. Ends on June 23rd at 12:00am PST.

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