Friday, June 14, 2013

O.R.G Skincare: Organic Mineral Face Peel

Happy Friday!

You know how I said I'm working through all the posts I had scheduled to publish?
This one should've been posted months ago, but alas, I didn't get the chance to... so now, it's time to tell you guys all about O.R.G Skincare's Organic Mineral Face Peel! :D

Back in January, I attended IMATS Los Angeles and I was introduced to O.R.G Skincare by Donna and Suzie (Hi, guys!)... so, here are some pictures of O.R.G's booth from IMATS 2013:

O.R.G Skincare takes its knowledge & exposure from cutting-edge beauty applications and ingenuity from all over Asia. Their vision is to introduce products containing an ideal blend of natural and effective ingredients that address real beauty issues. O.R.G Skincare is the first to introduce an all-natural enzyme exfoliant (Organic Mineral Peel), derived from ancient Asian spa treatments, offering instant results within minutes of application. While constantly looking to think outside the box, O.R.G Skincare pulls inspiration from art, music, pop culture, and media, creating a whole new outlook and approach into all things beauty.

I received a press kit from O.R.G Skincare:

Cute presentation, right?!

The contents:

I received a 59mL bottle of their super amazing Organic Mineral Face Peel and a booklet talking all about the brand and the product...

Organic Mineral Face Peel (59mL/ $44)

Organic Mineral Peel is the first all-natural enzyme exfoliant that instantly removes dry skin and dermal debris within minutes of application. With its non-abrasive formulation, Organic Mineral Peel generates immediate skin renewal for maximum absorption of other skincare products. Free of any alcohol, parabens, and sulfates, Organic Mineral Peel comes packed with skin-nurturing antioxidants revitalizing even the most sensitive areas of your body. Therefore, it is to become the starting point of any skincare regimen.

Organic Mineral Face Peel includes natural skin brightening agents which include Milk Thistle and Licorice as well as enriched nutrients and antioxidants which include Omega 3, Vitamin A, & Vitamin B1.

Creates a smooth and supple skin complexion.
Provides a clean canvas for flawless makeup application.
Gradually brightens dark spots and blemishes.
Allows for maximum penetration of other skincare products.
Contains natural brightening agents of Milk Thistle and Licorice Root.

The Organic Mineral Face Peel is a really excellent product!
It truly does everything the description says -- you will feel refreshed after using this face peel.

When they say all-natural, they mean all-natural -- the first time I used it, it got in my eye and I totally panicked until I realized that it did not sting at all because, guess what, it's all-natural!

This was designed to be used before applying makeup on because it creates a clear canvas on your face.
I also like using it after taking off my makeup to get rid of any residue left behind.

This Organic Mineral Face Peel is so awesome even my brother is obsessed!
I'm telling you, he seriously LOVES this product!

There's really nothing more to say besides the fact that this is a great skincare product to have.
We all need this and it will do wonders for your skin -- totally worth the $44 you will spend on it! :)

Instructions and photos from O.R.G Skincare:

1. Working in sections, apply a liberal amount (3 to 5 sprays) onto dry skin, avoiding contact with eyes.
2. Allow it to absorb for approximately 5 to 7 seconds.
3. Using your hand or minimally abrasive washcloth, exfoliate in small circular motion.
4. Rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary.
5. Moisturize accordingly.

The result should look like the photo above -- you will really see your dry skin come out like that, kind of gross, but so amazing! :)

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What do you guys think? Is this something you would be interested in adding to your skincare regimen?
Have you tried anything from O.R.G Skincare before?

Have a happy weekend, guys!!! :)


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  1. I'm trying to go more organic. And this sounds perfect if I need a face peel. I'm sure this would be great during those winter months, when my face is dry and peeling.

    (^ะท^)-☆ Dizzy

    1. oh yeah, it would definitely be great for that! :)

  2. oh wow, this sounds really awesome. i would LOVE to try it. thanks for including the face photos. as disgusting as it looks, it sounds pretty cool.

    Summer OASAP Giveaway! Come and join here. :)


    1. you're welcome! and haha yeah, it looks kinda gross, but it's really cool! ;)

  3. Great review, Mimi - this product sounds awesome. Absolutely loving the Organic aspect of it all! :)

    1. thank you, erika! and yup, the organic aspect is amazing! :)

  4. I would love to try this awesome product! :)

  5. i love your skin product recommendations!! always look to you to see what new products and lines are out there mimi hehe :)

  6. I've actually never heard of O.R.G Skincare before, but it sounds amazing! I love that it's organic. That's definitely my thing. Plus, the organic mineral peel looks cool! :)

    - B