Friday, April 12, 2013

BzzAgent: Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge

Happy Friday!

Back in January, I did a review for BzzAgent and now it's time for another one! :)

The latest product from BzzAgent?
Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge!!! :D

Thank you, BzzAgent!

What was inside my BzzKit?

I got three Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge products -- Conditioner, Shampoo, and 1-Minute Moisture-Plenish Treatment.

Infused with superfruits, the Hydra Recharge formula actively replenishes hair for silky-soft hydration that lasts. Hydra Recharge will recharge your thirsty locks and keep your hair super silky and surprisingly weightless for up to two whole days.

Hydra Recharge range contains superfruits goji berry, passion fruit, and kiwi to actively replenish without heaviness.


Experience a powerful new blast of hydration. Hydra Recharge is the 1st shampoo with encapsulated beads of superfruits goji berry, passion fruit, and kiwi. Hair is ultra-hydrated, weightlessly silkier, and softer.

Hydra Recharge Shampoo is a hydration innovation; the first to feature thousands of beads that burst on impact.


Experience a powerful new blast of hydration. Hydra Recharge Conditioner, with superfruits of goji berry, passion fruit and kiwi, actively replenishes moisture without heaviness. Hair is ultra-hydrated, weightlessly silkier and softer.


Experience a powerful new blast of hydration. Hydra Recharge 1-Minute Moisture-Plenish Treatment's powerful yet lightweight crème-gel formula, with superfruits of goji berry, passion fruit, and kiwi, delivers a surge of high-performance hydration in just 1 minute. Hair is ultra-hydrated, weightlessly silkier, and softer.

Hydra Recharge 1-Minute Moisture-Plenish Treatment is a powerful deep treatment whose revolutionary lightweight crème-gel formula transforms dry hair with a surge of high-performance hydration in just one minute.

I have always loved Garnier products, so it's no surprise that I absolutely loved all three of these!

It makes my hair soft, smooth, and easy to style -- it gets rid of tangles right off the bat.
It does not weigh down my hair, if anything, it even makes it lighter.
It also leaves my hair bouncy and healthy.
It keeps hair clean for up to two days -- amazing!
Last but not least, it smells heavenly! :)

Oh, and the beads in the shampoo? Coolest thing ever! :D

It's great to use all three products together, but if you only want to go for the shampoo and conditioner, it's not a problem -- you will still definitely reap the results from these fantastic products.

At about $5-$6 each, I think these are must-haves!
After all, our hair has the power to make us look even more beautiful, so why not try all products possible to keep it shiny, healthy, and beautiful, right?!

What do you guys think?
Have you tried any of these three Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge products before?

I wish you all a fantastic weekend!!! :)


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  1. nice products!!!

  2. I love Garnier! Gotta try that 1 minute deep conditioning treatment!


  3. Replies
    1. thanks, kelly! and i know you'll love it! :)

  4. I'm always on the lookout for good hair products and this sounds great!!! I use Head & Shoulders most of the time, but I like to change it up every now and then. I'm definitely going to try this. :D


  5. I love Fructis! I often use natural shampoo, but when not, Fructis is my go-to. it smells lovely and my hair just looks so good after I was it with Fructis.
    I haven't tried these yet, but I will keep an eye out for when they become available here!

    1. yes, i definitely agree with you, it smells so lovely! so excited for you to try these! :D

  6. I use the conditioner!
    It really did make a difference, my hair felt a lot
    more smooth compared to my previous conditioner :)
    = less tangles :) yay

  7. I too love Garnier products and this looks amazing!!


  8. Oh, I so need to try those:) Happy Monday, lovely.

  9. Being a bzzagent sounds cool, you need a code name ;) hehe. I love Garnier products too but I have not seen these around yet. It would probably take centuries but I will wait! I hope they don't over price them when they are here so I can grab them haha. I like the beads in them...looks awesome. I hesitate to try new shampoo sometimes...but this looks awesome :D


  10. I love Garnier products they always smell so good!
    I’ve tried the conditioner, and I absolutely love it to death!

    1. garnier products always smell amazing! :D

  11. Did someone say goji berry?! I've tried the shampoo and conditioner. AMAZING! :)

    - B

    1. yup, goji berry! and yes, these are totally amazing! :D