Friday, May 31, 2013

Giveaway Winners! :)

Happy Friday!!!

I haven't posted since May 19th -- I'm so sorry, guys!

Life has just been so busy... who knew it was this frustrating to plan out what we're gonna do with it?! *Sigh* 

But anyway, after June 3rd, I am free for the summer -- so excited! ;)

One thing I should've done a long time ago? Announce my giveaway winners!
So sorry, guys!

But anyway, here we go...

$50 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway Winners:
Sheila, Marnie, and Clarissa

Congratulations, guys!
I will email you all so I can go ahead and send you your $50 Walmart gift card. :)

$20 Firmoo Sunglasses Voucher Giveaway Winners:
Despina, Chelo Moa, Peiji, Diwata Luna, Mel Borley, and Gato Negro

Congratulations, guys!
Firmoo and I will email you with the details on how to claim your voucher. :)

Thanks to everyone who entered these two giveaways!

Happy Weekend! :D


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