Friday, August 8, 2014

Kushyfoot: Take Care Of Your Feet!

Happy Friday!!!

For today's post, I just wanted to share these amazing Kushyfoot products sent by our friends over at Lipton Publicity with you guys:

For over ten years, legwear and footwear sensation Kushyfoot has expanded its dedicated following by offering shoppers reflexology-inspired legwear with a foot-massaging sole. Combine that with pitch-perfect styling at a reasonable price (nothing over $9.99), you have an offer that can't be beat. Each year, Kushyfoot demonstrates that they not only stay on top of every relevant market trend, but know how to perfectly translate their insights into fashionable and functional products that will delight existing and new customers alike. The Spring 2014 Kushyfoot collection -- highlighting a stellar choice of more than 20 super-hot foot covers, including brand new styles and up-to-the-minute colors -- is no exception.

1. Sport Foot Cover

- Ventilated mesh top
- Arch support
- Stay-put heel
- Precision fit
- Cool and comfy 

Price: $13.47 for 3 pairs

2. Sheer Anklet

- Zig-zag sole to protect the ball of your foot
- Super stretchy design to fit every foot shape and size

Price: $11.97 for 3 pairs

3. Ultra Low Cut Foot Covers

- Comes in basic shades
- Zig-zag sole
- Stretchy design

Price: $23.97 for 6 pairs

4. Extreme Low Cut Foot Covers

- Stays hidden at all times
- Padded sole to cushion the ball of your foot
- Heel grip to ensure a stay-put fit every time
- Stretchy design

Price: $23.97 for 6 pairs

These products are a definite must-have!
For as long as I can remember, I've been wanting to find the perfect no-show foot covers to wear with my shoes -- none really worked until I got Kushyfoot.

Working in retail, I am on my foot the whole day, so these definitely help with the heel guards and foot cushions. :)

They are also very affordable and super worth it!

Check out to get your very own Kushyfoot products. :)


  1. I hear great things about there products. Have a great weekend

  2. Love the extreme lows for all my flats!

  3. cool post.

  4. I used foot covers too in my heeled shoes and even on my low cut sneakers too. It is for the safety and comfort of my feet. I used to wear it with my designed tshirt and bomber jacket black.