Thursday, March 18, 2010

FOOD: Teriyaki Platter & Sushi

i'm sure everyone has those days when you just want to stay at home and call for delivery. but, come on, pizza again? luckily, we have a japanese restaurant about 3 minutes away that offers a wide array of delicious japanese dishes at an affordable price... and they have free delivery! now, isn't that great? :D

on lazy days when all we want to do is hang around at home, our fave japanese restaurant is the first and only answer when it comes to the question: "what should we have for dinner?"

Teriyaki Platter --$39.50

since we have a big family, we always order their japanese food platter. for $39.50, it really is such a great deal. it consists of 6 different dishes, and comes with a separate platter full of yummy japanese rice. i love it!

Japanese rice

Price Range: $7.50 - $8.50

we also recently tried three of their many types of sushi. they are all so good and freshly made. and best of all, affordable.

Do you like Japanese food?:D


  1. I love Japanese food!:D

    I like their Ahi Tuna Salad and any spicy sushi would satisfy me!:D

    That platter is huge and the price is good, I think I see fish... is that fish?:D

  2. I love love love sushi! :)

    especially since I'm a pesco-vegetarian. :)

  3. Marie-- yup. there are two kinds of fish in there. salmon and another one, but i'm not sure what the name is. ;)

    it's really great especially considering the price. in our family of 7, we still have leftovers. :)

    Breee-- that's great! there would definitely be tons of things for you to choose from their menu. :)

  4. My daughter would flip over this!!! We are addicted to yummy food!

  5. jacque4u2c-- we are addicted to yummy food too! :)

  6. phwoarrrr- love japanese food.

    sushi, noodles, teryaki....gimme' gimme'.

    being veggie it's perfection!

    lovely blog


  7. fashion&circus-- thanks so much! i really love japanese food as well. :)