Thursday, March 25, 2010

Travel Destination Wish List

many of us just recently had our spring break, are on it right now, or just about to have it next week. personally, i think spring break is the first indication that in a few months, summer will finally be here! besides sleeping in and going to the beach, summer gives us the opportunity to travel and see places we haven't seen before. :D

here are the top 10 places (in no particular order) i would like to visit:

1. Santorini, Greece-- i love the idea of walking around with your bathing suit under a cute summer dress, and jumping in the ocean Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-style. :)

2. Hawaii, USA-- it's the closest to me, and therefore the most realistic. ;)

3. - 6. England, France, Spain, and Italy-- Europe!!! need i say more? :)

7. Ireland-- watching P.S. I Love You, made me appreciate this beautiful country even more. :)

8. St. Petersburg, Russia-- this would be a whole new experience. and i gotta admit, i still love watching Anastasia. :)

9. Bangkok, Thailand-- riding elephants, eating yummy Thai food, shopping... now, that would be so much fun, right?! :)

10. Boracay, Philippines-- white sand. :)

have you been to any of these places? where would you want to go?

*all images are from Google*


  1. wow! nice list... Go to Boracay you will surely love it.

    Link your blog with me visit

  2. ChYmEc!nDy-- thanks! i really really want to go there. :) i will surely visit your blog. :)

  3. I so wanna go to Europe before having kids!:D I'll take a pass on beach destinations, I don't like the sun.

    Nice post, ;D.
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. Mimi! Thank you so much for the wonderful comment, I'm glad you were inspired by the post! Your blog is ah-dor-ah-ble. Totally love it!

    I've been to England/France/Spain...totally go. They're all so different and so wonderful in their own ways. I'd recommend Scotland too, at least Edinburgh. It's wonderfully old and great. I've never heard of Borcay before but it looks FANTASTIC!

  5. Marie-- if i were to choose between the beach destinations and europe, i'm pretty sure i'm gonna pick europe. :)

    splendidem-- thank you! wow, that's three off of my list. :D if i ever get to go to england and ireland, i will make sure to go to scotland too. :)

  6. I lovelovelove traveling! :D

    I so want to go to these places too!

    The place I want to visit and live in is London! :D

  7. Breee-- i'm pretty sure we'll be able to visit these places in the coming years! :)

  8. You don't want to come to visit Germany? :D Nope, sorry can't follow you too hun! ;D

  9. Susi-- i dooo! i just couldn't fit it in my list. i should've just said ALL of Europe. :)