Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Gifts! :D

Hi, how has your week been going? I am hoping it's going well. :D

Ten more days until Christmas, everyone! Yay! :D

School and life has been so busy, I haven't even gotten around to buying my Christmas gifts yet, eeeeeeek! :O Uh-oh... anyone on the same boat as me?

But, anyways, I will get that done before Christmas, for sure (I hope...). For those of you who've gotten your Christmas shopping done, have you thought about how to wrap your special gifts for your loved ones?

I've scanned these pages from a magazine to help us out in wrapping our gifts:






Which of these is/are your style?

I think I would go for those ready-made containers. First, because I am not the craftiest person alive, haha. And second, because those containers will be like a gift too - they can use it for whatever fits their needs. :D

How did or will you wrap your gifts?


Hollywood news:

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds filed for divorce. They were married for two years.

I think it's sad because I just read Ryan Reynolds' Sexiest Man Alive interview for People where he said that the best thing about being married is spending everyday with your best friend. Awww. But apparently, Scarlett has been unhappy for a long time, and decided to finally file for divorce. :(

While it is definitely sad, I know many girls out there are rejoicing because Ryan Reynolds is single again! Yes, yes, I am one of those girls, hahaha. ;)

Another reason why girls all over the world are celebrating?

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens broke-up after five years of being together.

Well, this one, I kinda saw coming. It would've been nice to think they would really last, but I don't know, I just kinda knew they would break up sooner or later. What do you think?


  1. Feathers and modern bows for me - good ideas just in time for my gift wrapping session! :)

  2. This is a lovely post! I can't believe Christmas is almost here, time is just flying!

    I was soo sad about Zac and Vanessa, I thought they were perfect! But, I guess if it's for the best, there's nothing anyone can do :/

  3. I haven't decided on this years wrapping but I did have a little panic today that my Husband might have went out and bought wrapping paper.

    I'm sad about Ryan and Scarjo...but Zac and Vanessa need to sow their wild oats still.

  4. I like them all there all so pretty !1 loved this post =)

  5. Mizdragonfly-- yay, i'm glad my post is just in time. :)

    Reyna-- time really is flying! and yeah, it is kinda sad, but oh well, right?

    Nikki-- haha, that's funny. i hope this post helped you in deciding. ;)

    Curves ahead makeup-- thanks, glad you loved it!

  6. Sometimes the packaging is so pretty that I don't even want to open my presents. :)) I don't remember a time where I tore the gift wrapper. I never did that. lol.

    Heeey! I'm more happy about Scarlett being single! I'm straight but oooh lala that woman is perfection! :D

  7. i totally know how that is with school & work keeping you from Christmas shopping!
    .. I was surprised when Ryan & Scar got married-i didn't even know they had met lol. But i'm not surprised they are divorcing though it seems like they've only been married a few months lol, Hollywood i guess...

  8. All of them so pretty.I'm always sad when the couples separete...

    Hugs from Morocco <3


  9. Hey Mimi! Thanks for sharing the gift wrap ideas - i'm loving the monogram and edgy styles, though I've already wrapped mine! I put a photo in a recent blog entry :) I'm sure you'll get your xmas shopping done in time - somehow we all manage to pull it off!

    The hollywood breakup news has been everywhere - the one I'm most disappointed about is zac and vanessa! I wasn't really a huge fan of either of them - but being in a h.s.-sweetheart relationship myself, I was kind of rooting for them! Oh well - sometimes ppl grow apart!

  10. my favorite is the "romantic" group of gift wrap. :)

    i also heard about zac+vanessa and scarlett+ryan. so sad.

    SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

  11. Those wrapping ideas are gorgeous, especially in the first picture! I just love the idea of using a flower instead of a bow- it's so pretty and shabby-chic :D

    It's too bad about Scarlett and Ryan- I don't know how she could be unhappy married to someone like him, but you never know! :P

    *Claudia* xoxo
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  12. Um, I'm a huge fan of Alanis and I used to like Scarlett so I'm not sure how to react on this one. Lol. About Zac and Vanessa...well I kinda saw it coming also. Sad that they all broke up before Christmas. Whatever happened to exchanging gifts?

    P.S. I'm doing okay Mimi, thanks also for asking. Been really busy and blah but okay :-)

  13. Feathers are lovely:)
    I am purchasing and giftwrapping all the time:)
    I am looking forward to Christmas:)

  14. I can't believe how many people are breaking up for the holidays. It's so sad. And Zanessa...nooooooooooo!!! :(

  15. I love love love Christmas and everything to do with it!! I am almost done my shopping... and now because of this I really can't wait to wrap presents! I'm definitely stealing some of those ideas :)
    Hope you're having a great week, Mimi!

  16. love the Christmas wrapping article. It has some nice ideas

  17. Cute post! I love how girly your blog is, it's m guilty secret :) I get my partner to wrap gifts because he's much better at it than me!

  18. Toni-- i know what you mean about the beautifully wrapped gifts! haha.

    SassyAgapi-- i didn't know they were together either when i read the news that they got married. ;)

    Nuheila-- yeah, it is definitely sad. :(

    Alexa-- yeah, it would've been nice to think zac and vanessa will be together forever... but i'm sure it's possible for other couples. :D

    SWEATshirtDRESSshirt-- yeah, those are nice! :)

    Claudia-- haha, yeah, that's what i said. ;)

    Dianne-- omg, yeah, whyyy before christmas, right?

    pelin-- same here!!!

    Erika-- it is sad. :(

    Marley-- hope you're doing well too! and yes, steal these ideas away. :D

    Amber Blue Bird-- :D

    The Many Colours of Happiness-- aww, thanks! and i'm not much of a wrapper either. ;)

  19. Hey you! :P Please do join my giveaway, Mimi. It's going to be so cool! <3

    I'll announce it on Monday!

  20. nice articles!!!! Now i know what to do with those gifts! :)))

    I like Zac and Vanessa together =(

    Rinz @

  21. very interesting blog indeed...

    to much wrapping I go gift bags!1!

  22. I love the gift wrapping ideas, they all say Dizzy to me lol.
    I can’t believe Zac and Vanessa broke up, I thought they would be together forever.

  23. Toni-- i will! :D

    diana-- they are! :)

    Rinz-- :D and yeah, it's pretty sad about zac and vanessa.

    Sir Thomas-- thanks! haha, yeah, me too.

    Dizzy-- yeah, sad. :(

  24. I definitely dig the edgy giftwrapping lol

    as for the break-ups, so sad!
    I feel sorry for Ryan Reynolds, he's so cute!

    as for Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, it's sad too. I'm not a total fan of their relationship, but I actually thought they might have the real thing. sucks.

    happy friday!

  25. I absolutely LOVEEE gift wrapping! I've been asking around lately to see if anyone I know needs help wrapping gifts that's how much I like it.

  26. I'm giving an amazing jeweled cuff away as a Christmas gift. you should enter it. its open to everyone worldwide!:)

  27. Bree-- i agree to everything you said... except maybe for the edgy wrapping. haha. ;)

    BottledBeauty-- your friends are lucky to have you! i could use help with gift wrapping. :)

    rms-- Hi!!!

    Faboulista-- thanks for letting me know!

  28. I love the gift wrap ideas! I generally use different newspapers I find (to recycle) and try to stylize it the best I can, so this post was very cute.

    Also - I'm very content that Ryan is single again if there is any truth to the Hollywood gossip.

  29. i actually thought that zac & ness would marry, aww it's a shame that they're no longer together! and ryan & scarlett were a lovely couple :)

  30. About Me?-- haha, same here. ryan reynolds is soooo cute!

    chantelle-- yeah, it's kinda sad, but then again they were young when they started going out. :/

  31. What is UP with all the December celebrity separations and divorces? And all we get back for marriages are Nicole Richie and Hulk Hogan. Not to each other of course. :(

  32. Yamilette27-- i knooow, how sad is that, huh? but yay for nicole richie, and i didn't know hulk hogan got married...

  33. Thanks for the scans, Mimi!:D I think I'll do the monograms next year.:D

    ***** Marie *****