Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December!!! :D

Happy 1st of December, everyone! :D

I spent hours listening to Christmas songs today. I'm so excited for Christmas!

To celebrate the first day of December, I found some Christmas images to share with you. :)

Of course, there's Santa Claus and a snow man.

Is your Christmas tree up yet?

I still have to look for our Christmas decorations. I will definitely get on it. ;P

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?

Besides the gifts, the two other things I am most looking forward to is 1) eating Christmas dinner/lunch with my family.

What do you usually have for Christmas?

And 2) spending time with my friends - hanging out and catching up with each other. :D

We have one more month left of 2010, let's make the most out of it! :D

I wish the coming Holiday Season will be a good one for all of us.

What are you most looking forward to this month?

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  1. Hey Mimi! It's been a while - how are you!?

    I love this Christmas post - totally brought me a little warm holiday cheer! We usually have paella and steak for Christmas dinner at my parents'! Not traditional by any means - but I looove paella :)

  2. Alexa-- heeyyy! i am doing well, just busy with school and life, haha. how are you?! and you know what, paella sounds great! now i'm a little hungry. ;)

  3. CUTE! Love all the Christmas cheer in your post! I'll be looking forward to drinking some hot chocolate and cookies with family and friends :)

  4. It got me hyped up for the Holiday Season :)

  5. Happy Holidays Mimi! I loooove Christmas music and eating ham this time of the year :]

  6. Happy December Mimi Girl!
    I love Christmas Time! I love everything about it!
    Jeremy's birthday is coming up, so I am really excited about that :)
    Love ya
    gi gi

  7. i am so excited for Christmas too!! =)

  8. I'm excited too! Oooh yes I can now start listening to xmas songs - I often want to earlier but I don't let myself; otherwise I'm sick of the songs BEFORE xmas!

  9. I love Christmas! I am almost done with shopping, gonna take care of some of it in NYC this weekend, and the tree is up and almost complete :)

  10. happy christmas to you to!!!

    yep are tree is up!!

  11. happy first of December er second I mean :)

  12. Hi Mimi :) Happy Holiday Month to you!!! ;D

    I've been decorating our little Christmas Tree at the past weekend and got my whole entire living room prepared with an army of cute little Santa candles. LOL

  13. Merry christmas :)

  14. Reminds me of all the arts and crafts we used to do in school around this time, lovely post XOXO

  15. AWWWW thank you so much for sharing!!!! I love this season so much!

  16. Happy December! :)

    I just received the coffee maker in the mail. WOO! I can't wait until Christmas! I'm going to start a tradition with my family in law since they don't celebrate it. :(

  17. Happy December! I love the holidays... no tree this year :-( this place is way too small for my big tree... next year when we move out. I am christmas shopping already and i love it.

  18. I am excited to go shopping with my siblings!:D

    Have a happy December, Mimi!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  19. I have only bought one gift, I have no tree...Im' not ready!

    We usually have a roast and always have gouda and fennel gratin. YUM!

  20. hi everyone! thanks for stopping by and sharing my excitement for the coming holiday season! :D

  21. I haven't really started with holidays yet -- no tree, no shopping... maybe next week!

    for christmas dinner we always have Zuppa di Pesce and a huge antipasta.

    Chic on the Cheap

  22. I am SUPA excited for Christmas!
    looking forward to the annual trip to SLC temple square to look at the lights, going to the NUTCRACKER, and eating myself fat full of Christmas fudge, peacan logs, cookies, and anything else I can find! :)

    I guess you can call me a food-a-holic during the month of December!

    Happy Holidays cute Mimi!

  23. All of the photos are beautiful! That wreath is gorgeous and the presents are wrapped so pretty!

    Stop by our blog and enter our giveaway!

  24. LyddieGal-- that sounds yummy!

    ashley-- i am a food-a-holic too, year round, haha!

    Sunny&Star-- thanks, i will definitely stop by!

  25. I love the holidays!
    I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet. It sucks, because the stores are just packed with people in December.

  26. Dizzy-- i haven't either, eeek!