Friday, April 8, 2011

Movie trailers + HP deleted scenes + Tag + Links


Yay for the weekend! Any fun plans?

I just watched some new movie trailers, and I just wanted to share with you guys the movies I really want to see. :)

1. Water for Elephants - It looks amazing! I started reading the book, but sadly, I have yet to finish it, I only got to about one-fourth. I hope I can find the time to finish reading it before the movie comes out.

2. The Hangover: Part 2 - Yes, it's the same old story, but I can't wait! And, how amazing is it that we get to see Thailand?! :D

3. Scream 4 - Aaaahhhh, I never thought this day would come! I grew up watching the first three Scream movies (and other movies that came out at around the same time - Idle Hands, anyone?) with my sister - I definitely want to see this! :)

4. Monte Carlo - I am not a Selena Gomez fan, but I really do want to see this because it seems like a fun movie to watch, either with my sisters or with my friends. Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy are hilarious! And the movie takes place in Paris and Monte Carlo - beautiful! :D

5. Arthur - This one actually comes out today... I couldn't stop laughing all throughout the trailer! I read on People that it's just not the same as the original one, but based on the trailer, I think it's worth the watch if you're just looking for a fun movie that will make you laugh.

There are a lot more other movies I want to see... maybe a different post?
Which of these movies do you want to see?

I was trying to see if they have a new trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, but they don't... BUT, I did find deleted scenes from Part 1. :D

I wish they found a way to squeeze these scenes into the movie. :/

But it's okay, it's fun just watching them. :)

I was also tagged by Dizzy to answer some questions about lipstick:

1) When you were a child, did you use your mother's lipsticks?
- Yes, I did! And not just my mom's... I also used my older sister's lipsticks. I don't know if I ever told her about this, but whenever she was out, I would volunteer to clean up around her room so I can spend the whole day there, watching on her TV... and using her lipsticks! Hahaha! Now, I'm busted... ;)

2) How old were you when you bought your first lipstick?
-  I've had lipsticks since I was like 11 years old, but I never really used them and they were given to me by my grandma, my mom, and my sister. Believe it or not, I just bought my very own lipstick about six months ago. So, the answer is 20 years old. ;)

3) Pink or red lipstick?
- Hmmmm, I love pink lip gloss for everyday, but I really do love my red lipstick. Can I pick both? :)

4) The most expensive lipstick you have ever bought?
- Oh, not that expensive... I think it was $9?

5) And the cheapest?
- $1.29! :D

6) What's the most bizarre thing you have ever done with a lipstick?
- When I was a high school senior, we used red lipstick to write 2009 on our faces. Probably not that bizarre, but those were definitely fun times!

7) If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why?
- I haven't really used a lot of lipsticks to actually know which brands are good to recommend. I guess for starters, NYC is a great brand - very affordable and tons of colors to choose from. Revlon is also really good. :D

I tag anyone who wants to participate! :D

I also reviewed two Almay products this past week, click the links below to see them. :D

I wish you all a peaceful and restful weekend! :)


  1. lippy answers!

    I'm hoping to see Arthur this weekend..but meanwhile I'll watch Arthur on STARZ as in Jamie Campbell Bower he's pretty sweet in his role.

  2. I am so looking forward all of the movies!!! Especially Scream 4 and Monte Carlo!!!! A

  3. ellie-- that's cool! i think i want to see that. :D

    AnieLii-- yes, those two movies!!! :D

  4. Haha your answers are so much better than mine! i am so boring. I am NOT excited for The Hangover 2. There is a reason why... it's a long story so let me make it really short. I was 8 months pregnant husband and i went to see The Hangover and i was having contractions and wanted to leave but he wanted to watch the movie because he loved it. So i almost had a baby at the movies. Yup! :-)

  5. I am SO excited about Water for Elephants! I just finished the book a few days ago (and loved it) and wish I could see it right now.

  6. I really want to see Water For Elephants and The Hangover Part 2. I didn't realise that the trailer for The Hangover was released so I'm really glad you posted it on here! :)

  7. Looking forward to the Hangover part two :D
    And enjoy your weekend!

  8. Im also looking forward to all them movies aswell!! Especially hangover 2! Cant wait lol =D

    Have a great weekend!


  9. I so want to see Scream 4 - I was a huge fan of those movies when I was younger; and I adore Emma Roberts!! :)

  10. Great movie choices! I can't wait for HP to release part 2 but I think it'll be bittersweet. It's the end of an era.

    Good luck with the papers! Hope you can squeeze in some fun, too. :)

  11. scream 4 is coming, scream 4 is coming! I'm gonna scare myself crazyyyyyyyyy

  12. SO pumped for Water for Elephants! Just finished the book, and I can't wait for some Whitherspoon and Patterson to but it into character!
    Have a good weekend!

  13. I'm sure I'm going to be disappointed by The Hangover 2, but I'm still looking forward to it.

    9$ for your most expensive lipstick?? That's nothing! I bought a few ones in the 50$ price range - not worth it, but it made me feel better at the time ;)


  14. i really want to see water for elephants, but i need to read the book first!

  15. All of these movies look amazing! I want to see them all!

    Thanks for sharing the Harry Potter deleted scenes!:D

    Yay, for red lipsticks!

    xoxo, Bree

  16. ANYTHING hp related is good by me. Obsessed? a bit. Is it ok? absolutely.

  17. ooohh fun tag!! I just watched The Source COde which i thought was amazing!!!! I really would like to watch Arthur but my bf is not into comedy that much ha ha i guess I have to go alone!

  18. Mimi! I want to see all these, especially the first two.:D

    Fun tag, I wonder if your sister secretly knew what you were doing.;D I want to try more NYC lipsticks, thanks for reminding me.:D

    Have a happy Sunday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  19. I want to see ALL of these! I'm not a huge Selene Gomez fan either but Monte Carlo looks so much fun to watch. And of course, Hangover 2. Can't miss that one.


  20. Keira-- wow, that is quite a story! that would be such a cool story to tell your son when he's older. :)

    Pia-- i really should finish the book!

    Rebecca-- aw, you're welcome!!!

    Signe-- thanks! i hope you're enjoying yours too!

    xWHLo-- i hope you are having a good one too!

    Erika-- i love emma roberts too!

    Stephanie-- thanks! and it really is the end of an era! i think i'll be crying after the movie. ;)

    dblchin-- haha, same!

    LCR-- the movie looks amazing! and rob pattinson is actually a good actor (based on the trailer). ;)

    K.-- haha, i know! that is the most i've spent on a lipstick! ;)

    Sundresses and Smiles-- same here!

    Bree-- you're welcome!

    christine-- it is absolutely okay! i am obsessed too! ;)

    Rinz-- aw, haha! who knows, he might like it. ;)

    Marie-- haha, she knows now. ;)

    Carrie-- haha, i think monte carlo looks like a really good feel-good movie. :)

  21. Nice post, thanks for sharing! Love HP!

  22. Gotta love HP!! I can't wait for the finale!! ;) I'm sad that it's really ending but I'm still so excited to see it!!

    And wow... I mean, I read a few articles and stuff online about Water for Elephants when I heard of it but that trailer caught me off guard. Not what I expected at all. It looks far more interesting than I thought it would be! Can't wait for that too..

  23. Great post!!!! can't wait for the hangover part 2!! I hate second parts cause their never as good as the first one but i can't really miss it jajajaja
    xxx so

  24. definitely looking forward to harry potter and the hangover 2! i did love Idle Hands back in the day.

  25. I’m so excited to see The Hangover 2!

    Scream 4 looks so funny! Another must see movie when it comes out.

    My hubby and I are planning to watch Arthur next weekend! Can’t wait! Looks hilarious!

    Love you answers for the tag! The 1st one was so funny! That’s why my room was off limits to my little sis LOL.

  26. I also grew up watching the Scream movies - looking forward to seeing how this turns out :)

  27. Hey Mimi..long time no hear :)
    so how's your weekend?
    It's good to be back again and reading your stuff. weekend was hectic and amazing. Went to F1 and watch the race. Fantastic !!

  28. I cant wait to see the Hangover 2. It sounds so cool. Hope you had a great weekend, darling. Kisses

    Happy Monday
    Ps: I’m hosting a super cute Ruche GIVEAWAY later today! Hope you’ll join in :)

  29. I want to watch all of them! specially Scream 4!!!!!!!!!!


  30. I'll probably go see Water for Elephants. It was an absolutely beautifully written book and Christpher Waltz as August is absolute perfection.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

  31. Moniek-- love HP too!

    raeny-- you're right, it does look way more interesting than i thought at first. ;)

    So-- haha, yeah, so true, but i'm hoping this one will be funny too. :)

    Cheryl-- haha, yeah, idle hands... ;)

    Dizzy-- hahaha, i guess little sisters have knack for doing that. ;)

    Jenni-- :D

    SewPetiteGirl-- same!

    Tiq-- hiii! glad to hear from you! my weekend has been okay. i hope yours was good too! :D

    Diana-- thanks for letting me know! will definitely join in! :D

    Sick by Trend-- yay for scream 4!!!

    Melanie-- he does look perfect for august's role! :D

  32. Mimi! These trailers were so much fun to watch. I just previewed all of them and I want to see all of them!! Thanks so much. They put a smile on my face too. You've got great taste in movies and make-up!

    Wishing you a wonderful day sweetie!

  33. Reese-- you're very welcome, and i am happy i made you smile! thank you!!! :D

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