Thursday, December 13, 2012

Home: Warming Winter Decor

Happy Thursday!!! :)

The past couple of days have been really cold (Nope, I am not complaining, I actually love it, haha!), and it got me thinking ahead about winter home decor... Fortunately, Catherine sent me an article talking all about Warming Winter Decor, and of course, I have to share this with you guys! :D

Warming Winter Decor

 Even with the heating turned up, a house can still feel chilly if décor is dull and cold. Making an interior space feel warm and welcoming doesn’t require a complete overhaul or pricey renovation. Instead, create a welcoming atmosphere by adding a few key pieces to your home this winter. The run-up to Christmas can get busy, so look online for home accessories and have items delivered hassle-free to your door. Homeshopping at offers a great selection of homeware, so you can get your house looking and feeling cosy before the Christmas rush begins!

 Comfortable Cushions For Your Sofa -

Burgundy walls and a tan/light couch combo

 Any sofa or chair – especially those in neutral tones – can instantly be made more comfortable and stylish by adding a throw and some cushions. Choose from a colour palette of rich winter tones: think burgundy, rust and maroon, and opt for fabrics like wool which are great for retaining warmth. Cushions should fit your colour scheme; though avoid making these too matchy-matchy. Try different textures, such as silk or satin, which add contrast. Metallics reflect light brilliantly and add a touch of glamour to your sofa – gold will complement a brown-toned throw perfectly. 

 Snug As A Rug -

 I just want that white sheepskin rug.

 A new rug is an ideal way to conserve heat in a room, injecting style whilst also saving on your heating bill!
Coordinate a rug with your throw and pillows to create a strong colour scheme and prevent your room from looking too cluttered. Alternatively, a white sheepskin rug is the ultimate in cosy chic and will work well with most existing interior schemes.

Light Up Your Room -

Antiqued Silver Glass Taper Candle HoldersFairy lights in hallway

 Lighting can easily add ambience to a living or dining room. Tapered candles on a dining table are a classic look for a dinner party and will complete a festive table. Choose candleholders in metallic tones, which will catch and reflect flickering candlelight. If you’re hosting friends or family with children, candles are not the safest option, so use fairy lights instead. To avoid making your room look untidy, opt for plain white bulbs. Drape over a mantelpiece or bookshelf and add sprigs of fresh green foliage and holly for a truly festive feel.

  Winter Wonderland

By adding a few small touches to your home this season, your interiors will be made to feel welcoming and warm.
Shop online to create your winter wonderland quickly and stress-free!

***images from Pinterest***

A big thanks to Catherine for this wonderful article!
I am so excited for winter and for Christmas! :)

What do you guys think of these Warming Winter Decor tips?
Have you started decorating your home for winter/ the holidays?

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! :D


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  1. I love the one that has stars and lights hanging from the ceiling :)lovely!

    hope you come visit my blog too xo

    1. i love that one too, so pretty! :D

  2. I love the photo with the lights and stars. And the last one too. Both are so beautiful. Oh and I wish I had a snuggly rug. I decorated my home for Christmas right after Thanksgiving. My favorite item is the star lights I strung across my front porch. They look so beautiful all bright and shining at night.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    1. oooooh, i can only imagine how beautiful that is! :D

  3. I fell in love with the picture with the stars and lights hanging from the ceiling!! It looks so magical!!

  4. I'm wrapping my gifts tonight so this post really inspires me!

  5. That rug looks so comfy, mimi!

    --Olivia :)

  6. I love home decor, I often see myself buying things
    when I don't really even have my 'own place' lol

    That white rug looks so cozy and warm!

    I love the lights and the stars hanging from the ceiling, beautiful <3

    1. no worries, i do that too, haha! ;)

  7. Lovely home decor, I am inspired! xoxo

  8. nice idea for your home

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  9. love this mimi! i have a white sheepskin rug in my dressing room and it really makes the room look extra luxe! love it :) my little fur baby loves curling up on it and taking a nap hehe!

    1. i would love to take a nap on a sheepskin rug as well, haha! ;)

  10. I love these tips, thanks for sharing them. It's super simple to do.

  11. Great post, I really love all of the living room inspiration!

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  12. very soft rug!

  13. I just want to run my feet over that gorgeous white rug! Looks so soft and beautiful.

    1. same here! i actually want to grab a blanket and pillow and sleep on that rug, haha! ;)

  14. Christmas lights make everything so pretty!

  15. Lovin these tips, girl! What a gorg rug!