Monday, July 18, 2011

Forever 21: Style Scrapbook - Vintage Romance

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and I hope that your week started out well. :)

Last week, I went to the mall with my friends (yup, besides watching Harry Potter, hitting the mall is the highlight of my summer, haha!). We looked around our favorite stores (Forever21 and H&M, of course!) and some new-ish stores that we don't normally go to (Cotton On -- separate post, maybe?).

I was able to take two photos while at Forever21... I got way too busy looking at all the clothes, shoes, and accessories, haha. ;)

I could stay there for hours! ;P

My best friend and I both want a fascinator (haha!), and we were trying to see if Forever21 had a fascinator-type hair clip or something (they didn't), but they did have fedoras!

Here's one I liked. At $9.80, I think it's a good buy. :)

You'd think I got my Forever21 fix for the week, right? Nope, I had to check out their website too! ;)

They are featuring a collection from Los Angeles Stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn. The collection is called Style Scrapbook - Vintage Romance. "Vintage Romance" sounds so pretty, right? They named their collection perfectly because the pieces are pretty, and definitely the type of clothes I would love to wear!

Here are some that I loooooved:

Crocheted Lace Dress ($27.80)

It looks so simple from the front, huh?

What I really liked about this is the back!

Applique Chiffon Dress ($22.80)

I love the applique! And you can style this dress in different ways.

Sleeveless Trench Coat ($27.80)

I love trench coats, but we rarely get the chance to wear them here in L.A. Sleeveless trench coat = genius!

Linen Blend Career Jacket ($29.90)

This linen jacket is light - it can be worn for Fall, Winter, and Spring.
For Fall, I'd wear it with skinny jeans, a cute top, and pumps. For Winter, layer it up! For Spring, I'd wear it the same way the model is wearing it, or perhaps with a floral dress? :)

Flower Print Shorts ($17.80)

Oh gosh, don't even get me started with those shorts. I saw a loooottt of shorts with cute prints at Forever21! Aaaaah, I wanted to buy them all!

A-Line Lace Skirt ($14.80)

I've also been on the lookout for lace shorts (I loved Emma Watson's shorts from her Lancome shoot)! But then, isn't this skirt pretty? I love that it's A-Line and that it's way above the knee so it won't make my legs look short. ;)

Braided Rope and Serpentine Necklace ($8.80)

At $8.80, this necklace is pretty cheap, don't you think?
At first look, I thought it would be about $10 or so. This necklace can dress up your outfit, and it also comes in a gold/black combo.

Pointed Leatherette Flats ($22.80)

These are versatile - you can wear them with shorts, skirts, or dresses. :)

*Sigh* That was nice -- shopping without spending a dime. ;)

Have you bought anything recently? Which of these pieces did you like the best?

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  1. Ahh . . . so excited!! Hopefully I will be able to Harry Potter this week. I haven't been to f21 in a while i kinda miss it lol I love that rope necklace so pretty!

  2. Diana-- yeah, i hope you get to see harry potter, it's amazing! and maybe stop by f21 too? ;)

  3. great post hon!! adore those cream lace shorts those are so pretty!!

  4. I love the jacket!.. Can wait to go shopping tomorrow.. Hope I can find that lined jacket ^^ thank u

  5. Curves ahead makeup-- i love it too! :)

    Lisa-- thanks! and they are really pretty. :)

    Alx-- oooh, i hope you can find it too! :)

  6. I was just looking at the style scrapbook this morning =p
    I really like the sleeveless trench coat and flats!

  7. Love that store! Cute dresses!! Did you buy anything?? lol!

  8. Peiji-- aren't they just so cute?! :)

    Marie-- nope, i didn't buy anything from this collection. ;)

  9. i want that lace skirt! so pretty! Xx

  10. Miss Independent-- i want it too! :)

  11. i totally tried on that chiffon dress! it didn't fit me very nicely, but it was still pretty to look at! :) great post by the way. i'm off to check out F21's website now! i have store credit that needs to be used. haha


  12. SSDS-- aww, yeah, it's still nice to look at anyway, haha. but, yay for having store credit, shop away! :D

  13. I love that trench coat, and that lace dress my god so pretty!

    Forever21 stores here are huge so I don't even know where to begin once I set foot. There are just so many things inside, it's insane!

    candid phobic

  14. omg I went to the new F21 at SCP a couple weeks ago and spent almost 3 whole hours in there! Hope you got some good stuff! Love the crochet dress!

    xx Vivian @

  15. Thanks for your comment ! I love forever 21 too

  16. like it! :)

    If you want, follow me and I'll follow you back. :)

  17. Hi Mimi! Wow, these are gorgeous! Lovin' those dresses. :) xx

  18. I LOVE the Braided Rope and Serpentine Necklace! Honestly, I would live in a Forever 21 store if allowed!! :P

  19. What a choice! I looove that shoes on a-line skirt photo. Speaking of laces, that lace dress is something I would definitely buy (and I probably will) :)


  20. i definitely like the serpentine necklace and i think the fedora is a good buy too.

  21. I can find a million things I like online, but when I visit the store I never find anything. Maybe because ours look like a bunch of Justin Bieber fans had a romp in it.

  22. ooo i luv it~~~especially the first dress~~~very pretty and chic~~~


  23. I agree with Nikki, the F21 online shopping experience always tends to be better for me than actually going into the shop.

  24. I love F21! We have a huge store in West Edmonton Mall (the biggest mall in Canada) and sometimes it's so overwhelming to go in there because there is so much to look through! It's like 5 stores in one!

  25. Awesome blog! Loved the career jacket look, and those floral shorts! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, too! Can't wait to see more :)

    xoxo Eva @

  26. I haven't been to Forever in forever! lol. Love the 2 lacey pieces. :)

  27. Shopping without spending a dime - I like it! Love the trench coats.

  28. Dianne-- it really is insane, but a crazy kind of insane. ;)

    Vivian-- those three hours must've gone by in a flash! ;)

    Michelle-- :D

    DailyGlamour-- :D

    Sara-- i'll definitely stop by your blog!

    Valerie-- hi! aren't they awesome? :)

    ellie-- yup! :)

    Erika-- oh my gosh, me too!!!

    ML-- i'm sure it'll look fab on you! :)

    Cheryl-- it really is. good quality at an affordable price. :)

    Nikki-- aww. but i do find a lot of cute stuff online... i wonder why.

    Jessy-- :D

    Amber Blue Bird-- some items online are probably not available in store?

    Marie-- oh my gosh, that place sounds amazing!!! i wanna go there. :)

    Eva-- aww, you're very welcome!

    Jaime-- haha! i hope you get to go soon. ;)

    Krystal-- online shopping? :)

    Audrey-- :D

    Kavery-- i like it too! :)

  29. I LOVE FOREVER 21! It is honestly the best store everrrrr. :D I am loving those lace dresses. I really want one. *sigh*


  30. love all of these! wasn't Harry Potter great? I fee like such a little kid, but I loved it!

  31. Carrie-- i want one too! ;)

    Haley-- yes, harry potter was great! :D

  32. That hat and the beaded necklace are so fab!! might need to do a F21 run soon.

  33. Tamra-- i love f21 runs! :)

  34. Great finds! Especially the lace skirt and flowered shorts.


  35. LOVE the first white dress and rope necklace! Both are gorg!!

  36. Agreed. Forever 21 is like crack. You go in and it's so hard to leave! My fiance refuses to go in with me - he goes to the food court instead because he knows I'll be at least an hour looking at everything. lol Very cool post :)

  37. Bad Joan-- glad you liked them! :)

    natasha-- love them too! :D

    Isabella-- hahaha, true! and thanks, glad you liked it! :)

  38. Gahhh I love Forever21 too! :) "Vintage Romance" sounds so sweet! <3

    OMG, I pretty much want all of these. I am obsessed with florals and lace! :D

    xoxo, Bree

  39. Oh, Mimi... you are making me wanna rush to F21 and shop!

    I want the first dress and trench -- perfect for L.A..;D

    ***** Marie *****

  40. Bree-- i agree! doesn't the name sound so awesome? :)

    Marie-- they are, aren't they?! i thought so too. :D

  41. I just adore everything! kudos to you for not spending a dime, I couldn't do it 8)

  42. Dizzy-- hahaha, thanks! ;)