Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Fireworks

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Okay, so it's 7:42pm as I am typing this... it's already Thursday in some places, but it's still Wednesday here, so that counts as Wedding Wednesday, right?

Haha, anyway... I was looking through, and I saw photos of couples enjoying fireworks display on their wedding day. I think it's cool to have fireworks, and it is also an excellent photo opportunity! ;)

I think I definitely want to have fireworks when I get married in the distant future, haha. ;)

What do you think of having fireworks on your wedding day?

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  1. I think YES!! Why not!! I love that idea

  2. Romantic and fun but not for me. Thanks for sharing the pictures, my sisters would love these.;D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Lindsay-- yay! :D

    Marie-- you're welcome! :)

  4. So pretty!! Me and my Husband wanted fireworks at our wedding, but weren't able to have them. boo. It was still perfect without them though :)


  5. Lynnette-- aw, but yes i'm sure your wedding day was perfect! i think just the meaning of the day makes everything perfect. :D

  6. Oh so lovely.... And I agree, I definitely want fireworks on my wedding day (someday)! They're like the icing on a very sweet cake in my opinion. ;)

    Very sweet pictures BTW! Makes me wanna get married right this second! Haha

  7. Fireworks on your wedding day? That would be magical!

  8. If you're gonna have fireworks on your wedding day..that would be the way I'd want them instead of a bad family situations with the in-laws.

  9. Oh, I so love the idea of using fireworks for weddings! :)

  10. Beautiful photos! I think fireworks are a cool idea.

  11. I've always thought it would be cool to have a 4th of July wedding!

  12. i actually just wrote a wedding post today--all about shoes. i think fireworks would be great at an outdoor wedding!

  13. And it's even a day ahead in new Zealand. What about fireworks in New Zealand?

  14. About a week ago I watched "My Best Friends Wedding" for about the 100th time. It is one of my favorite movies. I find the scene stunning when they driving away after the wedding. I have decided I want that on my wedding day.

  15. Lovely photos, very festive!
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  16. that would be cute to have fireworks on your wedding night!! def look amazing in photos!

  17. I think if the location and theme are right, fireworks turn out amazing! But, obviously, you wouldn't necessarily want them at say...a woodsy wedding. These pictures are beautiful though!

  18. Sounds like a good idea. I can see you are a romantic!!

  19. Raeny-- haha, it's definitely fun to daydream about our dream weddings. :)

    Rachel-- it would, wouldn't it? :)

    ellie-- haha, true true! ;)

    Erika-- me too! :)

    Marie-- i think the photos are beautiful too! :)

    Leeann-- i think that's cool too, but i don't know how i feel about getting married on my birthday, haha. ;)

    Cheryl-- oooh, i'm gonna check that out! :)

    About Last Weekend-- i think that would be beautiful! :)

    Sunny&Star-- i have to watch that movie again! :)

    Venus In Virgo-- thanks for the code! :)

    Pop Champagne-- yes, imagine all the beautiful photos! :)

    Mugdha-- yes, very good point! :)

    Rinz-- thanks! :)

    Kavery-- haha, yes, i think i am. ;)

  20. Ok now i have to go tell the husband that i want to get married again and this time with fireworks. So romantic I LOVE IT! (this will be the 3rd time we get hicked lol)

  21. Aww this is such a beautiful post. I definitely want fireworks in my wedding! These photographers are awesome.


  22. Keira-- aww, haha! if you do have a ceremony again, why not have fireworks, right? ;)

    Carrie-- yeah, it's amazing how they captured those fireworks! :)

    Curves ahead makeup-- :D

  23. This is a great idea! :D I love fireworks. <3
    These photos are presh.

    xoxo, Bree

  24. I would totally love fireworks at my wedding :D That would be soooo romantic! :D


  25. Wow, they look very pretty! Long, long ago, fireworks were used to ward off evil spirits. Likewise, in the New Years or similar, they become a great symbol for new beginnings, such as the start of life as husband and wife.

    So congrats to that!
    -Kindra Leomiti

  26. Kindra-- yeah, i like that it has such a nice symbolic meaning!