Friday, January 6, 2012

I want...


My sister and I got these donuts a couple of weeks ago.
We went walking, so we decided to treat ourselves after, haha!
I know I know, that totally defeats the purpose, but I have this belief that we should eat what we want when we want to (in moderation, of course!). ;)


Yum! I think I'm gonna have to get donuts later/tomorrow (it's 2:22am, haha!)...

Do you like donuts? Which kind do you like?

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  1. I used to love donuts but I became wheat intolerant about 8 years ago and I can't eat them any more :( I got food envy reading your post! xx

  2. I've been craving donuts lately! We have this awesome place in our neighborhood that makes home made donuts that are to die for. I also think walking and donuts should go hand in hand. :)

  3. This is cruel temptation! Just after all that lovely food over the holidays too! Thanks for visiting my blog - am now following yours...

  4. Ah donuts!!! My favorite are Boston Cream Donuts!

  5. Thankfully, I don't like donuts. Krispy Kreme used to be close by. I'm glad they make great coffee.

  6. i love donuts!!! especially those coated with oreos!!!

  7. Ohhh yum. My favs are plain ole' glazed!

  8. Oh honey don't tempt me I'm trying not to eat rubbish! I hope you enjoyed them though! XxxX

  9. yep, i love donuts but only the plain ones, i always buy those sugar glazed.

  10. Donuts are dangerous for me haha, enjoy!

  11. ou i really should stay away from these but the sprinkled ones FOR SURE!

  12. My mouth is watering, I loooove donuts and these look amazing! I love the choc kind with custard :) I think we should eat what we want in moderation to. YUM!

  13. Love donuts! Definitely believe in treating yourself every once in a while!


  14. OMG Mimi! Now I am craving for donuts!! :P I haven't had them in awhile and when I was in school my friends and I would share a big box of them and not feel guilty about it :P I tend to lean towards those white sugar coated with center fillings but chocolate or peanut butter ones are delish too!! Oh I think I might have to stop at a donut shop soon :P


  15. YUMMY I am a donut lover for sure ;)

  16. I am a big fan of donuts! i love them. my favorite kind would probably be chocolate with the chocolate glaze and sprinkles. but i'll eat any kind. ;p


  17. Donuts are so bad for me. Yet, I still like blueberry muffins more.

    cool foodie post.

  18. omg its 11:51 PM right now and as I'm reading this post I'm planning on where I should get donuts for sick am i??? lmao!!!!!

    xo Jackie

  19. Feelix-- aww, so sorry to hear that!

    coco-- :D

    Sarah-- ooooh, homemade donuts sound delicious!

    FairyFiligree-- haha. ;) you’re welcome and thanks for following!

    Café Moka-- ooooh, those sound yummy!

    Ellie-- it would be amazing to have a krispy kreme nearby, haha. ;)

    Femme Virtue-- oooh, yum!

    Aimee-- plain old glazed donuts are indeed yummy!

    Second Hand Rose-- haha, sorry I have this picture to tempt you. ;)

    Shineyglam-- those are delicious as well!

    SassyAgapi-- haha, thanks! ;)

    Yiqin-- :D

    Rachel-- I like the one with custard too!

    Bad Joan-- glad you think so too!

    a!k0-- I love sharing donuts and other baked goodies with my friends too! ;)

    Adriana-- :D

    Carrie-- aaaahhh, chocolate glaze!

    Meg-- thanks! My sister loves blueberry muffins. ;)

    Jackie-- hahaha, don’t worry, you’re not alone! ;)

  20. I love donuts! My favorite has to be the one with strawberry filling, yum! =)

    --Olivia :)

  21. Olivia-- i'm not much of a fan of the strawberry filling, but i do like the ones with a custard filling. :)

  22. Oh man,I have been craving donuts for some reason lately..I guess I should be,it's been at least 2 years since I last ate them!I've had donuts only twice in my life,'m gluten-intolerant.But I can still remember the first donut I ate at least 7 years friend bought it for me at the local Saturday Farmer's market,and it was sooo good.I liked it better than the bakery ones I had later.I did see some gluten free donuts at a few stores recently,so I might cave in and see how I like those! :)

  23. Jennifer Vance-- ooooh, donuts from the farmers market are delicious! and i heard some gluten-free donuts are actually good, let me know what you think when you give them a try! :)

  24. I had donuts this morning! I love the one with chocolate glaze and peanuts!:)

    Love, Belle

  25. I'm not a big fan of donuts, but when I do eat it, I like the coffee kind. :)

    Lots of love, B
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  26. Bree-- i've actually never tried the coffee kind, i should try that soon! ;)