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Travel: Top 10 Cities for 2012

Happy Saturday!!!

For our first Travel post of the year, I thought I'd share with you guys Lonely Planet's list of top 10 cities to visit for 2012... ready for our trip? ;)

1. London, England -

Tower Bridge and the River Thames at night - London, Greater London' England

London has been in the news a lot last year (with the royal wedding and all), but 2012 is an even bigger year for this wonderful city -- London is playing host for the 2012 Olympics. To add to that, they are also celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! This is gonna be one busy year for London.

2. Muscat, Oman

Fishing boats moored in south Muscat.

Oman's capital city has expanded to attract international visitors -- museums, resorts, luxury accommodation, designer outlets, aquatic activities, and Old Town souks. Now, doesn't that sound like the best of both worlds?!

3. Bangalore, India -

Workers on lawn outside the Vidhana Soudha, which houses the state legislature.

Dubbed "the capital of cool", Bangalore has a lot to offer -- the best brews, delicious cuisines, arts and music, and a hip population. And you don't have to worry about traffic... they have a new, high-speed Metro network!

4. Cádiz, Spain -

Beach scene on Costa de la Luz.

Cádiz is the first European city to be named the Ibero-American Capital of Culture. You can have a peaceful day sitting in a cafe in one of their town squares, or you can take part in February's carnival -- 10 days of drinking, singing, and dancing!

5. Stockholm, Sweden

A view of the island of Stadsholmen, the heart of central Stockholm.

All the buzz about the American adaptation of the Swedish novel, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, has brought a lot of attention to Sweden's capital city. Stockholm is described as "cozy yet cosmopolitan, wilfully alternative and effortlessly picturesque". Some things this beautiful city has to offer? Bohemian bars, trendy design shops, stately parks, and a life experience that will stay with you forever.

6. Guimarães, Portugal

Fountain in Largo do Toural park.

The northern Portugal city of Guimarães is "a beguiling tangle of medieval, red-roofed, colonnaded buildings, punctuated by awe-inspiring mansions and palaces, and centred on a spikily crenellated castle". It has also been named the European Capital of Culture of 2012.
Isn't that photo just beautiful?!

7. Santiago, Chile

Dusk lights over traffic and Iglesia Catedral of Santiago.

Another country that's been on the news is Chile; however, it's for completely different reasons than London's royal wedding or Sweden's internationally-acclaimed novel -- Chile faced an 8.8-magnitude earthquake and 33 miners were rescued after being trapped for days. The amazing thing is how Chile survived through both crises, and came out as an exhilarating tourist spot.

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island skyline & Victoria Harbour at dusk from Victoria Peak.

Hong Kong is marching towards full democracy with rallies infused with singing, dancing, poetry, and theatrics. Ride a ferry and admire their gorgeous skyline, go to a wet market, visit a temple, go to galleries, have fun at a bar, explore walled villages, go hiking... and please, please, please go shopping and eat eat eat! ;)

9. Orlando, Florida (USA)

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

Orlando is hosting the 61st NBA All-Star Weekend, so that's sure to bring tons of sports fans to town. But really, even without that, Orlando has been bringing in tons of people over the years... Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios Orlando, Harry Potter World, anyone?

10. Darwin, Australia

Drinking in the beer garden of the Darwin water-ski club at sunset - Darwin, Northern Territory

What to do in a city called Darwin? Have fun in Waterfront Precinct -- they have a wave pool, bars, and eateries. Visit Mindil Beach Sunset Market's food stalls, watch the sun set into the Timor Sea, or buy some indigenous art to take home with you. Fun, right?!

Oh gosh, if only traveling doesn't cost a lot of money, I would definitely visit all ten cities!

Out of these ten cities, I've only been to Hong Kong... I know, it's an outrage that I live in America, but I've never been to Orlando! Haha, just kidding, it's quite far from California...

Anyways, if I had to choose, I'm gonna have to pick London because I've always wanted to go there... and Orlando because c'mon, it's the closest to me, haha!

Have you been to any of these ten cities? Do you live or have you lived in any of them?
Which one would you like to visit the most?

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Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I want to go to all these cities! I think that Orlando and London would be my picks, too - the Olympics and Harry Potter World!!

  2. Dree-- haha yes, the olympics + harry potter world = winner! ;)

  3. London is amazing of course(I may be slightly bias...)!

    I'd really love to visit Santiago, Chile - it looks beautiful.


  4. I went to London three times last year. I hope to find time to travel there this year as well. For me definitely the number one! - not during Olympia though, that might be a madness! ;D


  5. Oh, I know how you feel, I'd like to visit them all! They're all wonderful, my favorite would be London and Stockholm, they are however, "the closest" to me, although they're reeeeaally far away haha-they're the closest because I live in Europe(near Italy). I've never been to any of these cities but would so love to! And you know, once you're in Europe, it doesn't have to be expensive, you can always find cheap flights like at from europe to europe!), cheap motels, transport, and you can get student card like ISIC(International Student Identity Card) to get discounts in shops, motels, museums and transport! Only that the airplane ticket from the States to Europe costs a lot! There really are a looot of different ways to get through a lot cheaper :))
    You should definetely visit Europe, it's worth every cent! :D
    Dolly, xo
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  6. i would love to go visit all these places someday, especially europe!

  7. Wow. Spain, Portugal and Hong Kong stand out the most to me on the list. Can you imagine doing a tour of all ten in a row?! Amazing.

  8. I really want to go to London ^^

    Take part in a Giveaway on my blog!) You can win a lipgloss or a nail polish =)

  9. incredible photos!! very inspiring :))

  10. Well I am going to go to London this year so I will be able to cross that one off the list. The only one I have actually gone to is Darwin (I am from Australia) This post makes it sound lovely but in reality it is not very exciting (especially compared to the others listed!) I have travelled most of my country and if anyone was going to travel all the way to Australia there would be many MANY places better to go to - Sydney for one, Melbourne, the Great Barrier Reef, Darwin would be waaaay down the list of priorities!

  11. I would like to visit all those cities! But at the moment London would be my first pick, too!

  12. I am from Germany but I'd love to visit Florida! I am totally in love with the USA
    I've already been in LA and Vegas and I really love the people and their culture!
    greetings from Munich <3

  13. From this list I have been to London and Cádiz.
    I'd visit them again, immediately, and all of the other cities, too!

  14. That photo of Portugal is stunning. I want to go there! Hong Kong is definitely on my wishlist too. You are so lucky to have visited it :-)
    On this list I have been to London and Stockholm.

  15. Being English London is fun to visit, but I personally could not live there. Not for me, but many of my friends live there and love it. I'm sure 2012 is going to be a crazy crazy busy time for London too, I hope it manages!

    I've also been to Orlando 8 times and it's a great place, but I'm a big kid soo.....!

    From the list I'd love to go to Sweden - never been but I hear it's beautiful :)

  16. Its funny I see this on your blog because Im gettin holiday blues... wana go on holiday soon xxx

  17. I could take or leave Orlando, but yes please to the rest of them!

  18. beautybee-- i would really love to visit london soon! ;)

    Marcela-- aww, you're so lucky to have visited london three times! :) and yeah, it's probably gonna be crazy there during the olympics!

    Dolly-- i knoooow, tickets from here to europe are so expensive, but it's okay i think it's gonna be worth every cent too, haha. when i get the chance to go to europe, i'm gonna make it so i can visit a lot of countries. :)

    ellie-- yup! :)

    Femme Virtue-- aaahh, europe is my ultimate dream too!

    Sarah-- oh gosh, that would be a dream come true!

    Anna- so do i, haha! ;) thanks, i'll definitely join your giveaway!

    coco-- :D

    Maryam-- thanks!

    Belinda-- aww, yay for going to london! and thanks for sharing your thoughts on darwin with us -- firsthand experience is always the best!

    Miss L-- london just sounds so awesome, huh? ;)

    ialle-- awww, i'm so happy to hear that you love it here! i hope you get the chance to visit america again! :)

    Savvy Gal-- so interesting, huh? ;)

    Miu-- oooh, i think it's so cool that you've been to cadiz!

    Laura-- i'm so happy to have had the chance to visit hong kong, it was so much fun! :D

    Cailin.-- :D

    Sarah-- i'd love to try living in london, even for just a year, it would be so cool! ;) i'd love to visit sweden too!

    TzeYien89-- haha, i want to go on a vacation too!

    Meri-- hahaha, i'd love to visit these cities too!

  19. I would love to go to Orlando too, must visit those theme parks! London and Stockholm look amazing too!:)

    Love, Belle

  20. Belle-- i knoooow, i really want to visit all the orlando theme parks, haha. ;)

  21. cool list!
    i've been in London, Bangalore, Cadiz and Stockholm, can't wait to visit the rest!
    u have a great blog, drop by mine and follow me if you like it ;)
    kisses from Spain,

  22. Awesome blog dear.your an inspiration..i'm a follower now.hope u can take some time to share some love by following me back if u like.xoxox..hope to hear more from u soon.

  23. Oh man, I've only been to three of these places! But every one of them looks so cool!! I think Orlando (i.e. Harry Potter theme park) should be top of your list, by the way. =]

    p.s. my blog's back!

  24. They all seem fantastic!
    I've been to London and I miss it a lot!!

  25. really can't every single one!!!
    thank you for your lovely comment dear...your blog is following you...hope you keep in touch too!!!

    a kiss from the

  26. I would LOVE to go to ANY and ALL of these places! :) That picture of Hong Kong is breathtaking! Love the lights.

  27. Great list! I am soooo eager to visit Australia - have never been!

  28. Wow, those pictures are so pretty, but more amazing than the pictures are the years. I would love to travel this new year more too, at least visiting 2 or 3 of those places.


  29. Great list! Hong Kong is def on mine also!


  30. SUGAR LANE-- wow, you are quite the traveler. ;) thanks for stopping by my blog!

    mitchinheels-- aww, thanks! i really appreciate that. :D and i'll stop by your blog too!

    Mugdha-- haha, it's pretty high on my list. ;) and yay, glad to have you back!!!

    feH-- i would really love to visit london!

    cocobloggers-- aww, thanks for following! i'll visit your blog too. :)

    Recently Roached-- me too! i would loooove to visit any and all of them. ;)

    Katherine-- i've never been there either, and i would love to visit!

    Marley-- same here, i would love to travel this year. :)

    Mally-- it's such a fun place to visit!

  31. I've been to disney world, but i was so young that's why i can't remember much of it, lol. I think i have to go back. =)

    --Olivia :)

  32. Olivia-- awww, haha, but i bet you have pictures, right? ;)

  33. ooo, you're giving me the travel bug. I have only been to two of those places. I need to get going! x

  34. fashionsastranger-- me too, haha! ;)

  35. Oh gosh, I would just die if I can visit all of these cities! I've always been a travel bug so maybe in the near future I can. I've been to Hong Kong too! It's quite beautiful and rich in culture.

    By the way, I couldn't agree more with number 1! I am so living there soon!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  36. Bree-- i totally agree with you, hong kong is awesome! and yes, i definitely want to try living in london too! ;)

  37. This was an awesome tour Mimi! Some of these places surprised me. I think I've been to 60 per cent of these places. Travelling is an addiction!

    p.s. thanks for your wonderful holiday advice. I will have to make my own traditions. :-)

  38. Reese-- i looove looking at your travel photos! and you're very welcome! i'm sure you're gonna make your own amazing traditions. :D

  39. Wow, all of these places are beautiful! I would love to travel to each one of them someday. I've been to Hong Kong before. But I was still really little so I don't actually remember much.


  40. Carrie-- i think it's gonna be a whole different experience to visit hong kong now than it was when you were little! it's gonna be more fun! ;)

  41. I love Spain, the most beautiful country with a lot of attractions and rich culture.
    It is worth visiting
    Do not miss the chance to visit Madrid and Segovia and Toledo, I'd pick Segovia as it's relatively easy to combine it with a half-day in El Escorial or Avila, whereas Toledo is a little more isolated, to the south of Madrid.

    1. i would loooove to visit spain one day! thanks so much for your tips and recommendations!