Saturday, March 2, 2013

Anastasia of Beverly Hills: HYPERCOLOR™ Brow and Hair Powder

Happy Saturday!

I've been meaning to share this product with you guys for quite some time now, but I never seem to have the time... but this weekend, that will change because I am determined to get a lot of things done today, haha! ;)

Anastasia of Beverly Hills'

Wipe on, wash out hair and brow powder

Wipe on, wash out color. Instant Gratification.
Get an intense flash of color without dyeing, bleaching, or spending hours in the salon.


What it is:

For Hair - Intense wipe-on/wash-out hair color.
For Brows - Brush in brow color to match your hyper-style.

Why it's great:

Intensely colored powder is easy to apply to the hair and brows.
Provides an instant flash of neon color to any shade of hair without dyeing or bleaching.
Sets easily with hairspray and lasts until you wash it out.

Our friends over at Anastasia of Beverly Hills sent me some samples to review for you guys. :)

INTENSE color without dyeing or bleaching. Works on all hair colors. Most shades perfect for hair and brows.

My first reaction: WOW, these colors are GORGEOUS!!!
I love the bright, happy colors! :)

My friend has been wanting to do something new with her hair, but she's not sure what exactly to do with it.
Luckily, I got these cool hair powders, so she came over and we tried it on her hair...

Instructions for HYPER-HAIR and HYPER-BROW...

You are going to need:

- Anastasia of Beverly Hills HYPERCOLOR™ BROW AND HAIR POWDER
- Leave-in hair conditioner
- Hairspray
- Gloves
- Towel


It's really important to use gloves and a towel (make sure it's a towel you don't care so much about!) because it can get messy and the color will transfer into your hands or clothing.

1. PREP hair with a light application of glossing cream, styling wax, or leave-in conditioner.
2. SEPARATE your hair into sections.
3. APPLY color by sandwiching your hair in between your fingers or a cosmetic sponge and the HYPERCOLOR BROW & HAIR POWDER compact, gliding the color on.
4. SET with hairspray, spraying 10-12 inches away from your Hyper-Colored hair and misting lightly.


For first-timers, we were pretty happy with the result.

It just got a tad messy, but we had fun trying it out, haha! ;)
It might be a good idea if they included an applicator of some sort. We didn't use a cosmetic sponge as the instructions recommended, and we should've -- I definitely recommend going that route. 

The process sounds easy enough to do, but it was quite hard to actually apply the color into the hair.
The powder goes everywhere (haha!)... I'm thinking it would be easier if it's in liquid form.
I guess it takes time and practice to get it just right.

It only lasted through the night -- when she woke up, the color was pretty much gone.

My friend and I also agreed that it looks better on long wavy hair. ;)

A close-up look...

They are available in five gorgeous colors:

1. Teal Tornado -

2. In The Pink -

3. Mega Watt Green -

4. Ultra Violet -

5. Electric Blue -

Price: $12.50 each

If you have some extra money to spare and if you want to try something new, these are definitely the products to reach for!
They are not for everyone, but if you love these colors and this kind of thing, then you will love this!

The HYPERCOLOR™ Brow and Hair Powders and other Anastasia of Beverly Hills products are available at all Sephora stores and online at

What do you guys think? Is this something you might want to try?
Have you ever bought anything from Anastasia of Beverly Hills before?

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to March!
Happy Weekend!!! :D


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  1. Ahhh, how cool is this? I love the colors. So bright and pretty. This would be so perfect for summer!!! :D

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    1. i really love the colors too! and yes, this is perfect for summer! :D

  2. OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGG this is AMAZING! i've been thinking for the longest time that i wanted to dye the ends of my hair pink or lavender but i just haven't done it because i'm scared i'll look like a teletubbie or something hahahahaha. i might just have to get this just to test it out to know if i want to go the permanent route! this is so awesome!

    1. hi lisa! this is THE perfect way to see if that's really what you want. :) it's temporary, so if you don't like it, you can just easily wash it off. but i honestly think it's gonna look great on your long hair. :)

  3. Thats a very nice post
    thanks for sharing!

  4. I think this is so cute. I love the color hair trend. It would definitely be something I would interested in trying. The colors in this collection are very pretty.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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    1. i'm so happy you think so! if you want to try the colored hair tips trend, you will love this! :)

  5. Great post! I have always wondered how those would look!

    xo Ally

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  6. I love colour on hair!
    not on myself though ><
    This looks like a lot of fun.
    It will definitely come in handy for Halloween :p

    1. hi peiji!!! :D i love it too, but i'm not sure if it'll look good on me. but yup, this will be perfect for halloween! ;)

  7. I've been wanting to do this for so long. I love these vibrant colors.

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  8. very cute! and happy anniversary!!

  9. How fun! I love this! Thanks for sharing.