Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chicnova: Yellow Slouchy Batwing Jumper

Happy Sunday!

I have a ton of outfit posts to write for you guys -- this week got really busy, my blog posting schedule got a little bit backed up, haha! But no worries, I will try to get them all done ASAP! ;)

Let's start off my series of outfit posts with this yellow sweater I received from Chicnova...

Featuring a soft knitted fabric, scoop neckline, batwing styling with long length ribbed cuffs, in a relaxed slouchy style.

This is how I wore my sweater:

First things first: Yes, it's not as bright as the sweater pictured on their website... But, the color is beautiful nonetheless. ;)

I wore it for a day of walking around the mall -- shopping, job hunting, and eating out with my sister.
It was an unusually cool California summer day, so it was perfect for the weather. Because it's a slouchy style with a scoop neckline, it wasn't stifling = perfect!


I love shirts/sweaters that are long enough to cover your bum -- that is very important to me, haha! ;)

By the way, I wore my hair on a side braid and I wore my fedora hat (more on that on a separate post)!

Scoop Neckline

Again, not stifling even on a summer day!

Ribbed Cuff/Sleeve

Can roll it up or roll it down...

Batwing Style

I love how it's so flowy and slouchy!

I wore it with my trusty Forever 21 denim jeans -- I've had these jeans since high school! ;)

Pairing this slouchy sweater with sleek skinny jeans balances out the look, but it also looks great with shorts and leggings.

Oh, hello there, Michael Kors sandals, we meet again!
I've been wearing these sandals everywhere lately... you guys have seen them on a couple of my posts, haha!

By the way, I'm really shy about my feet, I feel like they look weird... I hope this picture is okay to look at!

My accessories:

I wore this gold necklace I bought from Shopbop.

I sported some arm candy again:
My gold New York & Company watch with a crystal bracelet my friend gave me for my 18th birthday...

Plus some more bracelets...

Oh, and SinfulShine™ with Gel Tech™ Nail Polish in Blue Suede Shoes on my nails! ;)

Gold Ralph Lauren earrings and my fedora hat...
Okay, seriously guys, this fedora hat is one of the best things I ever bought -- I will talk more about this hat of mine on a separate post! ;)

Lastly, my Michael Kors bag and gold aviator sunglasses to complete the outfit!

The Yellow Slouchy Batwing Jumper is currently sold out, but Chicnova has a ton of other amazing stuff, so please do check them out here.

You can also keep up to date with them through FacebookTwitterPinterestTumblrPolyvore, and their blog.

What do you think of this yellow sweater from Chicnova?
Have you bought anything from them before?

***More outfit posts to come, so please stay tuned!***


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  1. Such a fun outfit. Love the nail polish with the yellow sweater. Definitely, a sweet outfit!

  2. You look adorable! I think the batwing style looks really good on you, and those are some excellent accessories!!

  3. i love these Yellow Slouchy Batwing Jumper. looks so cool on you.

  4. Beautiful look!
    Especially loving the crystal bracelet!


  5. What a fantastic colour and it looks so cute on you, darling.

  6. I just love how casual and low-key this top is - so perfect for a relaxing weekend. Also pertinent...loving your hat and earrings! :)

    1. it's definitely very casual and low-key! :D

  7. I love the slouchy causal comfy top! :D Bright colors are beautiful to.
    Btw I love the necklace too!

    Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin

    with love, Cassandra xx

    1. yay, thanks, glad you love the necklace too! :D

  8. super cute on you hon!! so perfect for summery love the bright color!!!

  9. You're right about the color, Mimi. Even though it isn't as bright, it's still pretty!

    Love, Belle

  10. I gotta tell ya, girl, my fedora hat is also my fave! It goes with pretty much everything!!

    1. haha, i really love mine too! and yup, it goes with almost every outfit! ;)

  11. oh wow, the color is so beautiful!!! and i like how it's over-sized. i love over-sized sweaters! :D


    1. i love over-sized sweaters too! they're just so comfy! :D

  12. I love your style, it looks comfortable and is really Summer-ish <3
    and I don't think anything is weird with your feet, really! :D