Monday, August 5, 2013

What's New: Cuchini

Hey, guys!
How's August treating you? I hope it's going well! :D

While I hope summer can last a bit longer, there's no denying that there's a definite chill in the mornings now, and that can only mean one thing... Fall is slowly creeping up on us! Before beach and pool days come to an end though, I just wanted to share a new innovative product with you guys: Cuchini.

First off, here's a little something about Cuchini:

After years of using various homemade versions of the Cuchini to prevent camel toe in bikinis, yoga pants and other form fitting clothing, it occurred to us that other women must be experiencing this fashion faux pas known as camel toe as well. Not only were we correct that these women would welcome a quick remedy to simplify what used to require MacGyver type solutions, but we also continue to gain popularity in markets we never originally contemplated. -- Kelly and Christy, Cuchini Co-Fouders

Cuchini is rapidly becoming an international brand through word of mouth. 
They are continuously striving to create new product lines to help their loyal fans with their fashion needs.

The Cuchini -

The Cuchini is a reusable, lightweight, and comfortable pad that adheres to undergarments and clothing with clear, double-sided fashion tape to eliminate what is commonly known as camel toe.

Price: $16.95 -- Very reasonably priced, in my opinion!

Directions For Use:
Place the Cuchini Pad into bikini, lingerie, yoga pants, sports attire, jeans, or any form-fitting clothing... For secure placement, double sided fashion tape is included.

Care Instructions:
Gently hand wash the Cuchini with mild detergent and allow to air dry before use. 
You may also machine wash the Cuchini in a lingerie bag on gentle cycle.

Here is a Before and After picture from

Having a camel toe has got to be one of THE most embarrassing fashion faux pas we can commit!
It's great that women like Kelly and Christy came up with a product such as the Cuchini to help women everywhere. :)

It's not only affordable, it is also versatile, practical, and confidence-boosting.
It's versatile because it can be used with swimsuits, skinny jeans, tight pants, or yoga pants.
It's practical because it is lightweight and can easily be carried in your purse or gym bag. It is also washable -- how awesome is that?!
And lastly, it's confidence-boosting because it ensures we're not walking around with an embarrassing camel toe!

By the way, they also sent me Invisinips by Cuchini -

Reusable, self-adhesive, silicone nipple covers.

Price: $12.95
Includes 1 reusable pair and a hot pink organza storage bag.

Okay, first off, how clever is the name?!

It's not a new concept, but Invisinips are definitely something all women need in their lives!
Since receiving this, I've bought backless dresses and backless tops without thinking twice, haha!

These products are basic products we all should have, but don't.
They solve the most trivial fashion boo-boos, it's amazing! :)

Check out more of Cuchini's products here.
You can also save 15% off your first order by signing up on their website!

You can keep up to date with them through FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest! :)

What do you think of these products?
Are these something you would be interested in buying?

I hope you are all having a lovely week! :D


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  1. oh wow, this Cuchini product is really useful and practical. So awesome!

  2. wow i just knew about this product! thanks for sharing about this! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  3. hahaha i never knew such a product existed! But hey I guess there's always a product for everything!


  4. That's so cool! I never knew they made anything to remedy camel toe! Definitely a product I would like to try.

    (^ะท^)-☆ Dizzy

  5. Oh wow, this is actually kind of cool! (in a non-awkward way. LOL)


  6. I don't understand why women are so embarrassed by their bodies, pokies and camltoes have to be one of the greatest gifts nature gave to humankind, you don't see men trying to hide their genitals, men are far too honest about these things...

    Hiding cameltoes and pokies are just another 'photoshoping' of women today, first it was fake breasts, then liposuction, botox and surgical procedures to remove NATURAL traits from the face and body, now they want to hide away what little there is that occurs naturally.

    Women are so fake.

    Look, if you want modesty, if you want to hide your gifts from the eyes of others, there is a whole religion waiting for women like you, you can be covered from head-to-toe in essentially a curtain to hide away from the world; be a conservative Muslim woman living under Sharia Law...