Monday, February 14, 2011

53rd Grammy Awards and Happy Valentine's Day! :D

Happy Monday and Happy Valentine's Day!

The 53rd Grammy Awards was held last night at the Staples Center. Let's take a look at what the celebrities wore. :)

Jewel - The mom-to-be looked glowing and beautiful in this pale yellow Pamella Roland gown. I love her cocktail ring!

Selma Blair - Another gorgeous mom-to-be! I love how chic and stylish, but comfy-looking, this dress is.

Lea Michele - I like this look more than her SAG Awards one. She shows about the same amount of cleavage in this Pucci gown, but this time it doesn't seem like she's about to have a wardrobe malfunction at any moment, so yay! ;) Maybe a different hairstyle, though?

Miley Cyrus - At first, I didn't like this look. But looking at it again, now I kinda do. The whole ensemble - the hair, the Roberto Cavalli dress, and stacked bangles - looks young and fun.

Selena Gomez - This is the opposite of Miley's young and fun vibe. I am not a fan of either of them, but usually I like Selena's fashion choices more than Miley's... not this time, though. I think this look is a little too old for her.

Nicole Kidman - I think it's okay. Nothing too special about it.

Jennifer Lopez - Gorgeous legs! And I'm loving her Christian Louboutin heels. Maybe if we can lengthen her Pucci mini-dress just a teensy bit...

Ciara - Okay... I think this dress is pretty and it looks great on her, but I wish her slit was wayyyyyy lower than that, or maybe even no slit at all. The top already shows enough.

Kim Kardashian - Most definitely not her best. I feel like one tug, and her Franco Kaufman dress will be lying around her feet on the red carpet.

Katy Perry - I know a lot of people don't like this Armani creation... I'm not gonna wear something like it, but this is Katy Perry - I expected something eccentric from her, and eccentric this dress is.

*I love the wedding clips they showed when she performed.* :)

Rihanna - Yay for her tamed hair! But the Jean Paul Gaultier gown? No. It reminds me of a loose thread... you know how you're not supposed to pull on it? That's what I think of this dress, like if someone steps on the train, the whole dress will unravel. And I spent some time squinting at the TV trying to make sure Rihanna was wearing something underneath the dress. Haha.

Lady Gaga - This is just too weird for me... honestly, I think it's getting old. I know that's her thing, but seriously, "incubating inside an egg until her performance"???!!! Seriously?!

"Oh, Johnny Depp got a haircut... wait, what on earth is Johnny Depp doing at the Grammy's? Oh my gosh, that's not Johnny Depp, it's John Mayer!"

That was my train of thought upon seeing John Mayer.

Whose red carpet look did you like the best? Whose did you not like at all?

*images from Yahoo!*
And of course, I wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I love how everybody talks about the John Mayer and Johnny Depp resemblence. So funny, haha. I was like... since when can Johnny play the guitar and sing like that?? haha, then I took my glasses and saw it was John. I dont mind though. Love them both!! :)

  2. Love the rundown of the outfits! I thought it was Johnny Depp too! And I'm still not sure that Rihanna is wearing something under that dress...

  3. woah... i can't say i like any of the outfits except the pregnant ladies' gowns. everyone seemed to be trying way too hard to be sexy and it just didn't work, in my opinion. also, i'm totally with you on the lady gaga thing - are we ready as a society to stop encouraging her craziness? oh boy!

  4. OK for real with Lady Gaga (or Lady Caca as I like to call her ;)! I liked her back before she got popular, when she was still tame. I could deal with the lightning bolt eye, not the pointy arms and creepy horns. She seriously creeped me out :O

    I missed most of the fashion, looks like it was all about SUPER high slits though.

  5. I love Jewel's dress! And I think J-Lo looks awesome in that short number. She totally has the legs to pull it off!

  6. Michaela-- haha, yeah, it was just really funny! ;)

    Emily-- yeah, i'm not too sure either. ;)

    Kimbirdy-- i am so ready to not encourage her craziness. it's really getting old. :/

    Leeann-- haha, that's a funny name! yeah, i can totally deal with the weird hair and makeup, but eversince she wore meat on her dress, that was just the end of her for me. haha.

  7. I didn't get to watch so this is the best post EVER!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Marie-- yup, i agree, she really has gorgeous legs! :)

  9. jacque4u2c-- aww, thanks and you're welcome!

  10. Ciara looks like a superhero! :p

    Happy VDay Mimi :)


  11. John Mayer looks too much like JD, I dont like it! and lol I actually loved Selena Gomez's dress, JLo's was nice too :D

  12. Happy Valentine's Day, Mimi!:D

    I like Jewel's glow.:D

    John Mayer is crazy, I bet he did that on purpose!

    ***** Marie *****

  13. GREAT POST! Lea Michele always looks good, doesn't she?! And had to laugh at what you said about Rihanna - so true!

  14. I loved Jewel, Lea, Selena, and Julianne Hough! Such pretty dresses!

  15. miz-- happy valentine's day!

    Pop Champagne-- selena's dress was nice, i just thought she could've done better. and yay for j.lo! :D

    Marie-- haha, he probably did. ;)

    Jess-- haha, glad it made you laugh!

    Ashley-- julianne hough looked pretty. :)

  16. Woah, J Lo has rocked the short dress for too long I think. Give it up already

  17. hahhaha. Johnny Depp and John Mayer! soo funny.
    I love Lea Michele's look. :D



  18. Happy Valentine's Day! I didn't know Selma Blair was prego! Gorgeous!

  19. I love love love Miley Cyrus & Selena Gomez’s dress! B-E-A-U-TI-FUL 8)

  20. Selma Blair looked amazing in her silver frock. Like a wave in the evening...Yes Lady Gaga - you've got to hand it to her she stays in character!

  21. Kavery-- haha, she has great legs though. ;)

    Carrie-- it is super funny!

    Nikki-- she looks great, huh? :)

    Krystal-- :D

    Dizzy-- :D

    About Last Weekend-- i love selma blair!

  22. I love Johnny Depp, but I loved John Mayer's old look much, MUCH more.
    and I love that pale yellow dress... I wish I could wear yellow!

    Happy late Valentines day!!!

  23. marley-- haha, i prefer his old look too! ;)