Friday, February 11, 2011

White by Vera Wang

Happy Friday! :)

This week has been pretty long and tiring for me because Spring semester started on Monday. I've got some school work to do (eeeeeeek), but blogging is still high on my list. ;) I was really going to tell you guys all about school and stuff, but that's boring, who would want to hear about that, huh? Maybe some other time...

I want to share something way more fun and beautiful.
The White by Vera Wang Collection for David's Bridal debuted today! Now every bride can wear Vera on her big day. They are really affordable, and the designs are just exquisite and beautiful!

Let's take a look:

*Price range: $600-$1,400*
*Size Range: 0-14*

1. Ball gown with V-neck bodice and fully draped skirt made of hand-cut bias organza flanges and tulle swirls. ($1,400)

2. Net gown with draped bodice, illusion straps, and floral hip corsage. ($700)

3. Empire waist halter-neck with draped charmeuse bodice and net skirt. Floral corsage and grosgrain ribbon at the waist. ($600)

4. Satin-faced organza fit-and-flare gown with lace appliques, asymmetrically pleated skirt. ($1,200)

5. Strapless net gown with tucked-and-mitered bodice and delicately gathered skirt. ($700)

6. Strapless organza fit-and-flare gown with draped bodice and hand-cut bias flange skirt. ($1,200)

7. One-shoulder structured fit-and-flare gown with dropped waist and skirt made of hand-cut organza flanges. ($1,200)

8. V-neck soft A-line gown with hand-appliqued lace on net. ($800)

9. Strapless satin-faced organza A-line gown with hand-appliqued lace, worn with illusion sleeved piece. ($1,300)

10. Strapless satin-faced organza ball gown with diagonally bonded bodice and full tulle skirt. ($1,300)

They are all beautiful! If I were to choose though, I think I'd go for #s 2, 3, 7, and 8.

What about you?

Have a happy weekend! :D

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  1. These are all so gorgeous and really reasonably priced! I've always wanted to wear Vera Wang on my wedding day and now I might be able to! Thanks for posting!

  2. Oh my gosh these gowns are so beautiful and now affordable! wow it makes me wanna get hitched soon hehe:-)

  3. Marie a la Mode-- you're welcome! and yup, it's sooo exciting how affordable these vera wang gowns are. :D

    MINAKICHU-- hahaha, i loooove looking at them and envisioning my future wedding. ;)

  4. #7 and #8! wow this collection is awesome, I would LOVE to wear vera for my wedding day and now I can! $1200 on a dress is not much at all

  5. Wow, stunning! They all look amazing!

  6. Love them ALL, but my favorites are 3 and 10!

  7. Now I want to get married all over again!

    #4 and #7 - it'd be a tough decision!


  8. Pop Champagne-- yep, $1,200 is a really really good price for a wedding dress! :D

    Rachel-- yup! :)

    Sunny&Star-- #3 is so beautiful! :)

    miz-- i'm in love with #7. :)

  9. the one-shoulder is beautiful, ..though the model looks sickly? lol

  10. See this is what Vera does best. Don't get me wrong, I like her Kohl's collection and I have a piece from that line, but wedding dresses are her thing! Number one is my fav. I literally gasped out loud when I saw it :)

  11. AHahah! Love the post of comparisons! I like it a lot!
    AND WOW! ASOS is doing an amazing job!
    But buy by internet... I don't know... but I'm too used to a normal shopping where you can try on the dresses...!

  12. I can't decide, I love them all!! x

  13. OMG! Those are beautiful. And I thought I already found the dress for my wedding! And the prices! Hello!? *faints*

  14. Gorgeous dresses! I was excpecting the prices to be higher than that!

  15. Ohmigosh I want to be married in # 7 - love, love, love!! :)

  16. There is something very original about the first one, but think I would have to go for the more Audrey one with the touch of lace...Have a fab weekend!

  17. Blimey they are a good price for what your getting - very nice! I rather like number 3, may have to keep my eye on that one, quite fancy it myself.

  18. Oh my these dresses are stunning! Makes me want to get married now! Lol. They are all gorgeous!

    candid phobic

  19. ohh these are beautiful! i love love three, nine, and ten! :)

  20. SassyAgapi-- haha, she does!

    Keirasluckycharm-- love that too!

    Leeann-- i agree, wedding dresses are really vera's forte!

    Malu-- yeah, it's always fun to try on the dresses. :)

    Sia-- :D

    Marcela-- aaah, i knoooow, the prices are awesome!

    glamour rouge-- yeah, but thank God they're not! ;)

    Erika-- soooo beautiful, huh?

    About Last Weekend-- have a fab weekend too!

    Rachael-- they really are worth the price, maybe worth even more. ;)

    Dianne-- haha, i know, right? ;)

    emily-- great choices! :)

  21. I can't wait to be married! :D There are just so many lovely dresses on here...I really like the "invisible" straps on #3 though! ahhh theyre all so pretty!

  22. Yup! I got the email!! I am subscribing the David's Bridal's news ;)) RUN IN SHAME LOL i am just preparing u never know, ha ha ha. And I am loving all the designs by Vera!

  23. Absolutely stunning! That first one is fantastic XOXO

  24. Oh my gosh! I can't believe she came out with an affordable line!

    These dresses are breathtaking! I think I just fell in love all over again. <3

  25. Everytime you put up a wedding post, it makes me excited for my wedding. haha. just saying.

    I LOVE #s 4, 6, 10.


  26. Mimi, the gowns are fab as usual! and the prices are not bad, eh?

  27. breath taking gowns wow ♥ wish i could own each of of them haha but i only wana get married once lol

    Happy valentine's Day love

  28. They are totally incredible but my favourite is the first one:) Im in love with it. Happy Valentine's day, darling

  29. Gorgeous dresses!!
    I love this post!
    My favorite is the last,it's fab!
    Happy V-Day lovely:)

  30. hi everyone! thanks for stopping by and admiring these lovely vera wang creations with me! :D

  31. I like 1 and 7.:D

    Thanks for posting about this, Mimi!:D

    ***** Marie *****

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  33. I made a oops lol.
    But i love dress # ten!