Thursday, February 24, 2011


Happy Thursday! :)

Look at the weather forecast for us over here in LA:

"A little afternoon rain"... pretty normal...
"Showers of rain and SNOW" (!!!) SNOW?! In California?

I gotta tell you guys, almost everyone here is smiling, talking about how it's going to snow this weekend. It really is exciting to think that we just might get to experience snow without having to go to Big Bear or Mammoth or to another state where it actually snows. :)

*weather forecast from*

So then, I went on Polyvore to make a "snow day" outfit --- and I had a hard time putting one together! I guess it's because I don't know how to dress for a snow day. :O

How should we dress for snow? What should we wear for that kind of weather?

Finally deciding that I should just turn to my fellow bloggers for advice on snow clothing, I headed over to to put together what I usually wear when it's cold. :)

I think I'm gonna have to go rummage through my closet and prepare what I will wear on Saturday if it does end up snowing. ;)

I also just wanted to share with you guys this amazing photo I saw on

It's an actual, perfect snowflake!

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday night/ Friday! :)


  1. Snow days in Canada don't look nearly as chic as those
    Try huge michelan man jackets and hats that mess up your nice hair.

  2. Awww that's amazing how someone was able to capture an actual snowflake image!!! Exited for some snow??? I've had more than enough of cold and I'm demanding SPRING and Sunshine, already:)

    A Journey to Style

  3. Yea for snow! Looks like you will stylin' in the snow! Snow is my excuse to wear sweats and stay in my pjs!

  4. Alicia-- those sound legit for snow. :)

    Tamuna-- yeaahhh, how amazing is that?!

    Marie-- haha, i think sweats and pjs sound great. :D

  5. I *wish* I could wear that up here in Canada - Alicia got it right, our snow outfits are usually more practical than fashionable!


  6. Snow in LA? Haven't heard of that before! The cropped rust jacket is cool . I'd wear it with a floppy bow blouse

  7. Snow here? no way! thats crazy. To tell you the truth i am afraid of the snow lol well not really but i am a hot weather type girl <3

  8. Love the outfit number 3!

    Kisses from

  9. Those are amazing looks that you have put together.

    I hope you get some snow. I love snow and think it is totally beautiful but I have had more than I want to see this year.

  10. You're getting snow in Los Angeles? not fair! We're getting rain on Saturday - no sign of snow! :(

  11. We have snow forecast as well. Not that we don't usually have snow where I live, but I was hoping, it's spring already!

    By the way I moved to

  12. Oh my, I don't know how to dress for snow either. I'd be so jealous of you if you will indeed experience it this weekend. Haha. Happy weekend Mimi!

    candid phobic

  13. Wow, that's definitely random. All I can say, coming from England, is wrap up warm! Layers upon layers... and I tend to wear tights (x billion) still because wet jeans is never nice.
    Cute hat, scarf and gloves and you're good to go :)

    Rosie x

  14. i can't believe that it might snow too!
    i'm very much looking forward to tomorrow!
    hahah :)
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  15. miz-- :D

    Kavery-- yeah, apparently it's going to snow! :)

    Keirasluckycharm-- yeaahhh, there's going to be snow tomorrow! i think it'd be cool if it did actually snow. :)

    Vision of a Dreamer-- :D

    Sunny&Star-- i think it's beautiful too!

    Erika-- yup! ;)

    sbot-- isn't it amazing? :D

    Renee-- oh, okay, i'll check out your new blog. :)

    Dianne-- haha, happy weekend!

    Rosie-- thanks for the tips! :D

  16. natalie-- i'm excited! :D i'll definitely stop by. :)

  17. OMG OMG OMG! I'm excited. I really hope it snows. I can't wait.


  18. I think snow is a little annoying when it feels like its never gonna end lol, its actually pretty awesome!! Hope u really enjoy it lol. Time for LA to get some snow therefore bringing in more sunshine to the UK haha =P


  19. Love the pic of the snowflake, very cool.

  20. is that really real? if so WOW-that is truly amazing. I am headed to LA Monday so it better not be snowing there b/c I have had enough of it here in Boston Mimi!!!

  21. Exciting, right?:D

    Loving the first outfit and how cool is the last photo?!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  22. Carrie-- i'm bummed it didn't snow. :/

    xWHLo-- haha, yeah, i hope you guys get some of our sunshine. :)

    Marcy-- it really is crazy! too bad it didn't really happen where i live. :(

    Dizzy-- it's soo cool!

    style'n-- haha, no worries, we didn't get snow. ;)

    Marie-- yup, it's kinda sad though that it didn't happen. :/