Friday, February 25, 2011

Academy Awards: Party Ideas :)

Happy Friday!!! :D

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards is just two days away!
Anyone having an Oscar party? Anyone thinking of having one?

Here are some party ideas for everyone:

1. Recreate the Hollywood sign with cupcakes and toothpick letters.
Get store-bought cupcakes with plain icing, print out the letters, tape them into a toothpick, and voila!

2. Garnish your champagne glasses with star fruit. Since the fruit is already shaped like a star, all you have to do is slice them. :)

3. Make your own concession stand! Set up a corner with jumbo packs of candy, old-fashioned sodas (you can even find Coca-Cola packaged the old-fashioned way in grocery stores!), and mini bottles of bubbly.

4. Going to see a movie tonight? Save your popcorn box! Place your vase inside and put in beautiful flowers.

You can also try and ask the nice people at the theater concession stand if they can spare you a couple of popcorn boxes, so you won't have to buy another order of popcorn. ;)

5. For table settings, go to a party supply store (like Party City), and get gold plastic plates and utensils.

Turn your paper napkins into Oscar envelopes by following these steps:

Open the napkin and lay it flat. Fold in the top two corners to form a triangle. Fold the bottom edge of the napkin up until it meets the base of the triangle. Then, fold the top triangle down and seal with a gold seal and red ribbon.

6. Serve popcorn in different flavors: Cheesy, Sweet and Spicy, and Rocky Road.

For True Grit-inspired popcorn, serve barbecue rub with plain popcorn.

7. Did you love Black Swan? Have white chocolate martinis with dark chocolate shavings.

For the recipe, visit

8. If like me, you are rooting for The King's Speech, serve English tea sandwiches.

9. And scones with tea.

10. There might not be enough time for this last one, but you can save this idea if you ever want to have a Social Network-inspired party:

Order blue and white custom M&Ms, and have Facebook words like "Like", "Ignore", "Confirm", "Poke", etc. written on your M&Ms.


I hope these ideas helped you!

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! :D


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  1. Great ideas! I love them to choose?

    The movie candy is all I need!

  2. What a FAB post hun!! Your so creative and I always enjoy reading your blog. Love Sia

  3. Wow, these are amazing ideas! Thanks for sharing! xx

  4. Great ideas!!! love the flowers in the pop corn box and the m&ms

  5. The star shaped garnish is SO cute!!
    I totally need to steal that idea for the bridal shower i'm hosting next month!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Nikki-- it's sooo hard to choose, huh? maybe we can use them all? ;)

    Sia-- awww, thank you! that means a lot to me!

    Reyna-- you're welcome!

    Ivonne-- glad you love them!

    LyddieGal-- oooh, that would be perfect for a bridal shower!

  7. Great ideas!! Love the looks of the white choco martini!!

  8. I love all your great ideas for an Oscar night! I can't wait :) and I hardly think a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is sufficient! Haha. I really should try one of those...

    Rosie x

  9. You are too cute!!! I'm not a huge awards show person, but you have convinced me that I could be :) If only for the treats and decorations!!!

    Wish I could go to your party! ;)

  10. Great idea! Love the m&m's!
    Have a great weekend XOXO

  11. The white chocolate martini looks divine. I always wanted to try a star fruit, looks so cute.

  12. PopBlush-- isn't it soo cute?

    Rosie-- yup, it's not, i am gonna go eat an actual lunch after this, haha. you should try a pb&j sandwich - it's good. :D

    Lisa-- aww, yay! we could have a virtual party. ;)

    Venus In Virgo-- have a great weekend!

    Hell Notes for Beauty-- i think it's cute too! and i want to try it. :)

  13. Great ideas girlie! I can't wait to see King Speech! I've been dying to see it!

  14. these ideas are so clever! aha I wish I was going to an oscar party :P

  15. I love your ideas, some of them are very funny! I never thought about watching the Oscars with a party!
    XX- have an awesome weekend!

  16. These are such cute ideas!! I love the Hollywood cupcakes : ) For Oscar night we're going over to my parents and ordering pizza and will probably be betting on the winners!

  17. aww, how cute! I would definitely do the facebook M&Ms. :]


  18. This is a really cool post, Mimi! I shared it with lots of people :)
    I love the Black Swan drink :) I might have to try one soon!

    Have a great weekend!!

  19. Im so excited!


  20. Cute ideas! I love to be festive! :P I also love those M&Ms! :)

  21. gorgeous post :)
    & such cute ideas!! x

  22. those ideas are fantastic, the black swan cocktail looks yummy!

  23. omg i love all the ideas, but the one i loved the most was the flowers on the popcorn box!

  24. Great ideas! Love the paper napkins and the cupcakes :)

  25. these a great
    the food looks yummy =)

  26. seriously if I was having a party tomorrow this would be perfect. oh well I will still be watching :)

  27. These are all fantastic ideas, Mimi!:D

    I think creating your own concession stand is pretty cool.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  28. these are too cute!

    I definitely would throw an Oscars party! I'm an Oscars geek(:

    --> Bree

  29. Jennifer-- it's a really really beautiful and brilliant movie!

    Binny-- i'm glad you think so! ;)

    Trendy Feeling-- the good thing about it is you just have to provide some snacks while watching the oscars. ;)

    Marie-- betting is always fun!

    Carrie-- aren't they cute? :)

    Marley-- aww, thanks! and thanks for sharing them!

    Ashley and Jessie-- :D

    Barbie and R May A-- thanks!

    A Certain Vintage-- it looks yummy!

    Dizzy and Vanessa-- :D

    Patti-- that is pretty cute, huh? ;)

    Audrey-- i love the cupcakes too!

    devin-- :D

    style'n-- yeahh, i'll definitely be watching even without hollywood decorations. ;)

    Marie-- it would be so fun to have your own concession stand, huh? :)

    Bree-- i think i'll throw one next year since i won't have enough time for tomorrow. ;)

  30. amazing post!

  31. omg i am so excited!!!
    u have such amazing ideas!!!

    nice blog :-)

    visit me at

    follow back :-)

  32. it was snowing i Burbank!!! LOL. Its funny actually but i love the weather:)

    I am really liking the idea of having girl friends over and dine and wine during Oscar night. it would be fun!

  33. Love the star fruit! I'm just about to get comfy on my couch to watch the red carpet!

  34. These are all fabulous ideas. I wish I had someone to do this with and have an Oscars party.

  35. What a brilliant party ideas. I love them, sweetie
    Happy Monday

  36. ali.avenue-- thank you!

    Claudia-- thanks for visiting! will definitely visit your blog too!

    Rinz-- yeaaah, isn't it such a fun idea? and yeah, i heard it snowed in burbank. :)

    Jess-- the star fruit is such a fun addition!

    Imogen-- me too, maybe next year! ;)

    Diana-- glad you loved them! :)

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