Friday, May 20, 2011

2011 Cannes Film Festival

Happy Friday!

Yay, the weekend is finally here! Only two more weeks left 'til summer for me! :D

I kicked off my summer posts with Swim Guide: 10 Best One-Pieces, and I was gonna make some Polyvore sets for a day at the beach, but I just wasn't feeling it. Has that ever happened to you? Like your creative juices just wasn't flowing, do you know what I mean? ;P

But anyway, I was looking at photos from the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. So, while I am suffering from "blogger's block" (hahaha, get it, writer's block?), I thought I'd just share some photos from Cannes.

Kirsten Dunst - Looking at her photo, I realized something: I miss seeing her in movies! The last movie I saw her in was... oh gosh, I can't even remember, Spider Man 2?

I think she looks pretty here. I am loving everything about this look. :)

Zoe Saldana - Gorgeous! I love this dress on her. :)

Gwen Stefani - A lot of the articles I read raved about Gwen Stefani's Cannes looks.

And well, she does look amazing!

Rachel McAdams - Love her! :D

Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz - My favorite Johnny Depp character has to be Willy Wonka, haha! What about you?

And Penelope Cruz = wow!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - Not my favorite look on Angelina, but kudos to these two for showing everyone that they really are the real deal. I really do hope they stay together forever.

Dev Patel and Freida Pinto = awwwwww! :)

Blake Lively and Leonardo di Caprio - So, I guess they're together? They're flirting?

Why does Blake Lively get everything??? Hahahaha. ;)

I love her outfit, though! :)

So, yup, that's about it for this post. I really gotta get my stuff together -- gotta plan my future blog posts. :)

Oh, I just finished reading Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed... although reviews aren't that good, I'm gonna go see the movie one of these days. Then perhaps, a post on the book and the movie? :)

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! :D

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  1. They ALL look fantastic! Though I'm not loving Angie's dress. That Blake Lively! She sure is a lucky girl! I miss Kirsten Dunst too! I'm a big fan! Bloggers Block = need to take some time off! I liked Something Borrowed and Something Blue. I'm sure the books were much better than the movie (as always is the case) but I still hope to check out the movie soon!
    xx Vivian @

  2. I am really loving Kristen Dunst's dress, she looks gorgeous! I also love that Rachel's 2nd outfit, she looks so chic!

  3. yeah for Dev!

    Oh..I liked Johnny in Chocolate..the best. Kristen's dress is see threw..I dunno. Sorry..Blake is certainly moving up. Poor Penn...

  4. Love the McAdams outfits :)

    Have a great weekend!


  5. i love rachel mccadams, she's so pretty in that white dress!

  6. I love Kristen Dunst's dress :D I am so into lace and sheer fabric this year, it's crazy! And my fave Johnny Depp character would have to be Cap'tn Jack Sparrow :D


  7. I love the Dunst is wearing.

    xx - Lera

  8. amazing pictures, amazing dress and to top it all i just cant be as amazing as they are hehe :)

  9. Love the pictures! I just wanted a movie with Kristen Dunst in it and ryan gosling called All Good Things... I really liked it its a murder case, true story. pretty good!


  10. ahaha i really had to laugh at the "why does Blake Lively get everything???" comment...its so true wth? LOL

  11. Nice to see some lovely images from Cannes. The ladies all look good in their own individual way. I adore the dress Ms. Cruz is wearing. Have a happy Sunday;-)

  12. Love all the dresses! The brown is an odd colour on a gown but turned out beautifully! See you around at the I am one of your followers now :)

  13. great post :)
    thanks for sharing!! x

  14. I love all Rachel McAdams looks, she is just so beautiful!

  15. Awe I really like Kirsten Dunst! and everything with lace :) It's definitely one of my favourite trends right now!
    Hope you've been well!!

  16. I would like to see Kirsten Dunst in a movie again, I like her as an actress, I don't understand why there are a lot of people hating on her.

    I like Rachel's second outfit.:D

    I know what you mean but don't worry, you'll find inspiration again before you know it!;D

    ***** Marie *****

  17. hey guys! thank you so much for stopping by and i'm so sorry i haven't been around here too much. :/

  18. My fave look is Kirsten Dunst!!!
    And i think Dev Patel and Freida Pinto are so cute together!


  19. Carrie-- yeah, they are! :)