Tuesday, May 10, 2011

L'Oreal EverPure Review

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?

A few months back, I was able to try L’Oreal EverPure hair products – specifically the moisture shampoo, moisture conditioner, and moisture deep restorative masque.


Free your hair from harsh, color-dulling sulfates and salts that can wash color away.

The EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System gently cleanses, nourishes and revitalizes dry, damaged hair. The rich, creamy moisturizing formulas reveal your hair’s natural softness, helping your color shine through. Natural aromatic properties from rosemary, juniper, and mint energize and invigorate senses.

- Anti-Fade System
- 100% Sulfate-Free
- UVA/UVB Filters
- No harsh salts
- Natural Botanicals
- 100% Vegan – not tested on animals, no animal byproducts

EverPure Moisture Shampoo


The sulfate-free formula gently cleanses without stripping your color and creates a luxurious and rich lathering experience.

EverPure Moisture Conditioner


The creamy, protective formula helps preserve and maintain color brilliance.

The shampoo and conditioner both smell good, very energizing and invigorating as the description says. Both help in maintaining and keeping hair color longer, but with the moisturizing part… not so much. The conditioner does moisturize just like any other conditioner, but it wasn’t anything extraordinary. And even though it made my hair color last for maybe a week or so than normal, I didn’t see any brilliance in my hair.

My 3 fl. Oz. (89mL) shampoo and conditioner lasted for about a month or so, and I used them every other day. How long it would last depends on how often you use it.

EverPure Moisture Deep Restorative Masque


The powerful moisturizing cream restores and deeply nourishes for soft, shiny hair.

This masque works exactly as described. It leaves my hair soft and shiny. Out of the three, this one worked the best for me. And the thing I loved the most about it is a little goes a long way – I’ve had mine (1.7 fl. Oz./ 50mL) for a couple of months now, and I still have about one half left (but of course, I don’t use it everyday, it still depends on how often you use it).

The box says “Exclusively for color treated hair”, so I am guessing it probably means it’s not advisable for those who do not dye their hair to use it. Based on my experience with these products, however, I think that you can still use the restorative masque even if your hair is not color treated.

The price? $5.99 for the shampoo and conditioner, and $7.99 for the restorative masque.


Besides “moisture”, they are also available in “volume” and “smooth”.

Have you tried L’Oreal EverPure hair products? What did you think of them? Are they something you might want to try?

Have a fantastic week, loves! :D


  1. Thanks for the review, Mimi!:D

    I would like to try the masque and $7.99 is a good price. As for the shampoo and conditioner? I think I'll pass.

    Have a great week!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Marie-- you're welcome! yeah, i definitely think the masque is more worth it than the shampoo and conditioner. have a great week! :D

  3. i've tried this!!! I LOVE the hair mask. It works really great for my hair. I used it once and i already saw a difference. It definitely feels like my hair is healthier.


  4. Carrie-- right?! isn't it awesome? :D

  5. I definitely want to pick up the mask! xo

  6. Taj-- the masque is awesome! let me know if you try it! :D

  7. Oooo I would love to try out the mask! =] Sounds gd!


  8. Great review! I've always wanted to try this line -- now I will! xo style, she wrote

  9. Good review. I haven't seen this range here yet

  10. Great review. I've had my straightened (The Brazilian) so have to use the Brazilian products as well. I'm sure its a con but anyway....

  11. xWHlo-- it's really good! :D

    Style, she wrote-- let me know! :)

    Kavery-- thanks! :)

    About Last Weekend-- ooh, that sounds interesting, i've never heard of that before... ;)

  12. Hi Mimi.. How's your weekend ? Mother's Day as for me, I will fly back next month to celebrate it with Father's Day, so it will be a double celebration. :)

    Oh thanks for the review.. would love to try the restorative masque then..

    Have a great week !

  13. yea i would love to try out the mask

    thanks for commenting

  14. Great review! I think the mask would definitely be something I'd look into. Thanks for the comment too.

  15. Nope! But I'll try them! I just have to check if the everpure is already out in Italy!

  16. I'd never even heard of these products - maybe they're only available in the US?!
    I love trying out new hair products all the time,

    Rosie x

  17. looks like a good price for the products! for your comment, you can always ask around to see if there are local fashion events in town and offer to give them blog coverage, you'd be surprised how many people would say yes :)

  18. I would love to try their shampoo and conditioner - it sounds amazing! :)

  19. You have a really great blog!
    Follow me :)

  20. looks like great product! nice to know you liked it so much. loreal is a great brand. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  21. I've used the shampoo and conditioner as well, and they do smell really good, but didn't work as great as I thought they would!

  22. Tiq-- a double celebration sounds good! :)

    vintagexomakeup-- you're welcome!

    ellie-- no problem!

    Francesca-- let us know if it is!

    Rosie-- hmm, i'm not sure if it's only available here, but i hope you guys have it over there too!

    Pop Champagne-- thanks for that great tip! :D

    Erika-- let me know what you think of them!

    Tanja-Mia-- thanks! :)

    Ruby Girl-- l'oreal really is a great brand!

    Tasha-- yeah, my thoughts exactly!

  23. shampoo and conditioner I did try that before they are okey for not that good for the prise.

    the mask works so well though.

    I'm a new follower :)
    hope you follow back :)
    thanks :)

  24. I love your reviews! So informative! I'm planning on coloring my hair again after Baby Girl arrives and then I'd like to try the masque :)

  25. strawberry Princess-- hey, thanks for following! :D

    SewPetiteGal-- thank you, i'm really happy you love my reviews. :D

  26. Wow! Those products sound amazing!

  27. I've tried the L'Oreal EverPure shampoo & conditioner back when it first came out. I didn't really like them. The best vegan shampoo/conditioner I've found is Pureology...but it's VERY expensive!!

    The masque sounds good...I never did try it before. Maybe I'll pick it up next time I'm at Target. Thanks for the review!!!

  28. tina-- yeah, the shampoo and conditioner are okay. but they could be better. :/

  29. sadly loreal doesn't have this variant yet here in the Philippines. :(

    I'm a new follower :)


  30. makeup-- oh, really? i didn't know that. :/ thanks for following, though! :)