Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's your favorite Spring blush? :)

Happy Tuesday! And Happy May! :D

I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that it is now May, and Summer is just around the corner! :O

I think we should make the most out of Spring before full-on Summer heat comes... although it might as well be Summer, Los Angeles was in the 90s today!

Anyway, since it's still Spring, I have a question for you guys:

What's your favorite Spring blush?

Right now, mine is

CoverGirl Instant Cheekbones Contouring Blush


Want great bone structure? Instant Cheekbones Contouring Blush lets you create them instantly and easily. Each compact contains three expertly coordinated shades that add natural-looking contour, so you can look like you were born with great cheekbones, anytime!

***from www.covergirl.com***


- 3 complementary skin-flushed shades contour your cheekbones

- Lightweight

- Dermatologically tested

- Blendable

How to apply:

1. Begin with the contour, or darkest, shade in your Instant Cheekbones palette and apply to the hollow space below the cheekbone.

2. Apply the medium shade to the apples of your cheeks and sweep upwards towards the hairline.

3. For a youthful glow, highlight the tops of your cheeks with the lightest shade.


I use Peach Perfection (210). The other palettes available are: Purely Plum (220), Refined Rose (230), and Sophisticated Sable (240).

***from www.covergirl.com***

They are sold at Walgreens for $5.99; prices vary from store to store.


What's your favorite Spring blush? Any recommendations? :D

I wish you all a good rest of the week! :)

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  1. I don't wear blush so much, maybe i need to start!

  2. I like the physician formula one:)

  3. I need all the help I can get with makeup! I love Nars The Multiple in Orgasm. But I like your post b/c I need to get some new ones.

  4. The peach looks so fresh and natural. I kind of go for more browns..sometimes..but I do like what you showed us today.

  5. Krystal-- i like how blush adds more life to my look. :)

    DeyiMizu-- that does sound good! :D

    naina-- i've heard so many good things about that! :)

    ellie-- they have brown shades, did you see? :)

  6. This looks like a good spring brush, thanks for the pictures. $5.99? That's a good price.

    My spring blushes?
    NARS Orgasm
    NARS Super Orgasm
    Benefit Benetint

    Have a lovely week!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. I don't wear blush, or very very rarely, but Spring should be all about light colors - I love the peach palette :)


  8. Marie-- thanks for all these wonderful recommendations! :D

    K.-- you are absolutely correct! :)

  9. I love blush but I have never managed to find a great one. Will definitely be picking this one up!

  10. The blush im using right now is Bobbi Brown Peony.
    It's a nice bight pink for spring


  11. I really like a pop of pink (not the cheesy 80's look), but I wear Lancome. I am in need of a seriously cheaper alternative! I love the lesson on where to put what upon the cheeks! You're the best :) XO, Kelly

  12. I love blush!! I tend to go for rosy looks and now I am trying to expand to different colors :D my fave now is probably a local drugstore brand in2it the color is kinda pinky and one side is shimmery rosy color :D I want tha cover girl one tho!! Can't have too much blushers!! ;)



  13. oh my it reminds me of Orgasm!! i need new blush! I might be checking out this one soon!

  14. I loove this post! I'm horrible at applying blush, so I think I might have to buy this. I generally use Clinique something or other. :)

  15. i wear a bobbi brown powder blush and tarte cream blush.

  16. I use Maybelline's dream mousse blush. I love it!

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  17. I have never worn blush myself; but I have heard amazing things about NARS. :)

  18. I am currently using CoverGirl. It like it alright. I like MAC best though. :)

  19. very pretty! I like the physical formula blush (talc free) I have sensitive skin.


  20. I am using an Avon brand. I can't think of the name but it really works well with my olive skin.

  21. honestly, i don't wear a lot of blush but i think that's because i haven't found the right product for my skin tone. if i had a personal makeup artist then i'm sure i'd wear more blush.

    keep me posted on the purse giveaway win dear!

  22. I love the three in one kit concept! I'm definitely going to have to give that a try!

  23. Many Colours-- i hope you like this one!

    Lynnette-- oooh, that sounds like a really pretty color!

    Kelly-- isn't that cool? i found it on covergirl's website. :)

    a!k0-- i agree!

    Rinz-- let me know if you like it!

    Dree-- i use clinique too! :)

    Jaime-- i'm putting those on my list. :)

    Melanie-- i want to try that one! :)

    Erika-- me too, i've heard so many good things about nars!

    Emily-- i still have to try mac. :)

    jenny-- yes, i heard that one's good for sensitive skin. :)

    C-- that sounds great!

    Cheryl-- i will keep you posted. thanks, cheryl! :)

    Tasha-- i love it too! :D

  24. Isn't it so hot lately!! Love it!
    My favorite blush is the new Milani mineral blushes. The colors are amaz and I love the new packaging too! xo

  25. Taj-- yup, it's been so hot! oooh, i should check that out! :D

  26. Only $5.99? I think you got yourself a good deal! I don't really have a favorite spring blush. I have yet to find the best one for me.


  27. Carrie-- yup, it's a really good deal. maybe you should try this one. :)

  28. hey! my spring blush is pinch me by mac love it!
    nice blog!



    visit us?

  29. I’m lovin the Milani blush with brush!

  30. Danniella-- yeah, i'll visit you guys! :)

    Dizzy-- that sounds great! :)