Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Must-Have: Boots

Last week, I shared with you guys that I've been planning to buy a new pair of shoes -- but I don't know what kind: pumps, flats, or boots.

I think I've decided, and I think I'm gonna go for boots, seeing that it is most definitely a must-have for fall (and winter!). But now, I am facing a new dilemma: Which one should I get?

I was looking through, and found five that I really liked:

All About Comfort -

1. UGG Bailey Button, $160

Even when almost everyone at school wore Uggs to everything and everywhere, I never really quite caught on. It's just too bulky for my taste, although definitely really comfy -- and hey, I am all about comfort. Thankfully, they have cuter styles now, like this one.

2. Blowfish Hauk, $59.90

Blowfish has always been a known brand for quality shoes, and the designs are absolutely beautiful too! I actually think I'm gonna go check out Blowfish, I'm sure I'm gonna find more boots to like, haha. ;)

I think this pair looks stylish and comfortable - I can totally see myself wearing it.

Give me Height -

3. Rocket Dog Bonfire, $94.95

I also want boots that will give me height. I think wedge heeled ones are the best choice for that because they give height, while still being comfortable. Rocket Dog is another good brand when it comes to shoes.

I like everything about this one - the color, the way it looks, the height, and the shearling material inside.

4. Naughty Monkey Short & Sweet, $119.99

This is basically the same thing as #3, but the heel and the texture are different.
I think it has a bit more spunk, though.

Riding Boots? -

5. Emu Australia Aurora, $199

I've also been wanting riding boots, but I'm petite so I don't know how that's gonna work. Perhaps, I should look at how Rachel Bilson does it, hmmm...

I like this one, but it's a bit too pricey for me... I'm pretty sure I can find other ones I'll like that cost less than this.
Very nice though, huh?

Which of these five boots would you buy? Any ideas where else I should look?

I hope you all had a good Monday! :D


  1. These are all cute but #5 is the favorite!


  2. Bad Joan-- it is really very beautiful, huh? ;)

  3. Nice selection, Mimi!:D

    My picks: 1 and 2. Both look comfy and I need a gray one.;D

    Try Shopbop and Steve Madden.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Naughty monkey short and sweet - I totally love that name! I like the boots too and no.3 :D I think boots that give you heights is a really nice touch.


  5. hi Mimi!

    I love your blog its so cute <3 and these boots are adorable and look so comfy!


  6. Marie-- thanks for the recommendation! and i'm kinda starting to lean towards comfy... aaahhh, i don't know what to pick. ;)

    a!k0-- haha, i knoow, cute name! and i'm really so torn between comfy and heels... ;P

    Nicole-- hi! thank you!!! :D

  7. lovely shoooooes ^^, looks so comfy yeah ;)

  8. All these boots look great, but I would choose 4.

  9. Such fun winter bad as it gets here..I'd try them all.

  10. I can't wait to get my UGGS on! XOXO

  11. I love number four but I think you need a flat pair too. Both one and two are nice, but whatever you do make sure you get a rubber sole. You don't want a pair of Uggs that have a fabric bottom and that get soaked in the rain. Plus they don't give much support for your ankles, I've seen loads of girls wearing them and not walking properly which isn't good for your posture or your Uggs because the sides can easily wear down. Hope this helps! Can't wait to see what you decide! XxxX

  12. Thanks so much for your sweet comment!
    Fabulous post,gorgeous as always,I want the fourth pair of boots,such great finds1
    I hope your having a wonderful week x Look forward to your next post x

  13. I love number 1! I have a pair of uggs that I've had for like... 3 or 4 years and I absolutely love them. They've held up tremendously well.

  14. Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person. I will follow you!

  15. abby-- :D

    Miss L-- i like it too. :)

    ellie-- haha, yeah if only i can get them all. ;)

    Sia-- it's finally starting to get cold here in LA. ;)

    Second Hand Rose-- thank you so much for your tips and suggestions! that really helped me. :)

    Kayleigh-- thank you! i hope you are having a wonderful week too! :)

    ThemuseViola-- wow, so that tells me they're really good quality. ;)

    nik-- hi! thank you so much, that means a lot! :D

  16. These are really cute! I love #4! I wanna go shoe shopping now. :)

  17. Jennifer Fabulous-- ooooh, a lot of bloggers seem to love #4! ;)

  18. I like the first pair the most. They look so cozy!

    I'm debating on buying a pair of boots right now as well :)

  19. I want the first ones now. :-)))
    Shall we follow each other honey?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. :-) xxx Emily of EL Vintage

  20. I love wearing my UGGs. They're super duper comfy. I also want a pair of riding boots. I think they look good with every outfit.


  21. Leeann-- i knoooow, i can only imagine how comfy those are! :)

    Femme Virtue-- everyone really seems to like that one. ;)

    styleforlife-- yeah, sure! i'm pretty sure i've already followed you, but i'll check again. :)

  22. Carrie-- yeah, riding boots looks great! :D

  23. I love wedge and riding boots!

    I own a lot of heel and wedge boots because I want
    some height as well, since I'm quite short and the
    bulky jacket/scarf just brings me down even more
    during the winter :(

    I've seen some riding boots that give you 2-2.5
    inches of height, but yah... I'm not sure where
    you would find nice boots =\ maybe Target or Nordstrom?

    I wish we had a Target and Nordstrom in Canada!

  24. Those Blowfish boots are hot!! Have you looked at DSW? They usually have some pretty good prices on shoes.

  25. tough choice! I like the 2nd to last wedge. I never caught on to uggs either, they remind me of sorority girls, but they do look comfy!

  26. Loving all of them but #5 are sooo cute! Of course they gotta be the most expensive lol..grr!

  27. Just looking at these pictures my feet felt comfy ;)

  28. Hi for me number 3 is cute. But number 1 and 2 is good for the cold season i think :)

  29. Peiji-- ohhh, i didn't know that canada doesn't have target and nordstrom. i hope you guys get one soon. but i think i'm definitely gonna check out nordstrom. ;)

    Nnenna-- that one seems to be the winner. ;)

    Meri-- those are perfect, huh? ;)

    SewPetiteGal-- nope, not yet. silly me! ;) thanks for the reminder!

    Nikki-- haha, that is so true! and yeah, they look so comfy... :)

    Natalie-- i knooooow! ;)

    Curves Ahead Makeup-- awww! ;)

  30. Chymecindy-- haha, i knoooow! it's perfect! :)

  31. I've just bought my own boots from topshop! Mine are ankle length chelsea boots, with a flat heel. I have a photo of them on one of my recent posts :) (My most recent post is about halloween costumes though hah- I can't decide what to go as!) I'm sure whichever boots you'll choose, they'll be beautiful though :D

  32. I own the bonfire boots in chestnut and they're lovely, so I defo recommend those!

  33. my favs are the Naughty Monkey Short & Sweet!


  34. Long time no see Mimi! How have you been?
    Sorry for not visit your blog it such a long time, but I’ll sure catch up today!

    LOL you either love our hat the UGGs. I do love the design of the UGGs you have a pic of plus it’s an ankle boot. Have you hear of the expression “thunder thighs”? Well it’s like that for my calf; usually I can’t get any boots length passed my ankles, sad story really.

  35. BattleGnomes-- the boots you got sound fantastic! and i'll check out your blog posts. :D

    Sara-- ooooh, yay a vote for those shoes... i really like them. ;)

    love jenny xoxo-- they are cool, aren't they? ;)

    Dizzy-- heeeey! i've been good, what about you?! and it's no problem, we all get busy. ;) and i've never heard of thunder thighs, but i'm sure it's nothing an exercise can't fix, right? and if not, there's always ankle boots. :D

  36. I love the bad monkey ones! they are sick! good boots are so hard to find..nordstrom tends to have a lot of good ones though

  37. taylor-- yeah, it's very hard to find good boots. i think i'm gonna check out nordstrom too! :)

  38. Lindsay-- yeah, i'm actually really tempted to get uggs because everyone is raving about how comfy they are. ;)

  39. I absolutely go gaga for boots! For me, all of these are swoonworthy. I own a pair of boots from Blowfish and Rocket Dog. I love Blowfish shoes. They are so comfy and adorable! I also want wedge booties. <3

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  40. Bree-- yay, i always thought blowfish has really good quality shoes. :)

  41. I hate winter!!!! ^^ but gotta buy these shoes yes! you're right it's becoming freezy!!

  42. Cool picks! There's something about those Rocket Dogs that I love!! ^^

    Thanks again for your nice comment,

    it would be lovely to follow each other so we could keep up with each others posts? :)

    Have a lovely weekend,
    xx indie by heart

  43. Jo and Sue-- haha, it is. but the sun is on full blast right now. ;)

    indie by heart-- you're welcome! and yeah, i'm pretty sure i've already followed you but i'll check again. :)

  44. Tikkitiboo-- haha, i am seriously considering the uggs. thanks for your input! :)

  45. Yes to all of them! But I have to pick one - it'd be the naughty monkey ones - too cute, edgy and sweet all rolled into one.

    Dirty Pink Cardigan


  46. Marie-- you're right! i think that's the best way to describe it! :)

  47. UGGS are ridiculously comfortable! im not crazy about the looks but they are still irreplaceable in the winter time when the temperature can get down to -32 or so + so comfortable!
    thanks for your sweet comment! my cold hasn't fully left but im feeling better than when writing that blog post 2 weeks ago :)

  48. Norah-- you're welcome and i'm glad you're feeling better! :)