Monday, October 10, 2011

Forever 21: Breast Cancer Awareness - Pink is Courage

Happy Monday!

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post!
I was able to rest and relax over the weekend, so yay for that! :D

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to support the fight against breast cancer, Forever 21 will donate 10% of the purchase price of specially selected items to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.


Shopping and supporting the fight against breast cancer at the same time?
I think that sounds perfect! :)

Here are some specially marked Breast Cancer Awareness items that I would love to buy:

Breast Cancer Awareness Trench Coat, $29.80

A trench coat = perfect for fall and winter.

Breast Cancer Awareness Babydoll Dress with Belt, $24.80

A versatile dress!
I would wear this with a blazer, tights, and black pumps.
Or go a little more edgy with a leather jacket and lace-up booties.

Breast Cancer Awareness Life in Progress Zip Pocket Skinnies, $24.80

We could all use a good pair of black skinnies in our closet. And I definitely need one!

Breast Cancer Awareness Hearts PJ Romper, $12.80

Breast Cancer Awareness Hearts PJ Set, $10.80

Even though it's still not freezing over here, my Mom loves to put the heater on full blast!
These PJ sets are perfect.

Breast Cancer Awareness Plush Hooded Robe, $18.80

And if I do get cold, I can always wear this plush hooded robe. :)

Forever 21 also has other specially marked items besides clothes:

Breast Cancer Awareness Courage Bracelet, $4.80

Cute, right?

Breast Cancer Awareness Ditsy Heart Umbrella, $5.80

Last week, California experienced a day of really heavy rain -- and I didn't have an umbrella on hand!
I am now definitely gonna bring one in my bag just to be sure.

Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Polish Trio, $5.80

Three beautiful nail polish colors for that price? Awesome!
I bought nail polish from Forever 21 before, and they are amazing. Really good quality!

Have you bought anything that supports the fight against breast cancer lately?
Did you like any of these?

I wish all of you a wonderful week!


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  1. Marie-- it really is so cute. thanks for stopping by and i miss visiting your blog! i will definitely stop by again. :D

  2. I love that pink romper heheh ;)) super cute!

  3. Rinz-- i didn't even realize the romper is a pj set, haha! ;)

  4. Yes YES I love it all! Especially those cute jammies. :) Yay for PINK for an excellent cause!!

  5. Ashley-- it's definitely an excellent cause! :D

  6. That is cool, I didnt know that! I have a credit there too.

  7. These products are CUTE OVERLOAD and for a wonderful cause! I want them all!!! The prices are fab too, but you can't expect anything less from F21. HAHAHA Thanks for posting, I didn't know they had so many wonderful fab things! :D

  8. Meri-- oooh, well then that is perfect! :)

    SassyUptownChic-- yes, they are so affordable and it's for a really good cause. :D

  9. What an awesome cause to support.

  10. Great post, love the pink color and the items you've chosen!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  11. this is very very beautiful. Nice post


  12. Good morning Lovely Mimi Girl!
    Oh, what an awesome post, for an awesome cause!
    I love Forever 21, I need to go asap!
    It's been awhile!
    Hope you have a fantastic day!
    gi gi

  13. what better way to raise money for a good cause!!!

  14. woow all these things are sooo cute! & for a great cause too! :D Xx

  15. I havent bought anything yet but I am sure I will be doing so soon. I'm loving that trench.

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  16. I love when companies or stores team up to support breast cancer! Such a good cause!

    That pink trench is super coat!

  17. Hi dear!
    Thanks so much for your comment!
    I truly like your post! It's so important to rise the awareness to this horrible disease! I actively support the fight and truly respect people like you who bring other's attention to the cause!



  18. omg! Thank you for sharing this! I want that trench coat and dress sooo bad now! And what better reason to shop? I mean, seriously! =)

  19. Loving pink and loving your collection :)

    Dirty Pink Cardigan


  20. great that you're reminding people to contribute to this amazing cause!

  21. Elrese-- it really is!

    Fabrizia-- i'll definitely stop by your blog!

    Sick by Trend-- thanks!

    Miss L-- :D

    ellie-- :D

    gi gi-- hi! i hope you had a fantastic day today too! :D

    Krystal-- i think this is really a good way. ;)

    Mannequins Dream-- totally!

    Amber Blue Bird-- thanks for the invite, i'll check it out. :)

    Tasha-- i really like the trench coat too. :)

    alexandra-- thank you! i also admire people who support great causes like this. :)

    ThemuseViola-- i totally agree!

    Marie-- :D

    Punctuation Mark-- :D

  22. I like that these are all practical and affordable! I want the babydoll dress and robe.:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  23. Marie-- yes, they are all very practical and affordable. :D

  24. Lovely !

  25. i love that coat!
    the robe also looks cute! ;)

    yay for Forever 21! <3

  26. These are all great picks! I love the trench coat. And what a great cause to support : )

  27. Yay for October! :D I love the trench coat and babydoll dress. I think they would look good together :D Definitely pink for this month, Pinktober!


  28. Mary-- :D

    JoaNNa-- yup, yay! :)

    Marie-- yes, a really great cause! :)

    a!k0-- oh wow, i didn't think of wearing the coat and the dress together. ;)

  29. I have a huge crush on that trio nail polish! I would also suggest that you visit LIFO. It is a free fashion hub which includes an online wardrobe where you can create outfits and get fashion feedback from friends.

  30. Lovely Daulhe-- wow, thanks for the suggestion! i will definitely check that out. :)

  31. pink is my favorite color! ah, i love that rose pink dress. and the romper is cute too.


  32. Hi there! I like your post. I love those sets from F21. I'm going to follow you.

    Leelai <3

  33. Carrie-- then these are perfect for you. :)

    LEELAI-- thank you!!! :)

  34. Gotta love shopping for a cause! I would buy the zip pocket skinnies, the romper, and the courage bracelet. <3

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  35. Bree-- yes, yay for shopping for a cause! :)

  36. HAd no idea F21 is doing this! Must support before Oct is over!

  37. Dizzy-- yes, it's important for us to support the fight against breast cancer. :)