Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween: Amazing Pumpkins! :D

It's October 31st...
Happy Halloween!!! :D

To celebrate Halloween, I just wanted to share with you guys these amazing carved pumpkins:

Of course, I am a big Harry Potter fan, so here we go:

Harry, Ron, and Hermione

Professor Snape

Here are other, more amazing pumpkins:


Look at his lightsaber!!!

Rapunzel -- Tangled

So pretty!!!

Neytiri -- Avatar


This next one amazed me the most:

Captain Jack Sparrow

Wow, wow, wow!!!

Did you attend any Halloween parties this past weekend? Who or what were you dressed up as?

Have fun trick or treating tonight! :D

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  1. I can't believe these are actual pumpkins! Some people are soooo creative and clever. Hope you have a spooky and fun Halloween :)

    Anna xo

  2. Anna-- i knooooow, the people who worked on these pumpkins are honestly so talented and so amazing! :)

    Michelle-- yup! :)

  3. My god.. that's some amazing pumpkin carving skill! I wish we were this festive about Halloween, everyone here just slaps on 'NO TRICK OR TREATERS' signs on their door >.>

    Haha .. going to a delayed Halloween party/18th birthday party this weekend.. if that counts?

  4. How amazing! Hope you have fun tonight! Got the candy bags together..I'm afraid to open it until closer to trick n treat might be gone before the kids can get it.

  5. wow! amazing haha :D looks like a lot of hard work! happy halloween :D

  6. Happy Horrorween Mimi dear <3 what did you dress up as and did you enjoy your weekend/party much? :D Sadly we don't celebrate halloween where I live, I wish they did!! I was reminiscing the Halloweens I celebrated in the states eons ago :P I would love to do that again!! I love Captain Jack Sparrow pumpkin!!!


  7. Happy Halloween! I went to a big Halloween Party Saturday and I had a blast! I was dressed as a Crazy Cats Lady!

  8. Ah, I love halloween because its the start of thanksgiving season! Which is the best because it revolves completely around food. My friends and I made a lovely pumpkin themed dinner (one of my friends made pumpkin creme brulee! how crazy is that?!). All i do is eat pumpkin things. And of course, the parties are nice.

    I love the HP themed ones. They are so sick!

  9. Happy Halloween Gorgeous!!! Loving all these pumpkins. They are just stunning!


  10. wow those are amazing...!! Can't say my pumpkins have ever looked like that!

    Happy Halloween!

  11. It amazes me how talented some people are. My skills don't extend past triangles and circles lol!

  12. Happy Halloween Mimi!

    That yoda pumpkin is amazing! Thanks for sharing! :o)

    We went to a last minute party with a theme of heroes and villains. We were dressed up as Budd and Elle Driver from Kill Bill Vol 2!!

    xo, sam

    P.S. Thanks for the sweet words on my blog!

  13. I love the Rapunzel one! skills! lol =p
    no parties for me ><
    I would have liked to go to one though.
    I also work on weekends so meh ><

  14. These are amazing! I love the HP ones! I hope you are having a fantastic Halloween! I'm going to be watching scary movies tonight. :)

  15. They are so amazing. Very talented carvers. Xxxx

  16. Jen-- aww, noooo. my mom used to want to put that on our door, but we're like "no! we are getting into the halloween spirit!" ;)

    ellie-- haha, i have to restrain myself from eating all the chocolate and candy. ;P

    abby-- happy halloween!

    a!k0-- nope, i didn't really party much. i might go trick or treating tonight though. ;)

    CopyCat-- happy halloween!

    Cafe Moka-- oooh, that costumes sounds interesting! i'm glad you had a blast!

    Punctuation Mark-- happy halloween to you too!!!

    taylor-- wow, pumpkin creme brulee sounds delicious! and i love halloween for the same reason too -- it kicks off the holiday season for me. ;)

    Fashion Meets Food-- happy halloween! and yes, these are definitely amazing! ;)

    jenny-- haha, same here!

    c'est la viii-- i do too!!!

    Leeann-- hahaha, i totally agree! i can never make those, ever... ;)

    sam-- oooh, your costume sounds fantastic!

    Peiji-- i knooow, serious skills! ;)

    Jennifer Fabulous-- thank you, i hope you're having a fantastic halloween as well! :D

  17. Fashionistable-- very talented, indeed! ;)

  18. Thanks so much for your lovely comment,so sorry I hadnt replied back till now! I dont know how Id cope without a Primark :D Its so cheap,its brilliant!
    These are incredible,so creative,Hope your having an amazing Halloween and I hope your having a wonderful week x

  19. Kayleigh-- you're welcome and don't worry about it. :) and yes, primark does sound amazing, i can't wait til i can shop at one. for now though, i am happy with our forever21. ;)

    devin-- i agree! :)

  20. These are incredible- I can't believe the intricate detailing! Makes my triangle nose pumpkin look like a kid carved it :D Happy Halloween!

  21. Tinfoil Tiaras-- i knooow, i can't believe it either. ;) happy halloween!

  22. Incredible! This year I'm not dressing up, BUT we've been partaking in plenty of candy, movies, and pumpkin-y stuff:-) xoxo

  23. Bon Bon-- ooooh, all those sound good to me too! ;)

  24. WOW! I can't believe that those are actually pumpkins! That's amazing!

    Hope you're having a great Halloween!

  25. Stephanie-- i knooow!!! i hope you're having a great one too! :)

  26. These are awesome! My harry potter pumpkin doesn't even come close...

  27. Meri-- haha aww, i'm sure it's not bad! :)

  28. Happy Halloween sweety! My fave pumpkin here is Tangled, CUTE!

    Pssst I am letting all of my google followers know that I changed my domain to Please update your reader if needed :-) Thanks hun!!!

  29. Tamara-- happy halloween!!! and thanks for telling me about your domain change! ;)

  30. I swear u're so creative & happy Halloween

  31. Sanna-- aww, thanks! i love to share creative stuff i find online with you guys! the people who carved these pumpkins are sooo talented. happy halloween! :)

  32. These are really crafty and adorable pumpkin carvings! I loved the Jack Sparrow one. Thanks for sharing!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  33. I thought I had seen it all at the Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze here in NY but I echo your reaction, "wow wow wow"!. Thank you for sharing and thank you for visiting my blog.

  34. Wi-- you're welcome! :)

    Lisa-- you are very welcome and thanks for stopping by too! :D

  35. Hi! :)

    Nice post, girl!. I would like to invite you for my 1st Halloween contest.


  36. Teli-- thank you! and thanks for the invite! :)

  37. WOW! WOW! WOW! The people who carved these masterpieces are seriously legit artists. <3

    Belated Happy Halloween!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  38. Bree-- yes, they really really are! sooo amazing! :)

  39. OMG those pumpkins are amazing!! I love the Harry Potter ones and the Rapunzel one is so cool!! Thanks for sharing them with us! XxxX

  40. Second Hand Rose-- you're welcome! :D

    Sunny&Star-- yup! :)

  41. These are AMAZING! I can never do anything like this. I've never even tried carving a pumpkin.


  42. Carrie-- i don't know if i can do any of these designs even if i tried! ;)

  43. The detail on some of them is amazing! but damn is must of took hours or days to make.

  44. Dizzy-- i knooow! i wonder how long it took them to make these amazing creations... ;)