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Review: MuLondon Natural Organic Skincare

Happy Wednesday! :)

I was going to prepare a Wedding Wednesday post, but I actually have something I've been wanting to share with you guys -- and it's something really good!

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to try and review two amazing moisturisers (I know it's spelled with a "z" the American way, but for this review, I will spell it the English way ;P) from MuLondon.

MuLondon is a small, one-man company based in London, UK.

Boris, MuLondon's founder and head cream-whipper, makes all his products by hand... how amazing is that?!

MuLondon specializes in "producing fabulous natural and organic stuff for your skin, body, and home".

I want to begin this review by introducing MuLondon and its moisturisers:

These are NOT ordinary moisturisers - they are rich, concentrated, healing balms that are to be used sparingly. Great for face, hands and any dry areas of the body.

-100% natural, made with food-grade ingredients, and absolutely no chemicals
-Not diluted with water, super-concentrated, a little bit goes a long way
-Hand-made in London, UK, with certified organic ingredients
-Registered by The Vegan Society and PETA. MuLondon is also a full member of Green America, which shows dedication to sustainability and fair labour practices throughout the whole manufacturing process. MuLondon is one of only 250 fully compliant members of The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics. MuLondon is a registered Humane Corporation, which means it does not support any charities that fund or conduct animal testing.
-MuLondon products are a hit with makeup artists around the world, and have been used on the set of the 2010 Hollywood blockbuster Clash of the Titans.

Boris kindly let me choose which one of his products I want to review -- I was torn between Organic White Chocolate Truffle and Organic Lavender.

Delicious, decadent White Chocolate Truffle face moisturiser. Indulge your mind and your senses in this luxury spread for your skin. Contains organic Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil and extracts of Cocoa and pure Bourbon Vanilla.

Lovely 100% organic face moisturising cream with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Rosemary Extract and Lavender Essential Oil. Great for all skin types, including dry & sensitive skin.

I was so surprised and happy that Boris generously sent me both! :)

I got a 60ml jar of White Chocolate Truffle and a 30ml jar of Lavender.


My moisturisers arrived within 7-10 days, just as Boris has said.

When they arrived, California was experiencing extreme heat (which apparently is still going on well into October... tsk, California! ;P). Because it was so so so hot, my moisturisers arrived melted -- in a serious liquid state.

I immediately sent Boris an email, and he told me to put them in the fridge for 24-48 hours -- they should then go back to their smooth texture, and I should be able to keep them in room temperature (away from direct sunlight, of course).


After more than 24 hours in the refrigerator, however, the moisturisers just wouldn't stay solid and smooth.


Boris is very helpful and accommodating -- he quickly replied to my emails, and he kindly sent me new moisturisers. Thanks, Boris!

You can really tell that Boris cares about the quality of his products, and you can be sure that the moisturisers are made with the best care possible.

my second MuLondon package

a note


The packaging is so cool - they are placed in a pouch like the one above, which is then wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue paper, and sent in a cute, tiny box.


I got the same ones I got the first time. :)

And don't worry, my melted moisturisers didn't go to waste -- I keep them in the fridge and use them to keep my feet soft.

Yay, they're solid!!! ;)


The White Chocolate Truffle smells absolutely fantastic and delicious! It really smells like white chocolate, and every time I put this moisturiser on, I feel like I want to eat chocolate, haha. ;)

MuLondon suggests putting the moisturisers on after a bath or a shower.
And let me tell you, it really works best that way!
24 hours later, my skin still feels soft and smooth.

I usually use my moisturisers for dry areas like elbows, knees, fingers... but sometimes, I indulge and use it for my whole body. Another good thing about this is a little goes a long way. If you put way too much, it will get oily -- but I do find that it doesn't hurt too much to put a little more than you're supposed to. ;)


I love using my Lavender moisturiser at night! It is perfect because it helps me sleep faster.

I also use this to treat dry spots on my arm (that I probably got from being under the sun too much this summer). I felt some tingling and I could really tell that the moisturiser was working its way around the dry skin. When I woke up the next morning, the dry area was pretty much gone -- amazing!

Just a general description of the moisturisers to give you guys more of an idea:

They are like solid balms that melt easily upon contact with the skin. It shouldn't be grainy or gritty. And the smell should be fresh and vibrant.

MuLondon moisturisers are honestly one of the best products I've ever tried.
They are amazing -- from the quality to its packaging.
Come on, how cute are those jars?

60ml -- £13, or approximately $20
30ml -- £7, or approximately $11

Reasonable prices, right?

Besides White Chocolate Truffle and Lavender, they also have Organic Rose, Organic Hemp, and Organic Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh.

Visit to learn more about MuLondon. :)

Have you tried MuLondon moisturisers? Thoughts? Opinions?
Are these something you would want to try?

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  1. haha- so its not so good for a dieter then, I bet :)

  2. What a great review! Boris is a sweetheart. They sound and look very good!!! I love that they're 100% natural and the names are divine. I will most definitely take a look at his website. :)

  3. Meri-- haha, no, it's still good. ;)

    SassyUptownChic-- yes, i think it's fantastic that they're all natural. :)

  4. Very interesting! I will definitely try them! <3<3

  5. sounds really goood..
    and its Organic which is the best...wah..
    follow each other?

  6. Love Sushi and Fashion-- yay! i think you are going to love them. :)

    Ihamo-- sure! :)

  7. lovely photo !

  8. I even haven´t heard about MuLondon, but from your great review these products seem to be very good :) Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Sounds lovely I will have to check these out, if you are interested in natural skincare then check out my blog!

  10. How strange that thwy wouldn't come back to a solid form?! Boris is so kind to have sent you more! I LOVE these moisturizers, after using them, it was hard for me to go back to my normal "chemical" moisturizers

    Chocolate Truffle must smell amazing!

  11. Thanks so much for your sweet comment,good to know im not the only super nervous person in those situations :D
    Fantastic review,these products look gorgeous,like little jars of honey,they look so natural x
    Hope your having a wonderful week.

  12. Mary-- thanks! :)

    Miss L-- you're welcome! and yes, these are very good products! :)

    sugarpuffish-- sure, i will check out your blog! :)

    G A B Y-- yeah, they were probably in an extremely hot place for hours. and yes, i imagine it would be so difficult to go back to normal moisturizers. ;)

    Kayleigh-- you're welcome! and yeah, i love how cute the little jars are. you're right, they're like little jars of honey. ;)

  13. These products look awesome. I love organic skin products.. what you put on your body goes in your body right?

  14. I love lavender! I'd love to try this.

  15. Orange Autumn-- yes, exactly! :)

    ellie-- it's amazing! :)

  16. What incredible incredible service!! You have just given an amazingly thorough review but it has made me interested in trying the product! I am always keen to read of reccommendations when it comes to beauty products and these sounds amazing. Plus the fact it is all made by hand astounds me. So glad you have shared it with us all :)

    Anna xo

  17. Anna-- aww, thanks! and i'm glad you liked my review -- i really wanted to make sure i cover everything i wanted to say. :D

  18. never heard, never seen - but thanks for a great review! i really like how you have beautiful pictures taken of the stuff you write about. i think it's very important that besides a well written review the pictures taken of the product are nice to look at too. and your def are! :)

  19. Thanks for sharing! It looks like great products!

  20. ohhh that's nice! my skins is really sensitive, so maybe i should check them out! lovely blog!

  21. So glad that you were able to get solid versions to review! The white chocolate truffle sounds amazing - I'm going to check out the website now :)

  22. these sound amazing, I've been looking for an
    organic body lotion/moisturizer that I can easily
    use for my feet, elbows, knees, and legs =p
    the prices are very reasonable as well, should
    definitely check it out. great review! :)

    thanks for the FF on twitter =p

  23. ss these sound completely amazing!
    definately need to try and get my hands on the white chocolate one!! x

  24. I have to say I am very tempted by these, these photos are adorable and I love the packaging!

  25. I love organic products and these sound amazing specially the white chocolate truffle :) Great review!

  26. these sound awesome! especially because they're organic. that's always a plus. i would probably get the lavender one too. since the scent usually helps you relax before sleeping.


  27. Norah-- aww, thanks! i'm really happy you like the photos! :)

    Cafe Moka-- you're welcome!

    C&M-- thank you! and yes, this might work well for you. :)

    SewPetiteGal-- if you do try it, let me know how you like it! :D

    Peiji-- i think this has everything you mentioned. :)

    Radiant Makeup-- the white chocolate is amazing!

    Nemo-- yay, these are really awesome products!

    Adriana-- thanks! :)

    Carrie-- yes, lavender is definitely great before sleeping!

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  30. OoOHhh!! =)

  31. a!k0-- yes, definitely! :)

    Jo and Sue-- :D

  32. Wow, these moisturisers sound incredible!

    I love that it's from London because I just love everything London, the scents all sound good, I love the cute jars, and the best part: it's 100% natural!

    It's perfection! Thanks for sharing. :D

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  33. Bree-- yup, they really are incredible. and you're welcome, it was my pleasure to share these with you guys. :D

  34. great review!

    i'm about to purchase a few mulondon products for friends and family. i noticed that you wrote it should be used sparingly whereas i use facial moisturizer and body lotions almost on a daily basis.

    tweet me @_jkyw



  35. Jen-- i'm sure they are gonna love it! and yeah, they recommend using it sparingly as they are really very concentrated. let me know how you and your friends/family like mulondon! :)

  36. These sound great! Perfect for the winter season!

  37. Dizzy-- yup, we all need to moisturize! :)