Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter! :D

Easter Eggs Kittie Colorful Images

i know it's only saturday here in the U.S., but nevertheless, i want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! :D

when i was younger, we used to have Easter egg hunts. sometimes we decorate the eggs ourselves, while some years we use the plastic eggs you can twist open and find a tiny trinket or candy inside. remember those? :)

now that we're a bit older, i think we're just gonna go for the traditional Sunday Mass, and perhaps a family lunch. :)

how did/do you guys celebrate Easter? :)

Happy Easter! :D

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  1. In my country we actually celebrate it on Saturday, or actually for several days, anyway, thank you for your sweet comment, I'm following you now:)

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  3. Sandra-- wow, that is soo interesting to know! :) you're welcome and thanks for following me too. happy easter! :)

    Ms. Chyme-- thank you! :)

  4. Stumbled on your blog-lovely stuff!

    Following you-hope you'll stop by my blog :)

    Cheers, Jesa

  5. Jesa-- hey! thanks for following. i will be visiting and following your blog too! :)

  6. hi there sweetie!
    i was blogwalking just now
    and i found out your blog.

    i really love your site!!
    you also look pretty~!
    hope we can be friend ne!

    PS. followed you already :3

  7. rabbito-bonbon-- hi! thank you soo much! i will definitely follow your blog too. :)

  8. thanks for following
    my blog as well o(^-^)o

    do you have enjoy your
    easter day?? o(^O^)o

  9. aw hope you enjoyed your easter too!

  10. rabbito-bonbon-- no problem! :) we're having a great Easter! :)

    projectvee-- :)

  11. I love the picture... even though I am 22 I think next year Im going to die Easter eggs!


  12. Jessie-- hi! i love the colors in the picture. thanks for following! :)

  13. awww! I love easter egg hunts! Even though I'm now 17, I still want to do that!

    I didn't do that this year, but I am definitely planning to do that next year!

    hope you had a great Easter! <3