Friday, April 16, 2010

Wedding Dress: the basics

I recently made a post about what I learned about engagement rings. Now, I am ready to share the basics about wedding dresses. :)

First off, make sure to book your ceremony and reception locations before actually purchasing or renting your wedding dress. The season and location will have a large impact on the style of dress you will get. It has to be appropriate for the season and time of day, and the decor of the locations needs to be taken into consideration.

There are 6 basic silhouettes:

1. Princess or A-line - It's a full skirt, but not stiffly layered. The most universally flattering silhouette.
2. Ball gown/ Ballerina skirt/ Full skirt - The skirt is extremely stiff and full. The most romantic silhouette.
3. Empire waistline - A high waistline (just below the chest). A skirt that falls straight to the floor.
4. Column/ Sheath - A straight and narrow dress that hugs the body. It is tight-fitting. Very elegant and sophisticated.
5. Trumpet/ Mermaid - It is tight at the waist and hips, fills out towards the feet. It creates an elegant and stylized look.
6. Short - Perfect for an ultra-casual wedding or a civil ceremony. Others also choose to change into a shorter dress for the wedding reception.

*all silhouette images are from*

Dress necklines also differ. Here are some examples:

Halter neckline

Boat or Bateau neckline

Sweetheart neckline

And of course, another popular neckline is a V-neckline. The location of the ceremony will be an important factor as to how deep the V-neck can go.

*all neckline images are from Google*

I hope I was able to share some new information with you. More wedding-related posts to come soon. Happy Friday! :D


  1. gosh can't wait till i get married lol

  2. Love these... mine was kind of like the first one but strapless!


  3. cute! :)

    For my wedding dress, I want it to have a ballerina skirt with either a halter neckline or a Boat or Bateau neckline :)

    Happy FridaY!

  4. I love fantasizing about my future wedding dress, I'm not sure which basic design I like the best though, maybe the first one but with a different neckline.

  5. Diana-- it's such an exciting thought to think about. :)

    Lauren-- it looks really good on. :)

    Jessie-- i'm sure your wedding dress was beautiful. i love A-line skirt. :)

    Breee-- that would look great. :)

  6. S. Bernstein-- me too, i love planning my future wedding in my head. haha. :)

  7. Wow! Very nice post! It was interesting to see the different types of wedding dresses. I mean there are 6 basic silhouettes, but all wedding dresses look a bit different bc of their designers. =]

  8. This is a very fun read, very informative!:D

    Have a lovely weekend, Mimi!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  9. Leenda-- thanks! totally. there are so many different styles to choose from. :)

    Marie-- thanks! have a lovely weekend too! :)

  10. Reading this reminded me of how I helped my sister look for and try on wedding dresses. It's fun daydreaming about how your wedding will be like. I've always imagined my wedding would be somewhere outdoors, maybe on the beach and a wedding dress something similar to the one the lead actress wore in the movie 'Made of Honor'.

    I've read on one of your post that you are taking event planning classes. I am in the same boat as you. I want to be an Event Planner once I get my Bachelor's Degree. I've planned a few events outside of school for the student organization I was in.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. I definitely loving the A-line! So dainty!

    Great post! =)

  12. Quick question Mimi, are you getting married? :-)
    I love this post! I'd love to wear that ball gown ballerina for my wedding, someday. hehe.

  13. Lorraine Aldor-- i love that movie! :D wow, it's great that we're on the same boat. it's really fun. i'm loving it more and more as i'm learning, and i'm excited to finish studying. :) i hope you have a great weekend too! :)

    Susi-- thanks! love the A-line too. :)

    Candid Phobic-- hi! oh nope, i'm not. ahaha. i'm studying to be an event/wedding planner. :) ball gown is beautiful too. :)

  14. pretty sure i was wearing a ballgown dress at my wedding. check out the pictures on my blog.

    i follow you now; feel free to follow me too.

  15. ooohh, i really like the ballgown one:D it's so nice. it's definitely gonna make a feel like a princess:D

  16. Cheryl Clarke-- i will check it out. thanks for following!

    Carrie-- i agree, you'll feel like a princess. :)

  17. lovely post, love to read it!

  18. I wanna wear the ball-gown type dress and get married right now! :D

  19. Koo-- hi! ball gown is beautiful. very princess-like. :)

  20. Very nice post! Now I don't have to walk around saying... You know the one that goes like this, then like this?


  21. Gretchen Niaki-- haha, i know what you mean. and you're welcome! i love sharing what i learn with my fellow bloggers. :)

  22. I loved reading this! I've always wanted a strapless ball gown dress with a sweetheart neckline :) thinking about wedding dresses makes me get all gushy and romantic haha I think there is someting wrong with me... xx

  23. Ariel-- aww, i'm glad you loved it. and nothing's wrong with you, every girl dreams about her future wedding. :) i've been looking through wedding dresses, and i have about 10 that i love. :)