Monday, April 5, 2010

New Orleans food: Beignet

a few months ago, we went on vacation to New Orleans... it was the weekend of the Saints-Cardinals game. it was such a great experience. i was so excited to taste their cuisine, more than anything. whenever my family and i go somewhere new, we always make sure that we never scrimp on food. so what better way to immerse yourself in Orleans than to eat, right?

so far, food in New Orleans is one of the best i've tasted. they have a lot to choose from, most of which you have to eat to say that you've really been to Orleans. :)

on my list to eat are beignets -- French doughnuts. :)

the most well-known place to get them is Cafe Du Monde located on Decatur Street in the French Quarter. it was a Sunday morning after Mass, (we went to St. Louis Cathedral-- a very beautiful church), when we were walking around by Orleans' share of the Mississippi River, that we suddenly felt the need to go and eat some beignet with cafe au lait for breakfast. our tour booklet said to go to Cafe Du Monde. we got there, and OMG! the line went all the way from the inside of the cafe to the street outside. now, that can only mean one thing: they really do have the best beignets in the French Quarter.

we weren't able to get beignets from there, but fortunately there are other cafes that serve them. we went to this cute and cozy cafe called Cafe Beignet. they have a nice selection of breakfast entrees, and of course, as their name implies, beignets. :)

we were also able to buy beignet mix, allowing us to make some in our own home here in California. :) they are also available online.

Beignet mix

yummy beignets. :D


  1. I love beignets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Marie-- they're really good. :)

  3. mhh yummy wanna try those! :D how delicious...

  4. Damn, I wish I could eat this :P

  5. Wow, I'm really hungry!!! :C
    That funny place! I love the flowers around me, so colorful! I love your blog, it's really nice and particular!
    Now I'm your follower ;D, I hope u'll follow me too on: . See u soon! Xoxo

  6. It looks so yummy and delicious!!!!
    Love your blog!! And your name! "Mimi" is so cute! I'll be back :-)


  7. WOW yummmm!!! This is killing me with sugar cravings! ahah.

    Thanks so much for becoming a follower of my blog! I hope you enjoy it!


  8. those look awesome!

  9. they look so yummy!

  10. Selma-- they are light and yummy. :) i don't know where else they have this, but you can order online. :)

    projectvee-- :D

    Koo-- :D

    Coco-- thanks for following! i will definitely follow back. :)

    Kelly-- thank you so much! you have a pretty name as well. :D

    Aleisha-Rose-- you're welcome! thanks for following back! :)

    Aimee-- :D

    missy_ellie_uk-- :D

  11. i love love love beignet.
    its sooo good. especially when its still kinda warm.

  12. Carrie-- you are soo right! they're really really good when they're still warm. and perfect for both hot and cold drinks. :)

  13. I lovelovelove Beignets! :)
    they are super delicious!

    New Orleans is very intense in a good way!


  14. i love beignets! Im originally from Cali but moved to New Orleans about a year ago and im so in love with them! (makeup)

  15. Sandra.J-- they are heaven! :D