Thursday, April 15, 2010

Victoria's Secret: Secret Garden Collection

Whenever I feel like giving my Daisy by Marc Jacobs a rest, I always go back to my Victoria's Secret Body Mist. I've been using body sprays and lotions from Victoria's Secret for as long as I can remember. My sisters and I each have our own "signature scent". I always used to love Secret Crush; however, the couple of times that I went back to Victoria's Secret, they didn't have it. It was sad, but then again I thought maybe it's a sign that I should start trying other scents, and then I saw Secret Charm: their new scent. :D

So I decided to go ahead and try it. And so far, I've been loving how it smells.

I bought the body mist and the hand and body cream last Thanksgiving. And then luckily, my Aunt gave me the body lotion for Christmas (without knowing that that was my new scent!).
Refresh skin with this irresistible blend of honeysuckle, gala apple and stephanotis. Soothing mist, with moisturizing aloe vera and calming chamomile, leaves skin kissed with softness and sensuous scent. ($9)

I love how light the scent is. It's so refreshing and airy. Now that the weather is starting to get hotter and hotter, what I like to do is spray it all over me. It feels so good since it stays in cool in the cupboard in my room where I keep my perfumes and other stuff like that. :)

Condition skin with this irresistible blend of honeysuckle, gala apple and stephanotis. Deeply emollient, sensuously scented cream, with ultra-moisturizing avocado and sweet almond oils, is perfect for anywhere skin needs extra pampering like hands or knees. ($9.50)

This is very moisturizing and creamy: a little goes a long way.

Pamper skin with this irresistible blend of honeysuckle, gala apple and stephanotis. Conditioning lotion, with nourishing aloe, oat and grapeseed extracts, plus antioxidant vitamins C and E, leaves skin enriched with moisture and sensuous fragrance. ($9)

Out of the three products I have, this is the one that I finished first. It was mostly because I used this as my everyday lotion. It's less creamy than the body cream (their names are self-explanatory, haha). They pretty much work the same way. Ultimately, it all comes down to preference. :D

They also have other available products such as body wash, eau de toilette, body butter, and bath/shower cream. There are many other scents to choose from too. Check them out here. :)

Victoria's Secret normally has specials, so watch out for them. Right now their website says that you can get Secret Garden Collection products at 3 for $24 or 5 for $30.

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  1. Hello MIMI ma chere,
    What a cute blog. Love Victoria Secret, Harry Potter and Jason of course.Thank you for following me, following you too now!
    Gros bisous

  2. I was able to smell Secret Charm the last time I was at Victoria's Secret and it does have a very refreshing scent. So delicate and feminine.

    I love sweet & musky scents like Pear Glace & Amber Romance. On the lighter notes, I do enjoy the Sweet Daydream. My husband likes the apple scent.:D

    I like the cream better than the butter.:D

    Hope you are having a lovely week.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. omg i want to smell it!!
    why isn't there a victoria's secret store or somnething in the Netherlands...=.='

  4. Sounds great! thanks for the recommendation! xoxo

  5. I love the body mists by Victoria's Secret. I always get the Love Spell mist. I have a few back ups just in case I misplace one. Haha!! I'll have to get to their store to try out this scent. Thanks!


  6. Frenchy-- you're welcome and thank you so much for following back. :)

    Marie-- sweet daydream smells good. :)

    Vivian-- aww, i think you can order online, but yeah not knowing the scent might be a big problem. let me know if there's any way i can help. like maybe i can tell you if a scent smells good or not. :)

    Taj Acosta-- you're welcome! :)

  7. Lorraine Aldor-- no prob! love spell smells good too. it's more on the sweet side. :)

  8. I love how affordable their lotions are and the affordability too. You have a very cute blog. I'm a follower now =)

  9. Thanks for stopping by & following Mimi! :) I definitely need to get some VS garden collections myself.. I've always stuck thru with bath and body works.. but excited to change it up! :D i love this particular one you posted up too!

  10. naturalnchicmakeup-- me too. and thanks! :)

    Alyssamae.-- you're welcome! i, on the toher hand, should go and try some bath and body works. haha. :)

  11. I really want to smell their new scents, I used to always buy deal they had 5 for a special price! xoxo

  12. Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY!-- they have really great deals. :)

  13. Thanks for the tip! I haven't used VS body sprays in such a long time, I'll have to check this one out. The honeysuckle & apple notes sound delicious!

  14. Victoria Secret Lotions and Sprays are definitely the old standby. You just can't go wrong. My favorite was a limited edition they did for Christmas called Merry Vanilla Twirl. In the warmer months though I switch off to some of the lighter ones. I haven't tried this one though I will have to check it out :)

  15. aw, i love it when people have a signature scent. my favorite right now is YSL's parisienne, its perfect for spring and my boyfriend loves it when I wear it! <3

  16. emilia-- :)

    Ashleigh-- you're welcome! that does sound so good. :)

    Jamie-- you are so right. you can never go wrong with them and you'll always find something you'd like. :)

    Jessica-- that smells really good. :)

  17. Nice! :) It sounds like it smells delish! :)

    I use the Endless Love lotion and body spray :D

    Happy Friday!

  18. Breee-- Happy Friday to you too! :)

  19. oooh i've never smelled this one before! i will definitely have to give it a try :) cute blog!