Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lush: Ocean Salt

I've known about Lush for a couple of years now, and although they have really great products, I haven't really bought much from them... until now. I guess it's because I'm older now, thus I appreciate beauty and cosmetic products more. But still, I would definitely not call myself a Lush expert. So for those who've just recently tried their products or haven't yet, we're on the same boat. :)

The first product I am gonna talk about is their Ocean Salt scrub. I actually didn't know that my Mom bought this until I saw it in her shower. Haha. ;)

I searched for it on their website, and here is a picture and description:

We make this best-selling scrub out of fine and course sea salt to give your skin a fresh glow like you've just spent a week at the beach. Brightening and cleansing grapefruit infusion and lime oil are balanced with nutritious and moisturizing fresh avocado butter and coconut fat. Cleanse with Ocean Salt and you'll notice an immediate difference. We recommend those with flaky or dry skin use this once a week to exfoliate while those with oily skin cleanse daily with it (lucky you!). $32.95 (8.8oz.)


For some reason, the one we have says it's a face and body scrub, but the picture here says it's only a face scrub. Maybe there is a difference, but the description is basically the same. :)

So, here's what I think about it:

The first time I opened the clay pot and smelled it, there was a bit of a weird smell, but it grows on you. I now love how it smells. I like washing my face with it because it does feel like my face glows and is cleaned after. Sometimes I end up tasting the scrub, either because I put on too much or I accidentally open my mouth. If anything, it tastes okay. It's citrus-y, just like how it's described. But most of all, what I really love to do is scrub my hands, elbows, knees, and feet with it. I know that there are many products out there to scrub your feet with, but you gotta use what you have, right? And can I just say, it works great. :)

If you are going to keep this in your shower (like we do, because ours say it's also a body scrub), make sure to put the lid back on because otherwise, water is gonna get in, and we all don't want that. :)

Oh, and keep your Lush clay pots because if I remember correctly, you can bring back 5 clean clay pots to any Lush store and get a free face mask. :)

Have a great week, everyone! :)


  1. don't know why but for some reason the salt looks yummy to me XD thanks for the review, def put it on my list of things to try XD

  2. Frances-- haha, it does. you're welcome! :)

  3. I love their Ocean Salt! My hands, feet and elbows are so soft after using it! Another big favorite? Big Shampoo...It's SUPER fun and really does add volume to my thin, limp hair :D

  4. Thanks for the comment and for following me! I've added you as well.

    I love Lush! Sadly, we don't have one in Denver. I still have some shea hand butter I got a few agos in San Fran though. I love their products!

  5. Does this product sting? Sorry I know nothing about it yet hehe.

  6. N-- oooh, i should try big shampoo. i want to add more volume to my hair. :)

    Hillary-- i hope they open one near you soon! :)

    Candid Phobic-- good question. hmmm, so far it doesn't. but i just don't know if it will sting when in contact with a cut or wound. it probably will. hope that answered your question. :)

  7. oohh, i've tried this and i love it. it makes my face sooo soft. and the smell is soo refreshing:D

  8. I've never bought anything from there either but all the stuff does look great. I think I will have to test something sometime.

  9. i've never heard of them, ill have to look for it! thanks for the review. <3

  10. this looks nice! i should try it sometime :)

  11. I heard many people say that this is too harsh to use for their skin. I'm debating whether or not to try this out! >___<

  12. Chloe-- they have great products. and they're all natural, so that's a good thing. :)

    Jessica-- you're welcome! :)

    projectvee-- hope you get the chance to. :)

    Susie-- you can always visit a Lush store near you and try it out. :)

  13. I haven't used many products from Lush either, but a friend of mine has billions of products and she introduced me to this one. I have not bought it myself but everytime I am over, I use it and i love it!!! :) I guess maybe its about time I get my own and try some new things out haha

  14. This is a good hand and foot scrub. It could really be a bit harsh on the face.:D

    My fave part is the scent, smells so yummy!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  15. Simply Simplicity-- haha, same here! that's what i used to do. i just ask my sister for some of her Lush stuff. :)

    Marie-- yup it works really well as a scrub. and it smells good. :)

  16. LOL - "Sometimes I end up tasting the scrub, either because I put on too much or I accidentally open my mouth." -- made me giggle :)

    I'd tried a couple lush products a few years back and like them but you've made me really want to try this scrub! Can't wait to get my hands (and feet) on it ;)


  17. Meg-- hahaha. it does sound funny. i couldn't find another way to describe it. :D