Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Buffet at the Wynn Las Vegas

It's Thursday, the weekend is almost here!

I've noticed that I haven't made a post about food or travel for the past couple of weeks. So, here is one filled with pictures. :D

The last time we went to Las Vegas, we ate dinner at The Buffet at the Wynn. We were all hungry after hours on the road and walking around our favorite Vegas spots, that quite frankly, any restaurant would do. But The Buffet totally exceeded our expectations (and our grumbling stomachs). I am only 19 years old, therefore, I don't really go to Vegas to gamble... I go there to shop and, of course, to eat. And can I just say, this is, by far, one of the best meals of my life. :D

We were staying at The Venetian (maybe a separate post sometime next week?), which is a couple of hotels away from the Wynn. A fairly short walk. We were all excited to eat and relax.

The Wynn is one of the newest hotels in the Las Vegas strip. The exterior and interior are both very beautiful, elegant, and posh... you will just love to walk around and take pictures (and possibly stay there for the night). :D

Entering The Buffet, you will see gorgeous flower/fruit arrangements everywhere. They are so pretty that you will subconsciously want to take them home. Haha. ;)

Here are pictures:

It may be a bit pricey, our bill came up to about $350-$400 for six people. But, I have a feeling that at the end of your dining experience here, you wouldn't really mind. Why? Because you're at the Wynn, surrounded by gorgeous flowers, sitting on a comfy chair, being served by nice people, eating the softest lamb chops, the creamiest pasta, and one of the best prime rib I've ever tasted...

They have a wide selection that those who prefer seafood over meat will enjoy it just as much as I did. I promise. :)

It is such an experience that you won't regret paying however much you pay. You will actually want to go back the next time you're in Vegas (I know I do). :D

assorted cheese, rack of lamb, gnocchi, and squash ravioli

strawberry and banana crepe

chocolate/banana cake, strawberry cake, and cream puff

peach mousse, chocolate mousse, and creme brulee

other yummy desserts

When you find yourself on vacation in Las Vegas, I recommend you add this to your plans. :)

Random fact: In 2009, The Buffet was declared the "Best Buffet in Las Vegas". I totally agree. :D


  1. Umm, can we say YUM?! I'm going to Vegas soon and I'm excited to try this buffet. We always go to the Bellagio buffet but it looks like we'll have to give Wynn a go this time around! Thanks for sharing this ♥ I'm 22 and I haven't been to vegas since before I turned 21 so this will be an exciting and very different Vegas trip for me, hehe

  2. That looks amazing! I love 'dining experiences' like that, it's not just about the food (although that has to be top, too), it's also about the atmosphere and dressing up... Mmm!

  3. Mimi!:D This Buffet is AMAZING!

    I love the decor, the food, and the price is good for the quality of dining experience this place has to offer.:D

    Love love love The Wynn, will surely go back to this buffet the next time I'm in Vegas!:D

    Please do make another Vegas post, The Venetian would be a nice topic.:D

    Happy Thursday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. Mmmm all of those desserts look so delicious!!!! I love tiny desserts =)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. alexa p.-- have fun!!! please please try the wynn buffet. it's really good. :)

    Cafe Bellini-- i totally agree with you! dressing up is part of the fun too. :)

    Marie-- happy thursday! i will surely make another one. :D

    Lisa Lisa Lisa-- you're welcome. :D

  6. Mmm! I've never ate at the Wynn buffet before. Looks like I need to go try it out now!

  7. thanks mimi! i'm going to las vegas next saturday, so ill definetley have to check that out!

  8. yumm! I know where I'm going next Vegas trip! I love the Wynn because it has a Manolo Blahnik store! xoxo

  9. Making me veryyyyyy hungry


  10. Susie-- please do! :D

    Kakes-- oooh, that is soo exciting. hope you take pics and share it on your blog. i look forward to it. :D

    Taj Acosta-- oooh, yes! they have a chanel too. :D

    Jessie-- i'm hungry too. ;)

  11. Yummmm! Yes, more food posts, please! I love food! I have never been to Vegas, dying to go!

  12. shari-- aww, hope you get to go soon. and yes, there will be more food posts. :)

  13. that looks so amazing.
    i wanna go to Las Vegas/ :)

    YUMM im hungry now. :(


  14. Great photographs !! I miss Vegas I go every month but I have not went for the past 2 :( o and btw....

    Ive nominated you for an award :) Hope you have a good weekend. :)

  15. Wow what a nice place and food -.- hahah
    Much Love MaryWhitney


  16. Just gave you a blog award :) check it out on my blog ♥

  17. Wow! The flowers look so pretty and the place looks so nice. Oh my gosh, the food looks so good too. lol Especially the desserts! hahah

  18. I agree! this buffet was delicious!


  19. oh wow. these looks so amazing. the flowers are beautiful too. i can't wait till my family decides to have another vegas trip:D

  20. linutana-- thanks! :)

    Awaiting-- when you go, i hope you eat at this buffet. :)

    Renay Shanel-- aww, thanks!!! :D

    MaryWhitney-- :D

    alexa p.-- thanks, alexa! :D

    Leenda-- hahah, yup! :)

    amy-- ;D

    Breee-- it really was. :)

    Carrie-- maybe this summer? :)

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