Saturday, May 1, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Louis Vuitton

Almost everyone I know absolutely loves Louis Vuitton. When the term "designer handbag" is said, no doubt, Louis Vuitton is one of the first name brands that come to mind. It's classic and will forever be in style. :D

I was lucky enough to own my very first LV bag when I was 16 years old. My Mom gave me this (not the actual picture):

Around this time, I also found a black LV scarf in my Mom's closet (which means she doesn't own it anymore because I asked for it, lol). And then, when I was 17, my parents gave me a Speedy 30 as a Christmas/ early 18th birthday gift. :D

I love my bags and scarf very very much. I expect that my next LV purchase would now come out of my own pocket (unless Mommy and Daddy feel like being generous, hahaha). I'm keeping my fingers crossed. ;)

Louis Vuitton has sooo many different kinds of leather goods to choose from - bags that are both classic and trendy. They also offer shoes, sunglasses, and ready-to-wear clothes for both men and women.

Here are some celebrities who love Louis Vuitton:

Tyra Banks

Jessica Simpson (Who could ever forget her LV dog carrier?)

Beyonce and her $52,500 Limited Edition LV Handbag

*all images are from Google*

So, ladies, what are your thoughts on Louis Vuitton? :D

Oh, and btw, Happy 1st of May! Summer is almost here. :)


  1. I have been putting off getting the LV speedy bag for about 2 years now :) I Just can't seem to make up my mind on which bag to buy lol I'm struggling between the Speedy 30 bag just because it such a classic hand bag and but on the other side I want the Neverful MM tote bag because it's huge and I can carry it on my shoulders. Any opinions on which is better??

  2. LV has some lovely stuff, I agree. I also have two LV bags, including the same little one. They never go out of style so they are always worth the investment :-)
    My last purchase was a Dior, though, and I absolutely adore it.
    I heart designer bags!

  3. LV always has the cutest stuff! love the tote bags and the little speedy purses! those are our fav. ones! :) thanks for sharing!

  4. who doesn't love LV!
    i had my first LV when i was 13 and i love all my LV goodies till death=].

  5. ohhhh i love that second bag! and beyonces bag is gorgeous!

  6. I must be the only one who doesnt think much of LV! To me it makes me think of really trashy over tanned looking chav's in juicy couture velour tracksuits carrying tiny LV bags! Its not a brand I associate with class and sophistication :P

    I much prefer Vivienne Westwood or Chanel :)


  7. love LV! got my first and only one when i graduated high school. i think its time for another one!!

  8. Diana-- speedy 30 is pretty space-y on the inside too, but if your main concern is being able to carry it around easily, then the tote may be the better choice cuz speedy can only be carried by holding it or letting it rest on your forearm. they are both worth the investment, though. :D

    Cafe Bellini-- i love them too! :D

    akaCola-- no prob! :)

    Vivian-- :D

    Shelley Ann-- beyonce's bag is super expensive though. haha. :)

    beautyandthebeast-- chanel is a classic brand too. :)

    Tara-- yes, maybe it's time to indulge in another one. :)

  9. I only really like their bags which aren't plastered in their logo - but that is how I feel about all logos; why should I pay to advertise for a company?

    In any other pattern though, they make some really lovely bags.

    Chic on the Cheap

  10. I absolutely adore Louis Vuitton bags! :)
    I also own a LV bag :) I love it so much!

    Happy Saturday!

    btw I gave you an award, come check it out!

  11. Lyddie Gal-- you make a good point. :)

    Breee-- oooh, an award! thanks! :D

  12. thanks hun speedy bags are so . . . classic though still debating lol Thanks for you post hun. I will let you know on what i decide.

  13. Louis Vuitton handbags are now the all-embracing accepted in baggage, the accoutrements and Louis vuitton bags from which all others are judged.

  14. Thelw na me yiothethsete!! H mama sou einai foverh! An mporeseis, anevase kai photos me ta apokthmata sou, opws kai me th nea sou tsanta na se xaroume! Filakia**

  15. It looks nice to Tyra Banks!:D

  16. I love LV! I don't own anything from the line yet, but I want a bag really badly. I'm saving up!

  17. i love your blog!
    u are so cute!

    add you +++
    if u want, can you me add ;D

    kkisss :*

  18. Love, will always be a classic. I'm more of an Hermes girl myself, but will never turn up my nose at a Louis!

  19. Diana-- no prob! :D

    Yours To Keep-- thanks for the comment! :)

    Cecilie-- yup! :)

    Collegiate Couture-- i'm excited for you to get one. :D

    Eve Gore-- aww, thanks! of course i'll follow you too! :)

    shari-- oooh, i want to have an hermes bag too! :)

  20. Loving my Speedy 35!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  21. Love LV!!! Everyone does!!!


    Nothing to add. :D

  23. love LV!! I have many favourite!

  24. Marie-- :D

    Kelly-- yup, almost everyone does. :)

    Susi-- i absolutely agree! :)

    patricia-- :D

    Francine-- i love it! :)