Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Chanel

I really really want a Chanel bag. Just to get these two bags is enough to make me happy. To get more than that will be heaven. Haha. :)

In my opinion, this is a classic Chanel bag that I would love love love to own.

To have it in my favorite color is a dream come true as well. :)
Celebrities also loooooooove Chanel:

Nicole Richie and that gorgeous red Chanel

Nicole Richie, again with another Chanel

Lo Bosworth, Lauren Conrad, and Audrina Patridge
(I'm not sure if Lo and Audrina are carrying Chanel too, but Lauren certainly is.)

Victoria Beckham

*all images are from Google*

Thoughts? Opinions? :D


  1. Hello! I have that bag! The classic 2.55 - got it as an anniversary present from my husband last year :-) !!! The box it comes in is also lovely...!

  2. i agree - these bags are so timeless and they really add that extra *umph* to any outfit!

  3. I agree with alexa p. No matter what time period,it'll never go out of style-you can't call them bizarre. I like the soft leather ones the best!


    ps. I'm following you now, feel free to check out my blog and maybe even follow:)

  4. Cafe Bellini-- hi! awww, that's sooo sweet! :D

    alexa p.-- i totally agree! :)

    mila-- i love those too. i'd love to own one. and of course, i'll follow you too! :D

  5. I'd love to own one too! If

  6. Leenda-- same here. *sigh* :)

  7. I've always wanted a red chanel bag. That and a Coach Poppy-- they're soooo colorful!
    I'm following your blog, please check out mine too.

  8. I would like to own a Chanel bag one day... unfortunately they are way to expensive for me to buy one. I had gone window shopping at Rodeo Drive last year, and I passed by the Chanel store and saw a bag I really wanted to get, but I couldn't.

    I really like the one Lauren Conrad is carrying.

    Great post Mimi!!

  9. Oh I wish I could have one! I really love the black one Nichole Ritchie has, it seem like the ideal size for me (: Maybe one day lol

  10. I want a black and a red!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  11. I love love loveee chanel bags! They are just way too gorgeous. My favorite is the one Lauren Conrad was carrying :) I managed to find a reasonable fake in some of my travels and I adore it anyone, I just can't help it!


  12. *sigh* i want one too! :(

  13. I LOVE Chanel! Its the ultimate classic. But I can't imagine spending the money on it at this point in my life!

    One day!


  14. Hannah-- hi! thanks for following. i will definitely check out your blog too. :)

    Lorraine-- one day, we will all be able to get one. lol. :D

    Allie-- yes, one day! :D

    Marie-- the red is beautiful too! :)

    AmberLights-- i haven't been lucky enough to find a really good fake chanel. lauren's bag is pretty too. :)

    Tara-- sigh. ;)

    MsHark-- yup, one day. :D

  15. chanel is so classy! great choice :)

  16. I looove chanel bag,too!
    Great post.

  17. Chanel equates class and gorgeousness hehe. I'd love to own one!

  18. I would just die if i could afford Chanel! :)
    Great post and i LOVE your bloog.


  19. Chanel definitely has lovely handbags!

  20. sayablack-- thanks! :)

    Candid Phobic-- you described it perfectly! :D

    Awaiting-- thank you! :)

    amy-- yup! :)

  21. i wanna own one when i grow up. and i actually wanna buy it with my own money. imagine how that would feel?

    makes me excited. great post:D

  22. Carrie-- omg, i think that would be amazing! :D

  23. cutecutecute!

    I want one in blue!