Monday, May 24, 2010

My everyday makeup :D

Happy Monday! :D

I can't believe this is the last week of May. Next Tuesday will be the 1st of June.

One word: Woah...
2010 flew by!

When I was in junior high, I always used to put makeup on whenever I leave the house (except for school because it wasn't allowed). Then, when I went to high school, I kinda stopped (even though it was allowed, haha). But now that I am older, I've noticed that I enjoy putting makeup more than before. I guess some things really do come with age. :)

So, here are the makeup products I use daily:

Products for my face:

MAC foundation (NC27), MAC concealer (NW25), and Elf blush (Flushed).

At first, I wasn't really comfortable with using foundation, but now I've learned how to put it on properly. I love my concealer because I can hide my tiny tiny pimples and downplay my eye bags. I always make the mistake of putting on way too much blush, and when I use this I end up looking flushed (haha, as the name implies). So, now I put just a tad when I use this or I use a lighter blush. :)

Products for my lips:

Clinique lip gloss (Juicy Apple), NYX lip gloss (Kiss), and my favorite lip balm.

I always put lip balm on, then my favorite lip gloss of the week. I have a couple of lip glosses, and at the time I took these pictures I liked using these two. But now, I use my other NYX lip gloss in Strawberry.

*I also made separate posts on my Clinique lip gloss and strawberry lip balm. For the lip gloss click here. For the lip balm click here. :D*

Products for my eyes:

Lash curler, Eyelid Primer, Liquid eyeliner, Lash & Brow Mascara, Eyeshadow quad (Luxe)... all from e.l.f.

I haven't yet mastered putting on eyeshadow, that's why when I'm in a hurry I don't put any on because I don't want it to look bad. But I do always put mascara on. However, I use this kind because my eyes tend to get all water-y. It works okay for me, but I want to get a waterproof one too. The liquid eyeliner is good too, I just have to practice more. :)

Most of my makeup are from e.l.f. because it's a really great line, especially for those just starting out with makeup (like me, haha). They are very affordable and the quality is really good. I love it. :)

My foundation and concealer are from MAC because as my sister always says, "MAC has the best stuff". :D

What makeup do you use on a daily basis?

*P.S. I started my cake decorating class today. It's a bit hard, but definitely interesting and enjoyable. Once I have a couple of pictures I will be making a post about it. :D*

*I also won a giveaway today! It's soo exciting. It made my day. Thanks to Kelly Lauren!*

Another week closer to summer! Have a great one! :D


  1. I love everyday makeup posts :) I want to try e.l.f products soon. Btw, Congratulations on winning the giveaway! I've entered a few myself - fingers crossed that I'm as lucky as you ♥

  2. alexa p.-- thanks! don't worry, you're bound to win one too! :D

    A La Moda-- it's great! :)

    Eva-- :D

    Sandra-- it is. :)

  3. It's true that foundation's really important so it's worth spending more on it. MAC is good!

  4. Cafe Bellini-- it is. i'm starting to appreciate it more and more. :)

  5. There's a tag for you on my blog

  6. I am the same way. I'm only starting to wear makeup on now. Mainly mascara, and eye liner. Other wise I'm makeup clueless. lol.

  7. I wear less makeup the older I get, definitely! Today just Bare Minerals, I have major undereye circles and it's really annoying, and that helps a lot, plus blush, I fill in my brows and do lipliner and gloss. It's too hot here 8 months out of the year for eye makeup, it just melts off!

  8. So excited to read about your cake decorating classes! And I completely agree...2010 is going by at a scary rate :( x

  9. Haha, Mimi, we are the same when it comes to our makeup "history"! :D

    I cannot leave the house without my daily eyebrow basis. I'm using a lot of stuff by "Makeup-Factory".

    Havn't checked out MAC or Elf in my short makeup career.

  10. ive never heard of elf makeup before! from the looks of it though, it seems good! i think i mostly use covergirl, but i dont really wear that much makeup...mascara and cover-up most days!

  11. sibelle-- oooh, that's exciting. i will go check that out. :)

    Kelly-- we are so the same. :)

    shari-- i'm not much a fan of eye makeup. i do like light makeup best. :)

    Ariel-- i will just be collecting photos, then i will definitely make a post. :)

    Susi-- i haven't checked out makeup-factory. but now i will. :)

    Shelley Ann-- covergirl is good too. i'm not sure if elf is sold in stores, i got mine from online. :)

  12. Yup totally agree. Mac products are great especially their brushes, you can keep them for yearss.. =D lol xx

  13. xWHLo-- i have yet to try their brushes. maybe when i'm better at putting makeup on. :)

  14. Yes! Definitely post up pictures of your cake decorating class. I want to know how it goes. I took one class and thought the same thing. It is a bit hard, but you catch on. =]

  15. Leenda-- i will. i'm excited to finally get the hang of it. :D

  16. We have the same kind of foundation and concealer!;D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  17. Great makeup post, love it!
    MAC is totally nro.1 :)

  18. Marie-- it's really great. :)

    Mindey-- thanks! :)

  19. cute :D

  20. nice post. i usually apply concealer, blush, and mascara. and i'm ready to go. haha. oh and some chapstick. i'm not really a big fan of lip gloss.

  21. Carrie-- some of my friends don't like wearing lip gloss either.

  22. hi Mihi! I've never seen e.l.f before, is that popular in your area?? :) the beige lip and the eye shadow look nice anyway♪

  23. yuri-- yup, it is. they sell one dollar items. my eyeshadow and other elf stuff are actually from the dollar line. :)