Monday, May 10, 2010

InStyle: Hair & Makeup Secrets to Go

I was reading the latest issue of InStyle magazine, and they have a flap next to page15 that features hair and makeup secrets. And so I thought that it'd be nice to make a post about it and share the tips with all of you. :D

*not in same order as in the magazine*

1. Concealers with peachy undertones help hide undereye circles the best. The warm shade neutralizes dark circles.

2. Minimize sun damage and look flawless with a mineral-based foundation. The minerals offer natural SPF, so they increase the efficacy of your regular sunscreen.

3. To numb eyebrows before tweezing, place a bag of frozen peas on your brow bone for two minutes.

4. Dab cream blush on lips instead of lipstick for a hint of color. It deposits pigments without the glossiness for a more natural finish.

5. Lipsticks that are more blue-based (think cherry red) counter teeth's yellow hues.

6. To remove hair products, apply shampoo to roots a few minutes before showering. The undiluted soap starts immediately unlocking the buildup from strands.

Great tips to know, right? Thanks, InStyle!

Have a great week ahead, everyone! :D

*all images from Google*


  1. Thanks for sharing. Hm, about the peas, though... don't know about that!

  2. shampoo! thts so interesting!

  3. I definitely agree with the blue-toned red lipstick thing, orangy reds make my teeth look so yellow!

  4. Cafe Bellini-- you're welcome! haha, i don't usually do the whole frozen bag of peas thing either. :)

    Kakes-- yup, i didn't know that. :)

    missy_ellie_uk-- yup! :D

  5. amazing tips right here, will definitely be using these pretty soon!

  6. Suyinsays-- InStyle has really great tips. :D

  7. Oooo pretty gd idea with the shampoo, gona try that out lol =D xx

  8. xWHLo-- the shampoo tip really is interesting. :D

  9. These are all such wonderful tips! I'm so happy I stumbled across your blog. I'm definitely going to use the cream blush on my lips b/c it sounds like a brilliant idea. Oh, and also the shampoo one is priceless!

  10. I must be the only one that *always* leaves the shampoo in my hair for a few mins then rinses it off to get all the dirt off :) Some shampoo's suggest this....I think Kerastase and Phyo does :)

    I will give number 5 a try :)


  11. Great tips. =] Is this from the latest instyle mag? I'm waiting for mine to come in the mail.

  12. omg. these are very good tips. especially the last one. i will definitely try it:D

  13. My sisters should use a bag of frozen peas before I pluck their eyebrows!:D

    Good read.:D Thanks for sharing, Mimi!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  14. Ohh awesome, thanks for sharing :D

    The first one is verrry helpful, i don't get much sleep :P


  15. Jennifer Fabulous-- i like the cream blush tip too. thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

    beautyandthebeast-- :D

    Leenda-- yup, it's from the latest instyle.

    Carrie-- everyone loves the shampoo tip. :)

    Marie-- :D

  16. Julie-- they are super great tips. :)

  17. Thanks for sharing! I never though to start shampooing before getting in the shower!

    Chic on the Cheap

  18. thanks for sharing! that concealer looks so dark... i wonder how well it works :P wanna try!

  19. Great tips.. thanks for sharing. :) My sister uses instant coffee in her hair in the shower, once a week to clarify her hair.. cheap and does a great job.. plus who wouldn't want to smell like coffee!!! mmmmmm...

    xx Love & Aloha

    *Swing by my blog to enter The Pagestoppers giveaway!

  20. Yay for red lippy!

    Vanilah xx

  21. Thanks for sharing, hun! The tip to using frozen peas is very good!!!

  22. LyddieGal-- you're welcome! i'm happy to share. :)

    Frances-- that concealer is just an example i got from google. it doesn't necessarily have to be that exact shade. sorry for the confusion. ;)

    sharonlei-- wow, coffee? that sounds good. :)

    VanilahFashion-- yay! :D

  23. i loveeee the red Lancome lipstick!
    so nice in winter especially!
    awesome blog!


  24. Mystery Bruises-- thanks! and yup, red lipstick is good. :D

  25. cool tips!
    I am definitely going to try the frozen peas on my eyebrows so it wouldn't hurt too much!