Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How about some videos? :D

Hi everyone! I hope we all had an awesome Tuesday. It was chilly today here in LA - that makes me both sad and happy. Sad because, yes, I guess summer is really over. Happy because the heat really drove me crazy, it's almost scarves and boots season, and Christmas is just around the corner. :D

I have pictures ready for future blog posts, please watch out for those. ;) But, for now, I just want to share with all of you 3 videos - 1 music video and 2 movie trailers. Do you guys remember when YouTube started out? I honestly don't, it's like I don't remember life before YouTube and DVR, haha! Just kidding, okay, maybe not. ;)

One song that has been stuck in my head for maybe a week now is Enrique Iglesias' I Like It. Is it just me or does he look wayyyy cuter now than he did before? What song is stuck in your head?

Easy A looks like a fun movie. I think it's cool because I'm pretty sure the majority of us remember reading The Scarlet Letter in high school. Plus, Amanda Bynes is in this movie, and I like that she plays the mean girl - a change from her previous roles. I'm sad that she retired from acting. But anyways, there are also a lot of other actors in this movie - like one of my favorites, Stanley Tucci. :D

Would you watch this movie?

This next movie - You Again - is something that I would want to see. It has the typical "mean girl ruined my high school life is back in the scene" kind of theme, but the trailer looks promising. I'm excited. What do you think?

If you didn't get a chance to check out my previous posts, please click here and here. Thanks everyone! :D


  1. Those 2 movies are on the top of my Must see's at the Movie Theater List ASAP

  2. Haha i want to see both those movies. Can't wait! & Enrique is sooo cute :-D

  3. Oh gosh Mimi, totally stick by you on that Enrique number!!

  4. love that Enrique song it was cold love it !!! let the fall begin !!!

  5. Emy-- same here! :)

    Keirasluckycharm-- he really is! :)

    Tamanna-- yup yup yup! :D

    Curves ahead makeup-- yes, let it begin!!! :D

  6. I am LSS-ing misscarolinexoxo's original song called TONIGHT you should check 'em out on youtube!

    I will def watch Easy A. Amanda Bynes did quit showbiz right?how come she's part of the movie?or was the movie already filmed before she quit acting?!

    ohh and skool will start today! (Wednesday)

  7. Enrique is superr cuteee! I went to his concert like 2 years, he's pretty cool lol. That song was in my head for ages before!! xx

  8. Thanks for sharing, actually I wouldn't mind seeing both movies :) I love watching movies to start with :)

  9. I am actually dying to see "Easy A." That movie looks phenom!! :)

  10. I can not believe Enrique made a comback! I was so surprised, the song is so catchy too :D

  11. Are you kidding me! Enrique is always stuck in my head! I was going to post one of his other songs with Juan Luis Guerra this week. Soo romantic. Love that man! hugs doll ;)

  12. I want to see You Again! It looks sooooooo good. It seems like there are a lot of good movies coming out later this year and I am so excited!


  13. 1. Enrique is actually pretty hot.
    2. Teenage Dream has been stuck in my head for weeks.
    3. I'm totally going to go see Easy A--looks hilarious!


  14. Yay for scarves and boots season. I have a big collection of scarves now but I still need to work on more boots. Can't have too many of those right? ;)

  15. Enrique is hott!

    I wanna see Easy A too and You Again! And no worries, I'm pretty sure Amanda Bynes unretired :)



  16. ahh i remember enrique way back when he first brought out hero, and practically all girls fell in love with him haha. I can't w8 to see these 2 films either! I LOVE Jamie Lee Curtis, especially back in te day when she was in Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan, I think i'm gonna watch that now :)


  17. I want to see Easy A so bad!! Love your blog too, I'm definitely following x

  18. i love Enrique Iglesias!! he's a hottie with a nice voice :) i like the chorus of 'i like it' it's seems like a different type of song than he usually sings though

  19. I so want to see them now...He is such a hottie...

    ps: I am hosting a really cute GIVEAWAY, so please join in:)

  20. i love that song. and Enrique Iglesias is looking really cute! hahaha. Easy A and you again both looks interesting. I'm definitely going to watch them:D


  21. first, Enrique Iglesias is so hot! :D

    to bad he's married haha!

    I'm so watching Easy A and You Again! <3


  22. Love these type of posts. They both look good. xx

  23. Em-- yeah, they probably filmed it before she retired. haha. ;)

    xWHLo-- i want to see him in concert too!

    Shanghainese Dumpling-- same here!

    Erika-- i agree!

    Pop Champagne-- it's sooo catchy!

    Taj-- hugs!!! i love him too! :)

    MJ-- so true, i've pretty much liked all trailers i've seen.

    Melanie-- i agree with everything you said!

    amy-- yup, can't have too many boots!

    jenny-- did she officially unretire? haha, i hope so.

    Pretty Wonderful-- i love hero too! and jamie lee curtis was hilarious in freaky friday!

    Devon-- thanks!

    SassyAgapi-- i agree! i love it though.

    Diana-- kisses to you too! thanks for informing me about your giveaway!

    Carrie-- me too! me too! ;)

    Bree-- haha, yeah. still to anna kournikova, right? bummer.

    Katie-- yup! :D

  24. Ansa-- thanks! i want to see both of those too. :)

  25. love love love that song! And EI is hot!

    xo M

  26. he definitely looks better as he ages :)

  27. Totally want to see You Again and am still loving "I Like it"!

    And it has been so cold in LA!

  28. Ya, I saw Enrique live the other night singing live, and I thought he looked so good. He was just wearing a baseball cap, but his hair is longer now and he looked so cute.

  29. Oops I meant live on t.v. hehe, I'd be a bit more excited if I actually saw him live lol.

  30. Marcie-- he really is!

    devilishlypleasurable-- he really does!

    Miss*Kimmy-- i like recording "live" concerts on tv too. and i really want to see him live in concert. :)

  31. Yeah! I can't believe Youtube is rather new! Technology sure is booming all around! Thanks for sharing these. I heard about the Easy A movie but I never saw the trailer! That's cool and surprising that LA is cold at the moment! I've always imagined it to be burning hot... all the time. Haha. I love winter though! I'm so excited for Christmas too. :]

    And thank you so much for following! I'm really flattered. Your comment was so thoughtful too. :) I'm excited to be a new follower of yours! ;)

    Erin :)

  32. your blog is so sweet, dear! i'd love to see these two :)
    thank you for your lovely comment, and for following me... i follow you now too xxx

  33. Easy A! So definitely gonna watch it...I had a blast just watching the teaser trailer where she was singing to that musical card. It was so funny! xD

    Thanks for the follow by the way! And I tagged you in my recent post, feel free to tag others as well. :)

  34. Enrique Iglesias' I Like It is great!

    Thanks :) Oh yeah, I'm following you, too.

  35. I actually have a "movie list" and those two are on top hahah.xx

  36. I cannot wait for easy A, looks cute. I love the cooler temp here too :)

  37. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm definitely a follower now. :)

    I can't wait to see Easy A and You Again. They're going to be great.

    Plus..I'm just as excited as you are for boot and scarves. Any day now.

  38. I'm not a big fan of that song but I do want to see Easy A lol~


  39. I think both movies look cute, but I will prob wait until the are out on DVD to watch. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  40. ..I love Enrikes new song ...so gorgeous : )

  41. I think I might see that second movie, but still undecided! And I have Tinie Tempah - Dynamite in my head... argggh lol


  42. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!

    With love, Samm
    @ www.afterstylecomesfashion.blogspot.com

  43. I def want to see Easy A. I love easy going, funny movies like that. And I love Emma Stone, so win win! Still want to see Eat, Pray, Love trying to quickly read through the book before it leaves theaters!

  44. erin-- you're welcome! and i agree, technology is crazy these days, haha. and yup, it's burning hot days leading to summer, during, and after. but it does get cold here too. :D

    char-- you're welcome and thank you so much! :)

    raeny-- thanks for dropping by! and the part where she was like "tom cruise?" always makes me laugh! thanks for the tag! ;)

    nazli-- he is! and thanks!

    ARA-- i have a movie list too! :D

    Sara Lynn-- i love it too!

    kat-- yup, any day now... ;)

    Lily-- i really want to see it too. :)

    briannelee-- you're welcome and thanks for dropping by too!

    ellinelle-- yup, he's gorgeous!

    jamie-lee-- ;P

    SAMM-- you're welcome!

    chrystie-- emma stone is hilarious! and eat, pray, love was a pretty good movie. gotta finish the book too. haha. ;)

  45. Ha ha, it totally has a catchy beat! (Baby I like it)

    Check out my blog!

  46. !!!!!!!fantastic !!!!!!

    switch off please the word verification, I follow through google reader which makes everything easier to read, while you make it hard for us to comment

  47. I think his hair is much longer now. A bit like the Bieber's hairstyle!!

  48. Live.Love.Makeup-- it really does! and of course i'll check out your blog too! :)

    Dolls Factory-- oh, i prefer it this way.

    MarchMusings-- hahaa, that's true! ;)

  49. Hi Mimi! Thanks for following me and thank you for the comment! =) Also feel free to check out my YouTube channel if you haven't done so already! I'm new to your blog also! ♥

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  50. hi there! thank you so much for visiting my blog, i really appreciate it! and i will for sure check out your youtube channel too! :D

  51. What a catchy song, it's now my LSS!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  52. Marie-- it's really a catchy song. :)

  53. Easy A looks so funny, I can’t wait to watch it 8D