Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jennifer Behr Bridal Collection

Hi, everyone! It's Friday tomorrow, yay for the weekend! :)

I think Fall is really kicking off as I am now wearing a hoodie and a cold breeze is coming in from the window. Because of that I was really planning to look for cute coats and sweaters and share them with you guys, but then I suddenly realized that it's been weeks, maybe even months, since my last wedding-related post! Woah. :O

I have mentioned in my previous posts that I love headbands, and I made a post about Jennifer Behr headbands way way back. How is that wedding-related? They have a Bridal Collection! :D

Here are some of them:

double crystal scallop headwrap, $262

This headband can also be used for other occasions.

overlapping crystal twist, $188

I love how simple this one is.

wide crystal lace headwrap, $525

Perfect for a 1920s themed wedding.

tiny scalloped crystal, $155

Very understated. Simple. I can imagine this on a carefree, bohemian bride.

esther, $228

Very elegant. I would also wear this to add flair to an everyday outfit.

evangeline, $498

I love the detail.

sophia, $225

I love love love this one. I think it's perfect with the model's hairstyle.

bella, $225

This is a hand-stitched peony. If you love peonies, you might like this. :)

double poppy on headband with veiling, $675

I can imagine this worn with a simple white column wedding dress for an afternoon backyard or garden wedding. :)

And lastly, do you want something blue?

Bella Sapphire Branch Comb, $298

According to their website "Jennifer designed this piece exclusively for an special for the Twilight series' main character, Bella, to wear on her wedding day. This crystal comb was made to fit a description found in the 'Eclipse' novel of a blue sapphire wedding comb."

*all images and prices from*

These are all very beautiful and I would love to own some, but yes, most of them are a bit too expensive. I'm thinking many talented bloggers (and non-bloggers too) can surely create some pieces like these. :D

Which ones are your favorites?

Have a great Friday, everyone! :)


  1. wow all of these are amazing , I like the thick band one amazing !!!

  2. I really like the "Sophia" flower and the tiny scalloped crystal.

    So pretty and elegant.

    I love this post!! Although I'm not getting married any time soon, it's still nice to imagine what would look pretty on me :D

  3. Love the wide crystal lace headwrap :)

  4. Evangeline and Double poppy are really pretty! i love headbands too

  5. I love the one with the veil. It's so lovely. Quite expensive though. :)

  6. I adore the headbands and that comb!

  7. i love the flowers! they would be perfect at a wedding!

  8. These head pieces are all so gorgeous! I would never think of wearing a headband in a wedding but I think this post changed my mind ; )

  9. So pretty... I love the very thin one.. so elegant.


  10. omg, i love every single one! they're all so beautiful:D


  11. WOw! These are like the most gorgeous headbands I have ever seen. Now..if only I could afford ONE. lol hahah

  12. These are all beautiful, but I think I like the wide crystal lace one best.


  13. whaaa :D!
    I love that double poppy headband. :)

  14. they are so pretty :)
    have a great weekend,

  15. I love the crystal lace head wrap and the twisting, overlap band. I'm equally loving all the hairstyles these gems were on! LOVE-it-all. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  16. The poppies and the veil are just so gorgeous!

    Chic on the Cheap

  17. sweetmouse24- hi! it's so good to hear from you again, and i totally agree, it's nice to imagine what would look great on us. :)

    Signe- :D

    Lynnette- i really love headbands!

    Maria-- yeah, it's very lovely but expensive! :/

    Sara Lynn-- that comb is very unique. :)

    Keirasluckycharm- :D

    Shelley Ann- i totally agree!

    Marie- i'm glad it made you think about wearing a headband for your wedding. :)

    Jessie- i agree!

    Carrie- sigh, i want one. haha.

    Leenda- haha, same here!

    Carrie- that's a good choice!

    s.creamy- that is very pretty!

    Ansa- :D

    naina- have a great weekend!

    Style Attic- i agree, the hairstyles are perfect! have a great weekend too!

    LyddieGal- i totally agree! :D

  18. all of them are pretty and expensive, hehee

  19. Oh, I love the head bands! Especially the Tiny Scallop Crystal! And I agree with you on the white rose (that is a rose right?), it's to die for!

    Awesome post! :)

  20. inge luciana-- haha, yup, they're quite expensive. ;)

    raeny-- i think it is a rose. haha. ;) thanks!

  21. Ooooh I love all of them. I especially love the double poppy with veil on the headband. It is beautiful. I've always wondered if I was a muted veil person...

  22. Lisa-- haha, i think that one would look great on you! :D

  23. Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower! You should definitely try out the Ethiopian spot if you're nearby :) These are all such great hair pieces! Great alternatives to the classic veil!

    Good luck on my contest! Stop by again soon :)

  24. Wide crystal headwrap of course! There's a sense of hippie chic in it, which I lobe so much! This post is lovely... Have a wonderful weekend, Mimi.

  25. Happy Saturday Miss Mimi! Hope you are having a great weekend so far :)
    I LOVE headbands! I absolutely love the double poppy, just beautiful!
    gi gi

  26. i like all the headbands! i love to make my own too! =) i really like the flower ones

  27. I love the wide crystal headband.
    It's lovely, theres something very vintage about it.
    Looks very 20's.

  28. I like the double poppy. Something about women wearing flowers that just gets me.

  29. I'm getting married this month. The scalloped crystal one caught my eye. I'm wearing a tiny hat for my wedding. This is a lovely post! :)

  30. these are so cute! :D

    I love the Bella Sapphire Branch Comb! :)

  31. What a beautiful collection! The headpiece with the flowers and veil is stunning! Thank you for sharing:)

  32. owhhh... love the headwraps :) simply gorgeous. would make any bride look simply stunning!

  33. my fave: wide crystal lace headwrap
    thanks for posting! :)

  34. Aweee, thank you soooo much! that makes me soo happy :D!

    best regards from Sweden :)

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  36. I love all of them! It's hard to choose only one!

    Greetz from Poland

  37. that first one is beautiful. i actually like both the thin ones and the thick ones too.

  38. I really like the over-sized flowers. Thanks for stopping by my blog, now following yours.

  39. Oh my gosh, that headband with veiling is GORGEOUS!! As for those other pieces... wow, they really are stunning!

  40. hi everyone! thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my post! hope you all had a wonderful weekend! :D

  41. Beautiful collection!:D

    Loving the 3rd and 6th!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  42. Marie-- thanks! great choices!