Thursday, September 2, 2010

Travel Destination: London

Happy Thursday, my dear friends! I hope everyone had a good start to their September! :D

I read somewhere that September is the best time to visit London. Is that information correct? But anyways, I thought it'd be nice to post another installment of my travel destination wishlist posts. And today's destination is London! :D

Here are beautiful photos of the city I found from different websites through Google:

When I go visit London, I am definitely going to have a picture of myself taken inside one of those iconic telephone booths. Haha, I remember Lindsay Lohan's character, Hallie, from The Parent Trap calling her twin sister, Annie, from a telephone booth. ;)

Big Ben

I've been fascinated with The London Eye since I read Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl. There was a part in the book that took place here, and I've been trying to imagine what it looks like from up there.

view from The London Eye

How cool is this???

I had a hard time picturing how it looks like... fortunately, there are pictures! Haha.

I think this picture is beautiful!

River Thames

Double-decker bus - Reminds me of Harry Potter!

Is the London Underground kind of similar to New York's subway system?

Tower Bridge

Trafalgar Square

Buckingham Palace

My friend said that the changing of the guards is one of the coolest things she's ever seen. ;)

The Tower of London - I remember the story my history teacher told us about what happened here. According to the stories, this is where King Richard III (formerly Richard, Duke of Gloucester) imprisoned and murdered King Edward IV's sons, Prince Edward V and Prince Richard.

St. Paul's Cathedral - 2010 marks its 300th anniversary

Westminster Abbey

Piccadilly Circus - According to, the Piccaddilly Circus is "much like Times Square in New York... originally connected the major shopping district of Piccadilly and Regent Street..."


And of course, when I go to London, I am going to shop shop shop! I want to visit Harrods, Primark, Top Shop, and all the other cool stores London has to offer.

Where else should I go shopping when I visit London (hopefully sometime in the near future, haha!)? And any other spot we should visit? Tips? Recommendations?

Have you been to London? Do you want to visit too? :D


  1. hahah. the phone booth reminds me of harry potter. they used it as a secret passage:D i love the pics. London is definitely in my travel to list!


  2. Carrie-- hey, girl! ooooohhh yeahhhh, i remember that! :D

  3. Carina-- they really are! i was soo happy to find these amazing pictures!

  4. i'd like to visit someday too! i love cities with old buildings that have fabulous arcitecture, why don't they still make them like that?!?!

  5. Ooooh London looks amazing! Italy is on my wishlist. Someday...

    Thanks for the comment. I searched for months for cute maternity dresses. I just had to share it with the world when I finally found some good ones. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I want to visit London sooo bad!! Definately sometime within the next year or 2. What country are you from Mimi?

  7. SassyAgapi-- i knoooow! why don't they?!

    amy-- i want to visit italy too! and i hope you have a great weekend as well!

    JillieCat-- same here! i live in the united states - los angeles, california. :D

  8. London is awsome!! I went last summer, stayed with some friends! I've been to all those places up top, btu we also went to some really cool clubs and shopping! I reccomend TopShop and Primark!!

  9. Mimi!:D This is on my wishlist too!:D

    Everything over there would be a dream and an experience for someone living in Los Angeles! We know how it is over here, none of those beautiful architecture!

    Great post!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  10. Thanks for sharing these great pics, info and links!

  11. Beatiful. London is defently on my "to see" lists.

  12. I love london!!! I wish I can teleport over

  13. I live in the North of the UK so I've been to London a few times. Everyone rushes around like mad but the London Eye is a great experience. You are so high up and can see for miles around!

    Primark is a must over here! It's where everyone gets their bargains. haha :)

  14. You won't be disappointed by a trip to London. So much of it feels so familiar and iconic. I loved every minute of my time there!

  15. I went to London last year thins time of year and it was all I ever dreamed of, its just like your pictures you should totally go
    I can't wait to go back ( daydreaming )

  16. Great photo collection! I was in London when I was 14. I went there with my dance troupe to perform in Europe and we had the best time! The city is so beautiful with so much interesting history. I loved it! I hope you get to go one day : )

  17. I'd love to go to visit London one day! I'd want to tour europe!!


  18. London is such an intriguing city with so much history! These are lovely photos you have found doll ;) xoxo

  19. Oh I love all of this..brings back so many memories. I have so much family there and I was just there in May!!!

  20. i've been to europe quite often but still haven't went to london yet :( but its definitely up there on my list of destinations! happy thursday!

  21. I haven't ever been to London but if you do decide to go, take me with!!! :-)

  22. I've never been to London but it is on my list of places that I would love to visit. These pictures makes me want to go to London even more. =)

  23. I really want to go to London!! It is at the top of my list for places I'd like to visit, so much history and culture and beauty and guys with english accents....

    Chic on the Cheap

  24. Kakes-- yup, topshop and primark definitely!

    Marie-- thanks! and you know what, you are absolutely correct!

    Emy-- you're very welcome!

    Ansa-- :D

    AnieLii-- me too!

    Rebecca-- the london eye really fascinates me! and yup, primark is definitely on the list!

    MarchMusings-- i have a feeling i'm gonna love it there too!

    Curves ahead makeup-- i reeeaalllly want to go!

    Marie Z.-- thank you! i wish i can go next summer!

    Lily-- same here!

    Taj-- i was so happy to find these!

    naina-- oooh, i bet that was fun!

    StuddedLilly-- really? haha, we should go soon!

    Jen-- yes! i will let you know! :)

    ChinkyGirLMel-- me too! they make me want to just jump on a plane and go there.

    LyddieGal-- haha, the accent is a definite plus! D:

  25. the phone booth reminded me of Harry Potter haha when you mentioned the Parent trap, I tried visualizing the scene but the Harry Potter scene is haunting me haha

    haha one day, someday, or maybe SOON I'll be able to visit London. :D

    I love Sophie Kinsella's humor, her stories are kinda predictable but she's fun to read! have you read the Undomestic Goddess? and Can you keep a secret?If not, go borrow or buy those books ;)

  26. I have been to London! I love it!! I've been several times, but the last time was over 10 years ago. I probably can't be of much help as that is forever ago! It is the 1st place I ever tried Indian food. I had no idea it was so big there :) I have bought many English design books since. That place is just full of tea and all things lovely :) XO, Kelly

  27. love these photos... i've been to london, but unfortunately, only up to heathrow airport. haha!! it was only our stop over for our connecting flight to paris. but london is already on my list :P

    come check out my blog and hope you subscribe/follow it. Thank you!

  28. Emmaleigh-- haha, i totally forgot about harry potter and the telephone booth because the double-decker bus took over the HP relation in my head. haha. and yup, i've read those books too, sophie kinsella is an excellent writer! :D

    Kelly-- i've heard that they have the best indian food in london. i want to try that and i want to have an actual tea time. :)

    Janelle-- hi there! thanks for stopping by! paris is definitely next on the list! :D

  29. great photos! my aunt lives in london, so ive been there a few times shopping whilst visiting and it's awesome! and i agree, you should definitely go to TopShop, they have lovely jewelery there too! America is on the top of my wish list, the shops, clothes, makeup, everything seems way better than here in england!

  30. That's funny, I have a picture almost at the same spot as the first pic:D

  31. glad to have discovered your site! i have family in the UK and London in particular, and I am just raring to visit them maybe next year... great selections you have here!

    oh and i also read your wrap-up about Vampires Suck, and i totally agree with you! except for Ken Jeong and the actress' dead-on imitation of Bella, the movie leaves a lot to be desired...

    hope you check out my site/follow me if you'd like:)


  32. I agree, September is the best time to visit London! Wish the weather is ok, so you could walk around and have fun!!
    I've been there over 10 times last year and I already missed London sooooo much!!
    I'm so jealous!!!
    And..... Mind the gap!!! hi! hi! hi!


  33. These pictures are so beautiful! I really want to go to the Tower of London- it's amazing to think of the history that encompasses so many centuries. Have a fabulous time!!

  34. Would love to go to London and see all of my British blogging buddies! XX!

  35. I vote we go on a trip to London! Looks absolutely gorgeous!!! I hate flying so I probably will never have the opportunity to see London.


  36. i would like visit london too, and feel its magical and unique atmosphere!

  37. I visited London at the weekend! It was really great and I managed to see most of the sights you showed photos of. I would also recommend going to the City of London (the financial district) too :-)

  38. Hey Mimi,

    I haven't had the opportunity to visit London yet but I am itching to do so!
    I'm not sure if you took those pictures personally, but if so, your talented! Fabulous!!

    I absolutely love your blog variety!

    I'm a new follower :)!!



  39. I live in London! It's such a great city to love in, so diverse and there are a lot of stylish people around too :) Awesome blog, I'm following!

  40. i love london! i went once 2 years ago when i got engaged. I went in april though.

    If you want a true londonian experience download this show called "DR Who" i love it! its a mystery show about all sorts of crazy things.


  41. london sounds absolutely WONDERFUL.
    i would love to go as well!

    +++enter my giveaway!


  42. i've always dreamed of going to london & to greece! these pictures look beautiful!

    check mine?:

  43. Clearly the two of us need to take a trip to London. :)


  44. Pretty Wonderful-- hi! yup, we do have great stuff over here too, but it would be a dream come true to visit europe. i hope you get to come visit us here in america too! :)

    Sandra-- i think it's a great photo spot. haha.

    Eden-- hi! thanks for dropping by my blog! i will check out yours too.

    Kelly-- i really really want to visit london! haha. ;)

    Dree-- oh my gosh, i absolutely agree!

    shari-- same here!!! i would love to meet our friends from the UK.

    Fashion Meets Food-- yes, we really should go!

    Scientific Housewife-- me too!

    Martwa Marta-- me too! i love how you described it.

    Laura-- thanks for the recommendation, i'm adding it to my list!

    Kailey-- thanks for following! and nope, i didn't take them but they really are fabulous photos. :)

    Aimee-- thanks! you live in a beautiful city!

    Anya-- thanks for that tip! i will see if i can tivo it.

    jessica wu-- we should all go! haha. thanks for letting me know about your giveaway!

    :)-- greece is on my list too! haha. i'll check out your blog too!

    Melanie-- yes, clearly! ;)

  45. I am without a doubt in love with London! :)

    gahhh! I just want to pack my stuff right now and take off! I'm definitely living in London soon!

    thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures!
    I love London!

  46. Bree-- don't you just wanna jump on a plane right now? haha. ;)

  47. I studied abroad in London for a summer and it was FABULOUS!!!! I did some damage shopping there for sure!

  48. Beautiful pics, would love to visit there :)

  49. I was in London 2 years ago. September is a great month to go. I was lucky enough to be there when the weather was beautiful and didn't need a jacket at all during the day!! It's an AMAZING city! I hope you get there soon!! :)

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  51. love the pictures!! it would be great to visit london some day!

    and i agree about the telephone booths. thats exactly what i thought of when i first saw that picture!

  52. Ashley J-- that is so cool! i really want to try living there even for just a few months.

    Katie-- :D

    tina-- aww, thanks! i hope so too!

    Vintage and Cake-- thanks for that tip! hmmm, i just got it off off google... he did a great job!

    Shelley Ann-- i love that movie! ;)

  53. Beautiful pictures. Nice blog too :)

  54. Hi i live in london, if you come to london you need to go to westfield shopping centre! I think may and june are the best months to visit london.

  55. Yess deff London is amazing!!! I'm only like an hour away from there.. well by plane. Haha, the shopping is just WOW! =] U shuld deff visit there!! xx

  56. Make up by Yass-- thanks for your tips! :)

    xWHLo-- i really really want to! :D

  57. The images on your blog are so inspiring! Great blog!

  58. Gosh, london is one of inspiring city in the world, and i already went there last year.
    Yes, shopping there is incredible, especially primark with low cost and great item, and also harrods (which is so different with primark in cost)

    Hope you 'll go there nearly :)

  59. liz-- thank you! i really hope so too! :)

  60. I've lived in London all my live. And to answer your question whether the london underground is the same as NYC.. It looks very similar on the map, but London is much easier to navigate! I was in NYC 2 years a go and 60% of the time I was lost because of the underground map!

    Its funny how people always refer back to Harry Potter. I got a lot of people telling me I sound like the characters from Harry Potter when I was in LA. It was actually quite funny!

    Every picture that you have post looks exactly how it does in person!

    London is a very historical place with beautiful monuments!

    I love my city :)

  61. Paula-- it's great to know that the real thing looks the same as the photos. and yeah, i think we are all fascinated with english accents - it's just different and so cool to listen to. and thanks for telling me about the difference between the london underground and new york's subway. :D