Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quick post! :D

Hi everyone! How was your Wednesday? :D

This post will be short because my sister needs to use the laptop to type her homework, and I've been sitting here for a couple of hours now visiting my fellow bloggers. Haha. ;)

Remember my post about the weather here in LA - and how it can't seem to make up its mind?
*please click here to view it*

Look what I saw when I went to go check the weather forecast for tomorrow:

97... 102... 105??!! Woah there.
Good thing I thought of leaving out some of my dresses when I kept my summer clothes today.

Some other news, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are the new American Idol judges!

I think they are going to be good judges! Very good choice. I'm excited for the new season of American Idol. I'm really hoping the show redeems itself. :D

What do you think?

Oh, and Happy First Day of Fall! :)


  1. hahhaa. i know right? weather here is so crazy!

    Jennifer Lopez?! aaahhh, i'm excited.


  2. Oh my gosh! where do you live!!?! In LA it's been grey and cold-ish!

  3. Holy Moses!! That is HOT!!!
    I think it is going to be 64 here this weekend. Think cool thoughts!

  4. Hey Mimi Girl! Iowa weather has been up and down too, oh and rainy!
    I think I have only watched Idol a few time, I know crazy! I hardly watch tv, just busy I guess!
    Hope the show has a great year!
    gi gi

  5. I know what you mean about the weather. It's been the same way here in San Diego as it has been in L.A. At least it will be a little bit hot when I head up to L.A. this Friday.

    I didn't really start watching Idol until 1 or 2 years ago. But I've always known who won each year since it started.

  6. Weekend here would be hot too but not LA hot hehe anyways, I kinda lost interest with American Idol now, I dunno, it's just like there's no more interesting things to look forward to. Plus Simon's gone :(.

  7. Thats some crazy weather! I wonder how american idol will do this season now that Simon is gone and with the new judges..


  8. that is going to be bizarre american idol!

  9. Ohh this week is rainy in Austin.

    By the way, I purchased an NYX or something eye liner during my last visit to HEB! :P It's not bad actually! :) Thanks for your help hon.

  10. Chicago is having the same crazy weather. 90 today, 65 tomorrow - tis the season I guess!
    I am soooo excited about Steven Tyler on Idol. I'm madly in love with him :)

  11. I miss this gorgeous weather!! Enjoy :)

  12. Crazy weather!! I live in Michigan and it goes from the 60's back up to the 80's! I don't get it! HA!!

    I lost interest in American Idol a long time ago. Not sure about the new judges...but if it brings the shows ratings up, then good for them! We shall see... :0)

  13. Ah, I had no clue you lived in LA! I'm not too far from you - near Temecula! The weather in SoCal is so crazy, I must agree! And I was planning on wearing boots this weekend!! :(

  14. Carrie-- i agree with everything you said!

    Anna-- i live in LA too! haha. yup, that's why it's so weird, one day it's super cold, the next it's sunny...

    Lisa-- thanks, i will!

    gi gi-- i hope so too! :)

    Lorraine-- oooh, you're gonna come to LA? i hope you have a fabulous time!

    Em-- aww, i know, simon's gone! that's the sad part.

    Lynnette-- yup, crazy weather. i wonder that too!

    Krystal-- haha, i'm hoping it works out.

    Sandra-- i want snow! haha.

    Tamanna-- you're welcome!

    Ashleigh-- i am excited too!

    Monique-- :D

    Jackee-- i've always been a fan of idol, but i didn't watch it last year. and yup, we shall see. i'm keeping my fingers crossed though.

    Erika-- wow, yes, you are not too far away! :D

  15. Crazy weather, I know! I am loving it when it's cold but oh my, this weekend is going to be hot. Grrr!

    I am excited to see Jennifer Lopez on American Idol, I like her a lot!:D

    Happy Thursday, Mimi!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  16. I HATE September in Florida. I am soooooooo over the heat!

  17. Hi Mimi, your weather sounds crazy at the moment. Don't let it get your down. We've had a bit of a weird start to Spring here in Sydney but we're expecting the weekend to be hot! Yeh. We're heading up north for school holidays (following the sun). Can't wait to hear how American Idol goes. I know you must think I've been living under a rock, but what happened with Simon? Pruxxx

  18. oh my it's going to be 100 here this wknd??? good thing I still have all my summer gear out!! And yes, I hope AI is better than it has been. Jlo should bring some glamour to the show! Is it me or does Ryan look un-thrilled in that pic!

  19. Flotsam Friends-- i sent you an email. :)

    Taj-- i'm really hoping that she does bring some glamour, and you are totally right, ryan doesn't look too thrilled!

  20. Marie-- i like jennifer lopez too! :D

    Kristin-- me too, i'm kinda ready for cold weather. ;)

  21. I love fall weather. It's been going back and forth between fall and summer here in Michigan, but I'd really like to be done with the 80 degree days already.

  22. The weather here has been crazy. From gloom to the 100s? Typical SoCal!

    I am not sure anyone can replace Simon on Idol :( I'm OK with Stephen Tyler, just not a fan of JLO. I think her voice is decent but she's not a signer. She'd be better suited as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance since she was a Fly Girl...

  23. Thank you for the news flash, I hadn't heard. Actually I was turning my car off right when I heard their names. By the time I turned the key to get the car running again to catch the end of the announcement, I had missed it. I knew I would get something good out of visiting you :) Happy Friday to you!


  24. Annie-- me too!

    Join the Gossip-- yeah, i see what you mean about j.lo, but i think she would know more than ellen... and true, it's not the same without simon!

    Kelly-- awww, haha, great to know that! :D

  25. I know! trippy weather loL! :)

    me too! I hope it's still good.

  26. I'm not sure about AI because they lost me at Clay Aikens (GONG!)

    But I did hear Dallas Raines going off about the weather yesterday and had to do a double take!! What is up with THAT!?


  27. Crazy weather, it's so crazy here, too! So hot! I want to wear fall clothes! XX!

  28. I want some hot weather here in Europe, too!!! *sigh*

    I think I should stop reading your blog for the next 6 months or I will be all jealous here ;-))

    xxx M.

  29. I cant believe how much JLO is getting paid to be a host!


  30. Ehh, I don't know about AI. I think it's kind of run itself dry. The one thing I noticed most about that photo though is how close in height Steven Tyler and J Lo are. For some reason I had the impression that she was quite short and he tall. I guess not! lol...


  31. 102 that's crazy! I'm so ready for fall weather!!

  32. Bree-- yup, me too!

    Carrie-- haha, yeah, i know what you mean about clay aiken. haha. and i knoow, what's up with the weather? seriously.

    shari-- me too!

    Marcela-- aww, noooo, don't stop visiting my blog. ;)

    Fashion Meets Food-- ooh, i have to google that. i don't know how much she's getting paid.

    Melanie-- haha, yeah huh, i see what you mean. maybe she's wearing uber-heels?

    Tasha-- crazy is the word! ;)

  33. Omg Mimi thanks for the news...I had no idea JLo and Steven Tyler were the new judges. I just cannot keep up with anything these days. :) have a wonderful weekend.

  34. canannn noooott wait!!
    i think its going to be the best movie yet!! :)