Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Travel Destination: Paris, France

Happy Wednesday, my dear friends! I've been a bit busy, hence not posting for two days. I've also got tons more of other pictures to be used for future blog posts, but I haven't gotten around to sorting through them... hopefully, I will find some time this week to take care of them. :)

For now, why don't we all go to Paris? :D

It's such a beautiful place. I really, really, really want to go.

First stop: The Eiffel Tower - just a short story, I remember I had a friend in 3rd grade whose name is Eiffel, and all our teachers would ask her if she was born in Paris, and we would be like "Huh? What are our teachers talking about?". ;)

I would want to have a picnic right there. :)

The Eiffel Tower at night. Imagine just walking around the city at night, how beautiful it would be with all the lights. *sigh*

I got this (along with other photos on this post) from They have wonderful photos of different cities. If you check this picture out on that site, you'll see that it actually moves. I'm not sure why it doesn't move here. Haha. :D

Arc de Triomphe at night. It looks so magical!

Isn't this photo the coolest thing ever?!
(whoever took/edited/uploaded this photo, thank you!)

The River Seine

River Seine in the afternoon. This reminds me of London's River Thames.

A replica of New York's Statue of Liberty (a gift from France to New York) along the River Seine.

Let's visit The Palace of Versailles and check out King Louis XIV's Hall of Mirrors.

And of course, The Louvre!

The Pantheon

inside panoramic view of The Pantheon

The Notre Dame Cathedral

The Basilica of Sacre Coeur ("Sacred Heart")

Ready for some amusement park time? Let's go to Paris Disneyland! I've heard that its layout is an exact replica of the original Anaheim Disneyland... anyone know if that is true?

I also want to stop by Le Cordon Bleu Paris.
(got this from

Le Cordon Bleu = food. Speaking of food, let's stop by a boulangerie (bakery shop, specializing in different kinds of bread) and a patisserie (where we can get delicious pastries and sweets).

In between the sight-seeing, museum/ cathedral tours, and eating, we have to squeeze in some shopping time. Oh, who am I kidding, of course we are going to set aside a whole day (or two) for shopping!

Got some money saved for a little Louis Vuitton love? If not, we can always just enjoy looking around. ;)

Where else in Paris should we go shopping? Any suggestions?

Did I miss anything? Are there other spots/ places we should visit? :D

I hope you all had a fun time touring Paris with me. I enjoyed our little trip! :)

*images taken from different websites found through Google*


  1. I really want to go shopping in Paris so badly!

  2. I'm with you Mimi - let's go to Paris!! I only visited once in my teens, but remember climbing the hill to Montmartre where there were tons of artists and one drew my portrait. There was an amazing ice cream shop with the most delectable creations. You've given me some wonderful things to think about today!!


  3. The pictures made me wanna travel there right now! I can't wait for my trip there next spring. Already booked my plane tickets.. =)

    Great post Mimi!


  4. This is a great post, Mimi!:D I love all the photos!:D

    That's one funny story about your friend... ;D.

    Thanks for the mini trip to Paris and Happy Wednesday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. What a great post. Paris is my favorite place of all of the places I have traveled. I could easily pick up and move there.

  6. Oh my gosh, I've been dyinnnng to go to France. It is definitely on my list of places to see, but I guess it will have to wait until wayyy after my next trip, haha.

  7. MIMI!! Hey :) I'd happily go to paris with you any day.... and this trip that you have planned out here is completely perfect! Must get violet macaroons from the patisserie <3 yuuumm.

    I love your blog, I need to visit more often! Thankyou soso much for all the sweet comments you leave for me on my blog, they really do brighten my day <3 youre wonderful :)

    Emilie xxoxox

  8. Sequins and Lace-- me too!!!

    Carrie-- i'm very happy to hear that! and i definitely want to go to those places too! :D

    Charming Vanity-- thanks! and you are so lucky you will go there this spring! i hope you have a great time (i know you will, haha!)

    Marie-- thank you! haha, and yup it was a really funny story. happy wednesday!

    Mere-- thanks! i would love to try living there for a couple of months too! :)

    pancakeSTACKER-- haha, yup. i am dying to go too!

    Ashley-- come on, let's go! :D

  9. Emilie-- awww, thank you so much! that pretty much makes my day! and yes, i would love to go to paris with all my blogger friends! :D

  10. Mimi you and me girl! I really really want to go too! Is anyone hosting a Paris Giveaway, he he??
    gi gi

  11. gigi-- haha, that made me laugh! how i wish there was someone hosting one, haha. :D

  12. Love your post Paris is amazing you brought me so many memories when I went last year =)

  13. mmm, Paris looks so good right now! those buildings are just gorgeous, and that food looks amazing!! :) xxx

  14. OMG the bakery shops! That what I love most about Paris! Can't wait to go back :)

    <3, natasha

  15. What an excellent tour guide you are! :D Not only do I now have an insatiable yearning for Paris (but I'm going there for a few days in a month's time! Whee!), but I now actually know the NAMES of so many things there that I didn't know before - hooray!

  16. Definitely dream of going here someday :)

  17. Please take me with you to all those places :-D

  18. omg, i am so glad that you posted about Paris. I've always wanted to go to France and reading this post felt like a virtual tour:D It's beautiful!


  19. Wow what a great blog tour of Paris! Can I come with?! Love the second photo of the Arc de Triomphe! It's so cool to see it from a different point of view!

  20. Mimi
    This is too cute...I did all this on my trips two trips to Paris so it's a nice trip down memory lane. I never get tired of going to Paris and I hope to go back again in 2011!! sounds like your week is as crazy busy as mine is :)

  21. Let me know the date, I'll start packing. Please, lets go to Paris!!! So beautiful, and we will dress so chic.

    Chic on the Cheap

  22. ok first, I wanna apologize for my bad spelling/grammar from the last entry (you're instead of your) I was like wtf? =)) and felt embarrassed.

    anyways, Paris, the holy land of fashion! yes. one day I would love to see Paris. Before I plan my trip there, I need to "improve" my fashion sense so they won't laugh at me there haha

  23. this post makes me want to hop on a plane right now!! that would be a fabulous trip but you would need a while to visit all of those places!

  24. Gorgeous, and the stuff that dreams are made of! I'm up for making it reality anytime :)

  25. I loved this! I would totally go with you! XX!

  26. Have been there once but will go back some day for sure, lovely city indeed :)

  27. Aww it's like I've been there already with these pictures! I'd love to go if I can afford it haha. Will definitely let you know but for the meantime let's just enjoy these photos ;-)

  28. Beautiful, beautiful. Why don't we all just pack up and take a trip.

  29. LOVE Paris, I know the city well. You must go, of course, it's beautiful. Uh yeah you missed the Chanel and Hermes stores :-D I'm glad you included the croissants and stuff.

  30. Curves ahead makeup-- :D

    char-- the buildings are amazing, aren't they?

    Natasha-- the food looks sooo amazing!

    Corrine-- yay! i'm glad i helped! have fun in paris!

    Katie-- same!

    Keirasluckycharm-- i would love to!

    Carrie-- i'm glad you liked it!

    Join the Gossip-- i love that photo too!

    naina-- :D and yup, it's crazy busy.

    LyddieGal-- yes, we definitely will!

    Em-- haha, i'm sure you and your fashion sense will be fine, don't worry! :)

    Shelley Ann-- same here!

    Style Attic-- me too!

    shari-- yay!

    Signe-- yep, i really want to go!

    Candid Phobic-- yes, let's just enjoy these photos for now. ;)

    Scientific Housewife-- me toooo!

    kat-- i totally agree with you!

    Cafe Bellini-- yeah, i was looking for photos of the chanel store but i couldn't find any! haha.

  31. Oooh this is such a DREAM of a trip =) I'd love, love to join you.

  32. Lisa-- it really is the dream trip! i'd love it if you can join me too! :)

  33. Paris is truly my favourite city :-)

  34. Laura-- even if i haven't been there, i think it's one of my favorites too. ;)

  35. paris is definately a must-go destination!!though i haven't heard good things about the weather and i am all about the weather!!in these photos paris looks awesome!!

  36. Hi. I was just there in June and tend to go about once a year. Paris is a great place, but what makes it so great are the wonderful neighborhoods. Each time I go, I make myself stay in a different Arrondissement (district). In my mind, Paris is more than the huge monuments. It's having ice cream from Berthillon on banks of the Seine, it's taking Saturday afternoon tea in the Place des Vosges, or getting pizza from Pink Flamingo and then having that pizza delivered to you on the Canal St. Martin, it's about spending 6 hours at a cafe people watching and having long passionate debates with people you're never going to see again. I love Paris!

  37. magdalena-- looking at photos, i think the weather should be good. ;)

    Martini-- very well said! thanks for sharing that with us! and thanks for those ideas! :)

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  39. Prad-- i will definitely check that out!

  40. I would love to go to Paris too!!! some day i will get there.
    Thanks for following my blog! :) im following you now too.

  41. Panda-- me too! and thanks!!! :D

  42. Oh la la!

    A obtenu d'aimer Paris !
    Je veux ainsi aller aussi !

  43. Bree-- Je veux vraiment aller trop! Allons-y ensemble! ;)

  44. Paris! Been 3 times and its only 3 hours away from London! Its a great city with beautiful monuments!:)

  45. Paula-- i think it's so cool how you can just hop on a train and go to paris. i really want to visit both london and paris. :D

  46. Great pictures Mimi. I like your blog very much. Thanks for sharing this with us. Regards from Hotel CDG

  47. Natalie Smith-- thanks for stopping by!