Friday, September 17, 2010

My Official Farewell to Summer!

TGIF, everyone! Yay for another weekend. I expect that most of us had a busy week, so today's post won't be too long. I just want to have my official farewell to summer.

I know a lot of us have been posting about Fall outfits and such for weeks now, but yes, finally, next week (September 22/23... which one is it?) marks the official start of Fall 2010. That being said, I would like to give one last hurrah to summer...

Belly tops, flip flops
Lemonade, in the shade
Blue skies, hot guys,
Late nights water fights,
Ice creams, sweet dreams,
Bathing suits, shooting hoops,
Party time, schools out,
Sleeping in,sneaking out
Summer's coming...
Summer oh ten, let it begin.

Now, even though I think they could've done a much better video, there is no denying that I love this song. To me, this is the official song of Summer 2010! What's yours? :D

Let's say hello to Autumn/Fall 2010, everyone! :D

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting
and autumn a mosaic of them all."
- Stanley Horowitz

Okay, well, we really don't get those gorgeous orange leaves here in California... but, they're just so beautiful to look at. And yeah, another thing, it will probably still feel like summer until maybe late October/ early November. Haha, oh California, how I love you.

But nevertheless, I am excited to wear something like that outfit above... maybe in December when it gets really cold, haha! ;)

I can't wait to wear these...

and these...

I don't really have a song for Fall, but these are the stuff I'm excited for:

Glee comes back on September 21st!

Both Grey's Anatomy and The Mentalist comes back on September 23rd!

Another favorite of mine, Ghost Adventures, comes back tonight! :D

What TV shows are you excited for?

What will you miss the most about Summer 2010? What are you looking forward to this coming Fall?

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Have a happy and relaxing weekend, my loves! Enjoy our offiicial last weekend of summer! :D


  1. I am going to miss it! Although here in SoCal, it doesn't really become Fall until the end of October...and even then, it never gets that cold here!

  2. oh love this post and I forgot next week is the official beginning of fall. And thanks for the greys anatomy reminder...I need to set the DVR :)
    have a great weekend,

  3. These are gorgeous pics Mimi. Love them all.

  4. This is such a lovely post Mimi :) it is sad but like you say there are great things to come, boots nice fake fur jackets etc.... Plus I do love the colour of the leafs that fall from the trees during Fall. Have a great weekend xxxx

  5. can't wait for fall! love all those beautiful shoes, and i can't wait for Glee! yay--so excited for Glee.

  6. I love the gray and yellow colors in your blog. They are my new favorite color combo!

  7. aww, i don't want summer to end yet, but i am ready for fall. it's been really chilly here in LA, so i'm loving it!


  8. Hi Mimi! Thank you so much for following me. Your blog is really lovely!

    xo Marissa
    (The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

  9. says on my calendar, fall officially begins on the 23rd haha

    ahm, I don't think I have a summer song except that Justin Bieber "baby" song coz it was being played like 100,000 times a day on the radio. hmm what else?Well, I saw Hellcats today haha I am actually in love with the show! And I am looking forward to the next season of Criminal Minds and the Mentalist :D

  10. I'm still in denial the summer has ended!

  11. absolutely gorgeous post, mimi! yay, this post has really gotten me in a summer mood :) aww, it's too bad summer's over for you guys in the Northern Hemisphere, but it's on its way to Australia soon! gossip girl, vampire diaries and 90210 are back & i've started watching hellcats, too. . . and i can't wait for GLEE to come back! enjoy your weekend ♥

  12. Your post made it so official that summer is over. Not looking forward to the winter cold here in Czech! Happy Saturday :)

  13. goodbye summer. so excited for Glee as well.

  14. I love that outfit, the scarves and the booties. Your blogs seems fun. I'll check it out again. I just found it because you left a comment of my friend Monique's blog (Making Memories of Us) from Czech. Have a beaufitul day! :)

  15. YAAYY! I cant wait for glee and the mentalist to come bak on!!! =D

    Ahh.. our summer here was gona a long time ago lol. Sooo cold already!!! ><

  16. SO excited for the new greys anatomy... the finale had my palms SWEATY.

  17. What a wonderful farewell to summer, California Gurls is definitely this summers' theme song for me! I'm not quite ready to say goodbye but those images of fall are mighty enticing!

  18. I agree, a wonderful farewell to summer! I love those shoes! I also gave u a few awards over on my blog, here's the link if your interested:

  19. Nice post, Mimi!:D

    This one is a memorable summer for me but I still cannot wait for fall!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  20. Great post with those gorgeous of summer and fall

  21. Beautygirl24-- i know! i mentioned that too!

    naina-- i hope you're having a great weekend too!

    Ansa-- thanks!

    Vintage and Cake-- yup, there are a lot to look forward to. have a great weekend too!

    Cheryl-- yay for glee! :)

    Ashley Lind-- aw, thanks, glad you like it!

    Carrie-- i am pretty excited for cold weather!

    Marissa-- thanks and you're welcome!

    Em-- haha, yeah that song definitely got stuck in my head for months! and yes, i love hellcats too! so excited for the mentalist!

    Marie-- i had a moment like that too!

    CHANTELLE-- i hope you have a fabulous summer!

    Katie-- me too!

    Monique-- have a great weekend!

    ching-- yup, goodbye summer!

    Mon Style Du Jour-- thank you so much for visiting my blog! i hope you come back!

    xWHLo-- aw, i can only imagine how cold it is there!

    Bridget-- me too! i was screaming and everything. haha.

    Ashleigh-- they definitely are very enticing!

    Pretty Wonderful-- of course i am very interested! thank you so much!

    Marie-- thanks! :)

    MarchMusings-- thank you!

  22. Hey! I started my own blog recently. I'd appreciate it if you could check it out and maybe give me some feedback? Any comments are welcomed! Thank you so much, and don't stop blogging - we all have a voice to be heard! xx

  23. Lady Gabby-- hi! thanks for stopping by and i would love to check your blog out! :D

  24. The 22 is the official day of fall, it also my b-day 8D!

  25. Dizzy-- ooooh, your birthday is almost here!

  26. No problem, great blog. Very fun and varies in subject. Love it! :]


    I am obsessed with Grey's Anatomy, can't wait! :D :D Too bad Ugly Betty isn't coming back on the air! :(

  27. A sad goodbye!

  28. J.-- omg, i totally didn't know that ugly betty isn't coming back anymore.

    Natasha-- yup, definitely!

  29. What a cute farewell! I feel like we've been in fall for a while up here in Wa ha ha. Hmmm what I will miss most is dresses, summer beach hair and flips flops, chillin at the beach and relaxing in my hammock:-0

  30. hi!
    nice blog
    maybe you'll visit mine sometime and follow it

  31. Love these farewell to summer pics, Mimi! I agree, the beach days were among my favorite summer memories, too:) Hope ure enjoying the weekend!

  32. love the pics!

    Nici from

  33. I love that hair swirling photo... too cool! Speaking of cool, I'm so boosted for fall.

    Don't forget to enter my accessories giveaway!


  34. Unfortunately, summer is over here. BUT you know I am excited for sweaters and booties!! And I am loving all the booties you selected. =)

  35. can't waiy for new season of Glee! and im sad about summer being over, but we have autumn to look forward to :D xx

  36. I am sad to see summer go, but absolutely adore autumn! The love the crisp air, the cider mills and all the tv shows lol. Cant wait for Glee!!!


  37. So long summer Im surely not looking foward for the cold weather. I do love the clothes we can wear tho Im into the military booties I need me one of those =)

  38. Pretty pics! It is still hot as hell here, so we will be having a last hurrah for awhile now! XX!

  39. HI sweets! Sweet farewell and rockin hello!! I would expect nothing less from you :) I couldn't live without a scarf myself. It's still SO HOT though. Hot like those shoes you just featured! I'm going to post my response to the tag you sent my way Friday. Thanks again :) XO, Kel

  40. I love that summer poem! so true and legit! :)

    awww, although I love summer, I'm ready for fall and winter, baby! <3

  41. I cannot wait for Glee!!!!! I love Fall, but it's still so hot here, it seems like it may never get here!

  42. Tamara-- summer beach hair, definitely!

    MaRyya-- thanks for dropping by! i will definitely visit your blog too!

    The Owl's Closet-- thank you! i had a wonderful weekend! :)

    Nici-- :D

    Melanie-- same here!

    Lisa-- yay for boots!

    Aimee-- definitely!

    Fashion Meets Food-- you are right about the crisp air!

    Twinn-- i need one too!

    shari-- here too!

    Style Attic-- looking forward to reading that! and yup, it's still hot!

    Bree-- haha, me too!

    I'maNolaGirl-- haha, omg, here too!

  43. fall fashion has been on everyone's minds for the last month, and i've been in denial the whole time. But I suppose it will be nice to wear all my scarfs and boots again.

    Definitely excited for my fall shows, Chuck, Glee, Medium, Castle, the Office...

    Chic on the Cheap

  44. oh man, i kind of love everything here!

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