Monday, September 27, 2010


Happy Monday, everyone - as happy as a Monday can be... haha! :D

This week is going to be a sweltering hot week for us here in Los Angeles. It makes me think that Summer is actually back! Oh, I can't wait for actual Fall to come.

I was going through my old e-mails - deleting and saving stuff - and I came across an e-mail from my sister, from 7 years ago! :D

Here are the images from that e-mail that I hope will make you smile and laugh. :)

Smile, my loves! :D

Have a fabulous week!


  1. These are cute! I love those little monkeys!

    I'm doing a CSN giveaway if you're interested ; )

  2. Love these!:D Thanks for posting, Mimi!:D

    Oh my gosh, it is so hot...

    ***** Marie *****

  3. I love your Monday enthusiasm! These comics are so funny. I especially like the one with the wishing well.


  4. I love reading comics. =] Thanks for sharing!

  5. Marie a la Mode-- thanks!

    Katie-- ;D

    Marie-- no prob! and yup, it is supppperrrr hot!

    hiani16-- that was really funny!

    Leenda-- you're welcome!

    Laura-- :D

  6. oh wow! lol! it made me laugh =))

    yeah the weather here for this week will be hot too. well not hot hot humid, the hottest we'll get is uhm 20degC I think.

  7. Those are so cute! I really like the wishing well one and the monkeys!

    I think the dollhouse in that movie is just so beautiful! If I had thought about it I would have included it in my post.

  8. Mimi
    I really needed this today. Love the puppy one. And thanks for stopping by my blog today. that made my day too. (it's been one of those mondays...)

  9. Haha. Loved this. Happy Monday. xx

  10. Em-- hey! hmmm, what is that in fahrenheit? haha. ;)

    Sunny & Star-- yup, love that doll house! :D

    naina-- aw, glad i could be of some help to you today. i hope your week gets better.

    Ansa-- happy monday!

  11. Mimi:)))
    This was a real fun!

  12. Too cute! I used to have the Coke one up in my office (I worked in a treatment center, too funny!). XX!

  13. Thank-you for the sweet comment on my blog! =] I followed you as well! (: Hehe, and thanks for the pictures, they made my day a little bit brighter! (OH, and not to mention, just read your Harry Potter post.. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED. I'm a secret HP fanatic at heart... always will be :])


  14. Aww thanks for those pictures, they all made me smile (=

  15. That Pepsi one is hilarious.

    Thanks for the laugh.



  16. Haha, those are funny! PS - I can't get over the weather here in SoCal. It was 110 where I live!

  17. I think I also got the same email at some point. Such neat and funny cartoons!

  18. the toothbrush/paper towel cartoon made me smile. thanks. i needed that on a monday. :)

  19. Very cute cartoons...great blog!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog- that's funny how us warm climate girls have to use rainy days as an excuse to suit up as if it were actually cold : )
    I am now following you also!

  20. Hi Mimi! Sorry, just now visiting. I'm on the back side of the clock for sure. Thanks for the hilarious laugh to end my day!! Those were stinkin cute!

    My chuckle began with your comment about clearing out old emails and one from 7 years ago. I can totally relate!!!

    Smiles back atcha :)


  21. hahhahahha. these are so cute! i love the chicken horror movie! :D


  22. Oh Mimi these are great, and they sure made me smile! So glad you had it saved! Happy Moday :)
    gi gi

  23. Hi Mimi! Gary Larson always makes me laugh ^_^ Though my favorite comic is the chicken one XD

  24. LOL! Thanks! This really made me smile!

  25. Very cute and funny! Love these!

    xx Vivian @

  26. haha, you made my day! :D
    xxx M.

  27. Yeah me too!=D

  28. aw, haha thanks for sharing those photos- my favorite is the one with the frogs in the boyfriend tried to get me to eat frog legs but i can't do it! poor little froggies.

  29. Love your blog :) Hope you will check out mine :)

  30. HAHA thanks for this, it made my day 8D

  31. Ah, the last picture is my favorite - so incredibly adorable!! :)

  32. hahahah...That is so funny! Thanks darling for the smile:)

  33. hahaha these are awesome! I'm so sending some of these to my co worker!!

  34. shari-- that one is really really funny!

    runawayinla-- hey! thanks for following back! and i'm glad this post made your day brighter, and yay for harry potter!

    Gaby-- you're welcome!

    Cupcake-- :D

    Beautygirl24-- the weather is crazy! it's gonna be 108 degrees here today, and it might even go up to 111! :O

    MarchMusings-- yup!

    Lane-- no prob! :D

    Margaret-- haha, i totally agree. thanks for following back!

    Kel-- hey! hahaha, yup, i have a lot of reeeeaaally old email still saved. ;)

    Carrie-- haha, yeah, that's so funny!

    gi gi-- i'm glad i saved it too! :D

    InsideOut Elle-- hi!!! that chicken one is a hit!

    mimi-- :D

    Vivian-- :D

    Marcela-- aw, it feels good to know that!

    Scientific Housewife-- they really are!


    Signe-- thanks!

    Jessica-- haha, i knooow!

    Karen-- thanks for dropping by my blog!

    Dizzy-- great to know that! :)

    Erika-- :D

    Diana-- you're very welcome! :D

  35. Pop Champagne-- ooh, yes, i would love for you to share these! everyone could use a little laugh. :D

  36. Such great humor to begin the week with! I'm glad to have stumbled over this one!

  37. Toni-- thanks for stopping by! :D

  38. Thanks for checking out my blog & following!

    These pics are great. my favorite's "horror Movie" LOL


  39. hehehe - thanks for the giggles :)
    7 years - that's a long time!!

  40. Heeehehehe these are just too funny! The spicy sauce and baby reminded me of my little one when he was one and bit into a lemon for the first time in his life - that was hilarious! Anyway, so sorry I haven't been around but i didn't have internet at home since we moved! I'm back now :-)

  41. ha, all of these made me laugh out loud. love that wishing well one. the one about the frog legs actually made me a bit sad. lol

  42. those are hilarious! i love emails like that! they always make me smile :)

  43. thanks! you've definitely put a smile on my face!

    Chic on the Cheap

  44. Funny, definitely made me smile. :)

  45. Hey Mimi, thanks so much for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it!! I'm following yours too :)
    haha these little pictures are so funny - I love the one about pepsi/coke and how the woman turns into a man - they all share such a similar sense of humor!
    Loving your writings!
    - Claire xox

  46. haha, so cute! definitely cracked a few smiles! :)

    visit my blog for my first giveaway!! :)

  47. Caroleena85-- you're welcome and thanks for dropping by!

    Ashleigh-- you're welcome! and yeah, i tend to keep e-mails from years and years ago. ;)

    Cafe Bellini-- welcome back! i hope the move went well. :D

    Cheryl-- aww, yeah that was a bit sad.

    Nur KissKat-- :D

    Shelley Ann-- same here!

    LyddieGal-- i'm glad to hear that!

    Kelly-- yay!

    Claire-- thank you! :D

    Meg-- yay for that! :D

  48. these are fantastic! made me smile! :))

  49. Thanks so much for the smiles, Mimi, really needed them this week! Sending you a hug! xoxo

  50. Bree-- yay! i'm glad this made you smile! :)

    Trish-- you're very welcome! hugs to you too! :D