Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Celebrity Marketplace: Spring Collections

Happy Wednesday! :D

I know there are a lot of celebrities out there who have their own fashion lines, but I don't really have anything from any of those collections.

Have you bought anything from any celebrity fashion line?

Here are some items that caught my eye from some celebrity Spring collections:


Jessica Simpson Collection:

Tulip Tunic Dress, $128

This dress is soooooo pretty! I can imagine this worn to a graduation, or a casual summer backyard wedding. :)

Naomi Satchel, $108

This bag is available in other colors, but I really love this yellow one.

Cactus, $79

Wedges are great - they give you height while still being comfortable.

Olsenboye for JCPenney:

I'm not sure if this line is just for teenagers, but they have really cute stuff (and so affordable too!).

Lace Ruffle Dress, $24.99

I think a dress like this should be a staple in our summer wardrobe. :)

Bow Front Tank Dress, $24.99

This one is cute for a day out - shopping and running errands.

Isabelle sandals, $40 (on sale for $29.99)

House of Harlow 1960:

Oval Finger Ring, $35

My classmate was wearing this ring the other day, and it looks so good when worn!

Tribal Circle Pendant with Cabochons in Gold/Coral, $145

I love the combination of gold and coral.

Coin Drop Earrings, $97

I can imagine this worn with simple jeans and a white tee - make sure the earrings take center stage! ;)


LC Lauren Conrad:

I love Lauren Conrad's style! I love her California girl look. Her clothes are the kind of clothes I wear. :)

Eyelet Peasant Top, $44 (on sale for $33)
Cuffed Linen shorts, $40

Ruffle Blouse, $34 (on sale for $25.50)
Floral Satin Skirt, $44 (on sale for $33)

Maria Sharapova by Cole Haan:

Air Jasmine Gladiator, $168

Perfect for summer! :D

Ivanka Trump:

"Verena" Thong Sandal, $139.95

*Ummm, I just realized I forgot to look at Beyonce's Dereon line... ooops... maybe, next time?*

But anyway, have you bought any items from any of these celebrity fashion lines? Which of these did you like the best?



  1. Lots of fun items. Really loved that yellow handbag. Cute tank dresses too. Very affordable.

  2. ellie-- yeah, that tank dress is reasonably priced. :)

  3. Hi Mimi! I'm so excited for the Olsonboy collection! I love the Olson twins' boho-chic style, so perfect for summer! I've purhcased a few pieces from Lauren Conrad's LC collection at Kohl's and I love it-- the blazer is really cute!

  4. Alexa-- heeeeeyyyy! how are you?! :D
    ooooh, i really want to get a blazer. i will check out lauren's collection. :D

  5. everything cost so much im just saying

    come check out my homemade eyeshadow primer

  6. I have never bought any celebrity lines, but there are some that have some cute stuff. I like Laurens line, but It also has a lot of prints and I dont really do prints like that. I also like the olson twins Elizabeth and James line

  7. Not a big fan of celebrity lines, because most of the time, they just tack on their names to the products... but I know some of them are really involved in tbe creative process.

    Lots of nice stuff in what you posted though :)


  8. I do have a few Lauren Conrad garments - very cute and affordable! Nicole Richie's pieces are just gorgeous but I prefer to see clothes IRL if possible and no stores here carry her line. :(

  9. I love the tank dress, and its lace! :D I think I might find something similar soon! :D I love house of harlow jewelry though. they are all unique!


  10. well apparently I need to get my behind to JC Penny, those pieces are really cute and well priced. Its a win win.

  11. that satchel dress is sooo cute! and so are LC's designs, i love her!

  12. I love Jessica Simpson shoes. This post just reminded me I had a dream about Lauren Conrad last night! We were in a dance troupe together. So random!

  13. GASP! i'm in love with the isabelle sandals and the tulip tunic dress XD

  14. Oh I really loved every single piece you posted here! And I love LC's style! xo

  15. I want me that watercolour dress! SOO summery!



  16. love all the itemss!! u're tempting me to go shopping!! ><.... I ALMOST bought a bag from jessica simpson before =], I was deciding between steve madden and JS but the steve madden one won me over!!...aside from this, no I've never bought anything from a celeb line

    btwww.. I've given you a humble blog award for you awesome blog!! you totally deserve it..congrats!!


  17. Love the first blue sandals!


  18. I have a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes that I make myself wear a few times a year just because I paid more than I should for them! lol! BUT they are seriously the devil! lol!

  19. vintagexomakeup-- yeah, i know, they do cost quite a lot... but at least we know what to look for. :)

    Lynettee-- i've heard a lot of good things about elizabeth and james too!

    K.-- :D

    SewPetiteGal-- yeah, lauren has a lot of cute stuff. :)

    a!k0-- yep, they are!

    Amber Blue Bird-- haha, me too!

    Krystal-- love her too!

    Marie-- hahahaha, that's a nice dream!

    erisha and Sia-- :D

    Renee-- love her style!

    ML-- :D

    ThsIsAlx-- i think i would go for steve madden too, haha. ;)

    Explendid-- :D

    Marie-- hahaha, i do that too! ;)

  20. I like Jessica Simpson's tulip tunic dress, the cut and print - just perfect!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  21. i really want to check out LC's clothing line. i hear she has alot of cute stuff.


  22. Lovin the looks for the Olsonboy collection @ JCP, I will have to check it out for sure!

  23. Carrie-- i want to check it out too!

    Dizzy-- me too, and i love how affordable they are!