Saturday, June 18, 2011

Travel Destination: Venice, Italy

Happy Weekend! :D

I hope you are all having a fabulous one!

A few days ago, I made a post about The Tourist, and I mentioned how much I wanted to go to Venice... I haven't made a Travel Destination post in a while, and hey, it's the weekend so why not take a tour of Venice with me? :)

Okay, the first thing we're gonna do: ride a gondola! As tempting as the gondolas are in Las Vegas' Venetian Hotel, there is no doubt in my mind that they are nothing compared to the real thing, haha. ;)

Gondola on canal in San Marco district.

So, we are riding a gondola!

Gondolas on Bacino Orseolo.
gondolas on Bacino Orseolo

Venetian gondolas.
Venetian gondolas

After our gondola ride, we are going to eat gelato! :D

Ice cream on display in gelateria.

Alfresco diners on bank of Grand Canal near Rialto Bridge.

Then we can find a restaurant on the bank of the Grand Canal near Rialto Bridge.

Or head over to Piazza San Marco, walk around, take pictures, and eat!

Waiter and doorman at door of Caffe Florian on Saint Marks Square (Piazza San Marco).
Cafe Florian

Caffe Florian on Piazza San Marco.
Cafe Florian on Piazza San Marco

A green grocer sells wares from a 'peata', a type canal boat, on Rio di San Barnaba, Dorsodura.

We can also buy food from this floating green grocer - how fun! :)

Costumed and masked carnival participants.
Carnival participants

Display, Ca' Macana Carnival mask and costume shop.
Ca'Macana Carnival mask

Pedestrians on Rio della Sensa, Cannaregio.

Let's take a stroll on Rio della Sensa.

Man walking near gondola, classic Venician scene.

Walk around some more or ride a gondola again?

Popular with many folks is the beach at Lido di Jesolo, east of Venice

Beach, anyone? Let's go to Lido di Jesolo beach, east of Venice.

Rowing in lagoon near the Lido.

Watch the sunset while rowing in a lagoon near the Lido.

Artist painting at Pescaria market.

We can observe an artist painting at Pescaria market or visit many of Venice's art museums.

Visitors watching a Gorky's painting in the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.
Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Feeding pigeons in St Mark's Square.

Another thing on our list: feed pigeons at St. Mark's Square!

Bucintoro Galleon leading the Historical Regatta pageant in Grand Canal.
Bucintoro Galleon leading the Historical Regatta pageant in Grand Canal

Ponte dell'Academia in Campo San Vidal.
Ponte dell'Academia in Campo San Vidal

San Marco across canal with gondolas in foreground.
San Marco across the Canal

*Sigh* Absolutely beautiful!

Reflections of Burano, a small island known for its lace industry in Venice

How cool is this photo?!

Streets and canals of Venice.

Inside a shop selling venetian glass - Venezia, The Veneto

If you feel like buying souvenirs, we can go check out this store that sells Venetian glass. :)

And we can walk around some more to take in beautiful Venice.

Details of the Gothic Palazzo Ducale, Piazza San Marco was once home to the duke ( doge ) and also housed all the arms of government and prisons.
Gothic Palazzo Ducale

Views of the Castello area from the belfry of Chiesa de San Giorgio Maggiore.
view of Castello from Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore

Venice rooftops seen from Campanile tower.
view from Campanille Tower

Piazzetta San Marco from terrace of Basilica di San Marco.
view of Piazza San Marco from Basilica di San Marco

***photos from***

That's about it for our little weekend trip to Venice. I hope you guys had fun! :)

Have you been to Venice? Any travel tips for us? :D

I wish you all a wonderful weekend! :)

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  1. lovely compilation of pics :]
    gelato is the best thing EVER.

  2. Italy is on my "destination" list. Haha!

    Nice post! =)

  3. Thanks for taking me away for a while. I so want that gelato

  4. Ah, very picturesque :-) Thanks for the trip!

  5. what a long day of traveling! lol
    I've been to Venice and it's beautiful.
    I would like to go again some time in the future :)
    if you're going in the summer, and walking around a lot...
    you must have sunscreen and water with you all the time!
    it's really hot there in the summer
    and take lots of pictures!
    buy a venetian sunhat and a mask :)

  6. I've never been to Venice, but these photgraphs look really really great! Hope you had a good time there!

  7. I really want to go to Venice too. Every little thing looks so beautiful!

  8. Ah, lovely Venice! Haven't seen it yet but I sure hope to do so one day :)

  9. Such a great idea for a blog post!

    I've been to Venice several times and it truly is amazing. The best time to go there is late spring as during other times of the year it rains a lot and their streets get flooded. There are no cars in Italy, as they don't have roads, just narrow streets to walk on. It's expensive and the pizza doesn't taste nearly as good as it does elsewhere in Italy. I actually did a blog post in April 2010 I believe about it.

    If I could give you an advice about a tourist destination, I would recommend Croatia's coastal area - Opatija, Dubrovnik (where all the celebrities go) and the Islands (there are more than a thousand of them).


  10. Ok lovely,I'm ready for an amazing tour of Venice with you:))
    I totally love Venice!I really like your selection of photos.So cute!!
    Have a great monday

  11. I just got back from there today!!!! so this was fun to see :) I rode in a gondola - you have to do it at night!!

  12. Ooooo yes I definitely want to visit Venice some time in my life!


  13. wow it would be so amazing to be able to go to Venice. *sigh* one day!

  14. I would love to go to Venice one day, man. the view is so pretty!

  15. I would love to go to Italy someday! It looks so beautiful.

  16. I don't know what gelato is... but it looks yummy! :)

  17. I've dreamed of visiting Venice. I am such a nerd for historical sites and Venice has so many of my top "must sees." This post made me want to go even more :-) xx

  18. Very much enjoyed the tour of Venice. especially the gelato part. yum!! and yesss i've been there. just once. it was marvelous! my advice, get lost there! :) <3

  19. hi everyone! i'm really glad you guys enjoyed our mini venetian tour! :D and thanks for your travel tips! :D

  20. Wow! these photos are absolutely beautiful. i've always wanted to go to Venice and ride a gondola.


  21. Carrie-- i agree, the photos are beautiful! and same here, i want to go to venice. :D

  22. Oh, Mimi.. what a dreamy post!

    I know I will visit Venice one day.;D I would definitely eat a lot of gelato and take tons of pictures. Such a beautiful place.:D

    Thanks for the virtual tour, Mimi!;D

    ***** Marie *****

  23. Marie-- you're welcome! i'm glad you had fun! :)

  24. Venice....what a wonderful place....I went there two years ago on vacation and it was one of those times when you want to stop the time and just enjoy the moment. I didn't knew much about that destination before, but I was lucky to find this site where they have info about many travel destinations.

  25. kev-- thanks for sharing that site! and i think i'm gonna want to stop the time when i go there. ;)

  26. :)you should do that, because it's such a wonderful feeling:P

  27. I also want to go to Italy! <3 Ahhh so beautiful!

    I also so so so so want to visit Montreal!

    xoxo, Bree

  28. kev-- :)

    Bree-- ooooh, i think that would be a nice place to visit! :)